Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter or Bleach. This is a collection of one shots pertaining to my fanfic Muggle Ghosts. Aka, the name.

Muggle Ghosts: One Shots
1.1 Invisible Friends: Dear Sister

The Kurosaki household had a level of chaos that only that particular house, or one similar to it could actually have. Masaki walked up the small path, her two youngest hanging onto her arms, while Ichigo fetched the mail for her, shuffling through the envelopes. His face twisted up at one envelope, causing the female to smile. "What is it little one?"

"This letter uses those letters we are learning in class. Why would anyone want to write in English to you?" Ichigo asked.

"Ahh... it must be from your Aunt Carolin." The woman gently took the letter from him.

Ichigo's face twisted up, his mouth working around the strange name until he got it. "Aunt Carolin! Her name is Aunt Carolin!" However, his smile quickly left. "Her name is strange. What does it mean?"

"Your aunt's name means free man," Masaki piped up. "It is English."

"But why would she have an English name? She isn't English. She's Japanese right?" The small boy's face continued to show quite a bit of confusion.

"Actually, your Aunt and I are English. I changed my name when I married your father, so it would have a similar meaning, but be a Japanese name." A laugh came from the female's mouth.

"So, and I English, or am I Japanese," Ichigo asked.

"Both," the woman laughed again.

"How can I be both! That is weird." Ichigo tried peeking at the letter as she opened it. "I can't read it."

"Well, you aren't supposed to read other people's letters, are you?" Masaki chuckled. "Go watch your sisters so I can read the letter." She watched the boy run off, then started into her letter.

Dearest sister,

It was so nice getting to hear about the girls and the way that they have grown. Your family, from what you've written me, seems to be quite a handful. My two girls are tame in comparison, more like Yuzu possibly. Do any of your children see ghosts? Hermione can, just like you did when we were little. Actually, she looks a lot like you when you were younger and is even as smart as you.

Of course, things haven't gone well for her. She's is advanced for her age and the other children, including her own sister have picked up on it. She was bullied and her father and I decided to pull her from school and home school her. She is a sweet heart and is learning to read and write French and Japanese. I write simply because I make the request that you perhaps write a letter to her in Japanese. She would be quite thrilled about it and would make the whole situation more bearable for her.

Sincerely, your sister,
Carolin Larita Granger
Much thanks.

At that, Maskai found herself chuckling again, just as Isshin came into the room. His eyebrow perked up. "What is it?"

"My niece is being home schooled because she is different and her mother is having her learn Japanese. Apparently, she reminds me sister of myself when I was younger," the woman let out a deep sigh.

"I can see a major difference," Isshin piped up.

"And that is?" Masaki titled her head.

"You would have beat up those who bullied you," the man muttered.

"You didn't know me as a child. Perhaps I might have."