Muggle Ghosts: One Shots
2.2 Reiatsu vs Magic: Punkish Letters

Hermione sat at her desk, the sunlight streaming in through the window of her bedroom. Her textbooks were spread out in front of her and her mind choose not to wander from the task at hand. She heard a thumping sound as her sister came up the stairs and flopped onto the bed, glaring at the bookshelf over in the corner.

"I heard from someone at school that you did something weird again." The older of the two Granger sister's simply kept writing, her thoughts and attention drawn to the homework in front of her. This frustrated Elizabeth though and she slammed the palms of her hands down onto the bed. "You are a freak sis."

"What does admitting that something weird did in fact happen? It isn't as if I hand out with those girls, so why should I care what they say?" The older of the sisters turned to the younger, setting her pen down as she did so.

"Because, this is my reputation that is at stake." Her sister folded her arms across her chest.

Hermione frowned, her lips pushed tightly. "I don't get why that is a problem. You are only ten years old, why do you need to worry about a reputation?"

At that, Elizabeth flopped over onto her back. "Stupid Hermione. That's why you never had friends when you were at school. You don't care about your looks. You don't care about the fact that there are certain ways that we are expected to act if we want to be thought cool. I want to be invited to the cool parties. Not that you would know what they are as you have no social life at all."

The older Granger narrowed her eyes. "If you're going to be mean, I'm telling mum."

"Tattle tale." Elizabeth held up an envelop. "She's the one who sent me up here. That Ichigo kid sent you a letter."

Hermione blinked a couple of times. "He's our cousin you know. You don't have to act so distant."

At that, her blond haired sister sat up, scowling at her. "I don't want anyone to know that we have weird looking family members."

The letter was snatched from the blonds hand. "What do you mean by that?"

"They have funny looking eyes." The girl stated.

"That's because they are Japanese!" Hermione opened up the letter and pointed to the door, at which Elizabeth stood up and stormed out of the room.