A/N: Probably a bad idea to upload this as is... but the idea hit me like a truck after going through some old writing and a rather interesting writing challenge (which I tweaked) and really, it's just a lot of fun playing with a sick Sora.

Chapter 20: In Bed

Sora coughed, Sora sneezed, and now, Sora had new and improved mucus. Now with twenty percent more flavor! Sora had a cold, and for the first time ever, Sora had to call in sick.

"Aww, that sucks, man!" Riku told him, not in person, mind you. Over the phone… like hell he'd risk getting the cold, "Well, mom will understand, I'll tell her you're out for the next few days!"

"Thanks," Sora sniffled, feeling some snot make its way into his throat for a near gagging experience… again. "I'll be back as soon as I'm better."

They shared a few words before insulting one another, and then hanging up feeling all the better as best friends for it. Sora hated being sick. Being sick meant he had to stay home, where his mom (when not working,) spent every waking moment with him. As a nurse, she knew all the ways to put him on the fast track to recovery… she also hindered that fast track with her motherly instincts.

Hot chili with extra red pepper was a homemade remedy that was not proven to make him feel better. But his mother had made him down a bowl every six hours like clockwork. All because someone at work told her 'it worked for her son' and therefore, that translated to another mom as the cure to the common cold. The chili wasn't even the worst thing she tried on him.

He loved her to death, Sora really did, but there was just that little bit... but that's neither here nor there. As it stood now, she was gone for the day. Work called her in, another nurse had caught the cold as well, and in a hospital, a case of the common cold could be fatal to someone.

So, Sora had Goofy and Donald keeping him company, and the new kitten that had gotten him sick in the first place. In honor of that, the kitten, Sniffles, got to cuddle with him. How had this adorable, little ball of cute, jet black fur gotten him sick?

Well, Sora was walking home last night from work, and saw the adorable Sniffles playing near the waterworks. It had frozen that night, and Snifflfes wasn't ppaying attention… she slipped. Right into a pretty strong current that was going to eventually grind her with processing machinery. Without really thinking, Sora waded into the waist deep freezing water, and scooped up poor Sniffles who had scampered into his coat, drenching what was dry on him. Sniffles got warm and cozy in his arms on the walk home… and would've fallen asleep had Sora not been shaking so violently.

Needless to say, his mom freaked, got him warm as soon as possible, and this morning, Sora woke up with heavy eyes, a dreary body, and Mucus 2.0… and Sniffles, purring between his chest and covers. Sniffles had been moved to the free pillow next to him twice now, but she always ended up back on Sora, and purring on him somewhere.

So, Sniffles, the new cat in the house, was cuddled next to him, Goofy was at the door, checking on him every hour or so (as per moms instructions,) and Donald was being Donald elsewhere in the house. Donald had chased poor Sniffles earlier for making Sora sick… and they had to be separated for the time being.

Sora faded in and out of consciousness most of the morning after making in his call of ill, and woke up around four to the sound of the door opening up. Goofy got up to go check out who was there, and fell down the stairs in his hurry… crashing into a nearby table.

"Oh, Goofy! What's Sora gonna do with you?"

Sora's eyes widened. That wasn't his mom, that wasn't Riku, or Roxas. That was Kairi. Sora froze and woke Sniffles up, who then scurried under the blankets away from the noise in the staircase. Sora looked over at his dresser, and saw that he looked like a train wreck after a tornado strike. Quickly, he tried to fix his hair up, but to no avail. He tried to fix his body odor, but his deodorant was MIA on the floor where a clothes bomb and obviously gone off. Sora opted to hide himself with Sniffles.

"Sora!" Kairi sang in that sweet, sweet voice of hers. "I know you're in here, so come on out!" The voice not only lured Sora out, but Sniffles too. Kairi saw Sora, but then saw Sniffles, and suddenly, "Oh my god! Sora! It's so cute!" Sora didn't exist. Sniffles was out of his bed, and purring in Kairi's arms. It was only seconds before she was under Sniffles spell. "When did you get her?"

"Last night." Sora coughed, and Goofy poked his body onto the side of the bed, where Sora mindlessly petted him. He nodded at the kitten, "That little lady there is the reason I'm sick."

"Aww, but I bet it was worth it." She put Sniffles down who leapt off the bed and strutted off with Goofy. Sniffles was one hell of an actor, that was for sure. Kairi picked up a To-Go coffee cup with the café's logo, "Here Sora, I brought one for you."

Sora sat up and grinned, "Thanks, Kai." He sniffled and took a drink. Hot Chocolate. Extra marshmallows, just how he liked it. "It's perfect."

"Really?" Kairi smiled and blushed as she sat at the foot of his bed, "I made it myself… Riku told me you liked a lot of marshmallows."

Sora nodded, "I love it." He grinned up at Kairi, "Thanks."

"You called me Kai… is that a nickname?" Kairi asked, shyly looking at her cup.

Sora blushed, not wanting to tell her that was the name he called her in his dream a few nights back… when they were dating in said dream. "I… uh, yeah. Thought of it just now." He lied. Not like she'd know the difference… but now that he gave it a spare moment of thought, the dream started kind of like this. If she said-

"Well, I like it." She giggled, "Though it's not very original."

Yep, there she goes. That was pretty identical. So if he continued as is, "Well, I'm not all that creative when I'm sick."

"Well, I don't blame you…" She looked at him and laughed, "But how you manage to look cute with that bed head and bags I'll never know."

Perfect. Sora smiled, and followed his dreams next step of drinking a sip of whatever he had (dream world had a bottle of rum… weird combo,) "Well, beauty in the eye of the beholder."

They conversed for a bit, and much to Sora's dismay, the dream-mixed reality ended there. The dream ended with Sora and her going on a date… after they made out on his bed and did a few other things that his mother wouldn't approve of. Together, they shared a few cafe stories. Kairi told him how Namine walked as Roxas was trying his hand at a latte... and how she giggled at his screw up that caused an even bigger screw up that lead to him mopping and cleaning the entire machine. Sora mostly just listened, unable to really say much. After all, her stories were far better than his... not to mention they were speakable. He couldn't just talk to her about his wild dreams with her in them, and he really couldn't make good conversation out of 'Oh, I dozed in and out of consciousness most of the day.' Yet, somehow or another, as time went on with their talking (and Sora's listening,) he dozed off somewhere between a blushing frenzy when Sora was being cute, and what sounded like the start of a quieter conversation.. Sora wasn't sure, he was out before it really started.

When he woke, Sniffles was cuddled between his chest and blankets again, sleeping soundly. In the doorway stood his mom, armed with the Jacked Chili, and she was slack jawed, "Hey mom," Sora greeted, trying to move his arm.

That's when he noticed Kairi curled up in his arm. She woke slowly, and snapped to when she realized she was cuddling with the sickly Sora. "Oh my!" Kairi flew out of the bed, and blushed. When she noticed his mom, she only blushed more. "I… I was… Bye Sora! See you tomorrow!" She jetted out the door.

Sora's mom looked at him, and smirked devilishly, "So, she's just a classmate?"

Sora blushed, "MOOOM!"

Whatever the cure was, Sora was given it. Whether it be the Jacked Chili, Sniffles cuddles, or Kairi's visit, Sora was better within a day. When he arrived, the whole crew greeted him… and Riku had just hung up the phone.

"That was Kairi, she's sick." Riku grinned evilly, "She's got a cold. Sora, would you know anything about it?"

Sora blushed, "N-no, not really."

Roxas pointed, "He blushed! Guilty as charged! Was it a short kiss or a long one?"

Sora shook his head, blushing even more, "It wasn't like that! We-"

Riku fake gasped, "Did my little Sora become a man?"

"What?! No!" Sora shouted, "We didn't-"

"Oh wow," Roxas chimed in, "So it was experimental the whole way?"

Riku and Roxas laughed as Sora struggled to explain what had happened, to which fell on deaf ears repeatedly, and the teasing only got more and more absurd. Eventually they stopped, and Riku asked, "So... all jokes aside, did anything happen?"

Sora shook his head, remembering for a second, "I don't think so. I passed out though."

Riku muttered under his breath just low enough Sora couldn't hear it, "Well, there's always next time right?"

"Yeah, assuming another guy doesn't get her first!" Roxas joked, but two mean glares from his coworkers quelled his laughter pretty fast.

"Anyway, eyes sharp! I'm flipping the sign!" Riku flipped the sign, and the cafe, along with Sora, were open and ready for the day.