Chapter 1; The new Amu

Normal POV

She passed through the halls of school, by herself. She never dared look at anyone, she just looked straight ahead. Ever since then, this one girl's life had changed forever, and not for the better. She was forever turned around ever since then.

This girl is Hinamori Amu. Yes, that girl that was once the heroine and helped everyone everyday. That girl that had her four charas all around her, and always had her friends by her side. That girl that is no longer here anymore.

Yes that's right, that Hinamori Amu is long gone, and now a much darker girl stands in her place. A girl that only sees the darkness of the world, the girl that no longer had her friends, the girl that no longer had anybody.

Amu was now sixteen and lived alone in an apartment at her work, at Easter. Yes that's right, Amu now works for Easter. The evil company out to destroy the dreams of children's hearts for their own selfish wants; to find the embryo.

You may be shocked by this, but this is how it has been for near enough three years.

"It's Hinamori Amu!" one girl yelled from the side, she was scared, Amu was now known for being 100% evil in every way.

Everyone stared and watched as the devil herself walked down the hall. The girl that they had once adored was no longer there, instead they coward in fear at even the thought of her name.

Amu eventually made it to her locker, where she met with a small petite girl. Yes of course, it's obviously Rima. She was simply glaring at Amu, and as Amu finally saw her she smirked, "Come to ask why, again?"

None of the guardians knew the reason to why she suddenly dropped everything to work for Easter. Truth is that Amu's parent's and sister all died three years ago in a car crash. I bet now you're wondering what that has to do with Easter. Well it started on March the 3rd, three years ago…


Amu sat in the streets, completely still with tears streaming from her eyes as she had just heard the news. She just then started shaking so much that she couldn't stop.

"Hinamori Amu, we finally meet" a strange voice spoke as a man looking around 20 approached her. He had short spiky black hair and piercing blue eyes. She tried to wipe away her tears, but they still spilled more and more with every second.

"It's okay, you should just cry, let it all out" he smirked as he sat down beside Amu. They were in an alleyway, and yes this is Amu, not Ikuto. Ikuto had left remember? He moved away three years ago on that long search to find his father. Although Amu never forget those words he spoke to her on that special night, 'Where ever I go, what ever the distance that separates us, I will come back to you, and when you grow up and become an adult, I promise I'll come back to find you, because I'll always keep liking you like this.' So Amu was ready to wait for the one she loved, but he never showed. But she never stopped believing that one day he would return to her. Amu stared at the man that had just appeared as if he was some sort of angel.

"Who are you?" she managed to get out after she finally stopped crying. The boy smiled, "My name is Drew, and no I'm wasn't born Japanese, I'm from England. I've been watching you for some times, Amu. Me and my family were very impressed with your skills. Since we moved here five years ago, I've had a job to watch you carefully. My family think you could be of use to us." he explained. She looked confused, "W-W-What?" she stuttered.

"You're mad right now, right? Because your family died, and you feel hatred towards the world for being so unfair?" he answered. She just stared at the wall at the other side of the alleyway.

"You should just help us, and release that anger towards the world. No one else is going to be there for you." he spoke words of ice, but strangely it didn't hurt the poor broken girl. She considered what he was saying. She felt so much anger that her family died even though they didn't do anything wrong. She looked into the eyes of the man as he smiled, "You're probably thinking you have your friends, but how can they even be your true friends? They lied to you, kept something important from you. Nagihiko, Nadeshiko, their little secret, everyone knows it, all except you. I guess they don't trust you enough to tell you." As he spoke these tortured words, Amu's head raised with confusion. Drew whispered into her ear about Nagihiko's secret as Amu's face dropped. Her parent's had just died, she was left all alone, and now to find out that her friends don't trust her, you couldn't imagine how she was feeling.

"That's not all, Tadase has something he has hid from you this whole time, and you didn't even get the slightest bit suspicious." he added as Amu stared in confusion, "W-What?" she struggled to get the word out, did she really want to know the horrid words that were about to fall from Drew's mouth?

"He dated a girl only a week after he confessed to you" he explained as Amu's face changed from confused to angry at once. With that drew smirked to himself.

"So Amu, so you want to keep on sulking in the shadows with horrible friends that don't trust or love you, or get revenge and come work for me and my family?" he asked. With those words Amu forever changed. She wanted revenge on the world for everything that had happened. She wanted revenge for her family and for herself.

Flashback End

I think everyone can guess what her answer was. It turned out that Drew and his family had just bought Easter, and were also searching for the embryo, but their wish wasn't something stupid. It was serious, they were going to wish to rule the world. And make living unbearable to all living things on the planet. Or that plan to go as planned they needed something special, and after witnessing the end fight with Easter, they picked Hinamori Amu. Drew was ordered by his mother to follow Amu and watch her every move. They would get to know her weaknesses, strengths, and her personality. This was no matter to take lightly. After that day that Amu joined up with Easter, nothing has ever been the same.

Amu's charas disappeared with that deal and a new chara was born, a chara called Kure. A chara so dark and dangerous that even Amu feared at first. Kure was strong and powerful, and when Amu transformed with her, Amu gained incredible powers, she could use her attack, 'Piercing Black crystal Shard' in which Amu would gain a sword shaped like a black crystal. It was so powerful that even the sight of it overwhelmed the opponent. If it pierced through a humans body, the human would lose all hope and dreams. Amu also gained the power of making x-eggs, although she could no longer purify the eggs. Her character transformation included a black dress with black crystal belt across her waist. The dress stopped at mid thigh and then she wore black high heels. She wore black finger gloves and a black crystal necklace, her chara nari was called, 'Dark Crystal'

Amu stared down at Rima who just glared back.

"What happened to you?" she asked as her eyes filled with pain. Amu smirked, "I guess I got bored with your jokes, they just weren't funny. Oh but please try to amuse me by fighting. Oh you wouldn't dare do that, we already know how that would end."

Rima glared with her eyes filled with anger and pain and just walked away. Amu smirked as she continued to open her locker.

Amu's POV

She's so stupid. Did she think I was just gonna change back like that? Baka…

I looked at my phone as it vibrated, I got a text from Drew;

Got a job for you, we need more x-eggs for our plan. Trust me it will work, you will soon get your revenge…


I smirked as I collected my things from my locker. By things I mean my book, 'Dagger Dreams' and my bag.

I had class next but really, when did I ever show up anyways?

I walked through the halls, and I glared as I met with bright ruby eyes. I glared but then smirked as he glared back. Good, he hates me, I hate him even more!

As I walked by him, a hand grabbed me back. It was Tadase himself. I looked at him as he glared with anger in his eyes.

"Just tell us why" he demanded. I smirked, "No reason, just more fun this way I guess. It's much better to steal children's hearts than to keep them believing in everything that's never going to happen. Well that and I just love to see how the cry when I'm sucking out their lives. Now excuse me while I find something better to do with my time" I walked away and laughed to myself. He really is pathetic…

Normal POV

"I'm back, finally. I wonder how my little strawberry is doing" he smiled as the midnight blue hair shined in the warm sunlight. Yes it was Ikuto, he's back.

He only had one thought in his mind at that moment, 'I need to find her…'

Emma; Well what did y'all think? Pretty depressing yeah, but It will get better.

Ikuto; Why is it that Amu hates the world?

Amu; because my parent's were killed, pay attention dumb ass!

Ikuto; I don't think you want to go there!

Amu; I just did, I now have the power to make you lose all your hopes and dreams!

Me; umm, Amu, you do realise that's only in the story?

Ikuto; Aww Amu if you do that, it means I'll give up on you, since your everything I dream of and hope for.

Amu; *blushes*

Me; Ah, young love!

Amu; You want to say that again? -.-

Me; I do actually, YOUNG LOVE!

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