Chapter 7

Normal POV

Amu was a nearby park just around the corner from Easter wondering what she should do.

Should she give over the charas? If she did what would happen then? Would they just throw her out?

She kept thinking of what everyone said, Nagihiko and Tadase...

What if they were right, what if all along they were just using her?

She had to think before she went back to Easter, she had to really think, and she had to be sure this time.


Back at Easter there was an angry blonde rushing through the halls of Easter. Yes that's right, it was Utau. She was trying to find Amu, guessing that she had came back here, obviously wrong though.

She was worried about her. She needed to save Amu from the monster she had became, to repay for Amu saving her before. And well because Amu was bascially her best friend.

Amu has done so much for Utau and so now she must repay her.

"Utau Hoshina" Emma called surprised to see her there but again hid her feelings behind her evil mask.

"Where is Amu?" Utau yelled. Emma didn't answer and instead dragged Utau into her room which they happened to be right next to.

"What are you doing?" Utau yelled. Emma covered Utau's mouth with her hands and made Utau sit down on her bed.

"You must leave here" Emma told her. Utau was surprised, "Why do you care? Aren't you Emma? The totally evil 'out to kill everyone' girl Tadase was telling me about?" Utau asked. Emma glared at her, "You have to leave here now" Emma demanded but Utau wasn't taken aback by her glare and fought back with her.

"No! Not until I see Amu!" Utau declared. "She isn't here, she's hasn't come back yet. So leave now!" Emma ordered her.

"I don't take orders from you" Utau yelled. Emma once again covered her mouth telling her to be quiet.

"Fine then, let's talk about Amu" Utau demanded as she took a seat on the bone chair opposite the bed.

Emma sat on her bed and sighed.

"You are nothing like Tadase described you" Utau was shocked, Tadase described her as being 'inhumane' and completely 100% evil.

"I guess my mask is slipping." Emma looked saddened and Utau could see this by the dark shadows reflected in her eyes.

"What do you really plan to do with Amu?" Utau asked. Emma put back up her mask and glared, "Why would I tell you that? Your stupid, leave now before I have to kill you"

Utau started to see where Tadase got his desciption from, "I know that's not what you really mean, but fine I'll leave but be warned, if you do anything to harm Amu you will have me to deal with!" she declared and began to walk out but was pulled back by a sudden force.

"Wait" Emma quickly answered,"Someone is coming" she stated and quicker than anyone could say 'ghostbusters' she grabbed Utau and dragged her into the bathroom A.K.A 'Danger Area' and hid in there with her as she covered Utau's mouth. She turned the shower on quickly then dashed back to Utau's side to cover back up her mouth, and all of a sudden there was a knock at the other door and soon there was someone walked in.

It was Joanne of course. "Oh, she's not crying in that shower again" Joanne sighed and then immediately left the room.

After another minute Emma uncovered Utau's mouth as Utau just stared at her, "You cry in the shower a lot?" With this Emma glared at her, "That has nothing to do with you"

Emma turned off the shower and went back into her room, followed by Utau. Utau suddenly tripped on something on the floor, a doll it was.

Utau noticed, "huh what's this?" she asked. Emma immediately ran and grabbed Seino's doll and glared at Utau.

"umm...what?" she asked. Emma sighed, "Why don't you just leave?"

"Well sorry if I didn't have a choice before but you did grab me and pull me into your 'Danger Area'!" she declared. Both girls glared at eachother.

"So what's the big deal with that doll?" Utau asked. Emma glared, not answering.

"So either your a really freaky girl that still plays around with dolls, or theres a big soppy story about your past that relates to that one doll" she guessed.

Emma glared, still keeping quiet, but there was a little shock showing in her eyes, 'how did she know that?' she though.

"Why do you want to know anyway?" Emma asked her sitting down on her bed. Utau hesitantly sat down next to her. Emma glared at her but soon she relaxed the glared and sighed.

"I am just curious" she answered.

"I'm not stupid I know theres more to it than that. You think that somehow this will relate to your problems with Amu. Your feeling more than just curious. You feel like you need to know or else you will never leave this room." she stated.

"W-What? As if!" Utau replied.

"All my family have special powers, my brother can make people do things, my mother can erase memories, and my father can read minds. As for me, I have two powers. The power to read feelings, pretty useless, right?" she explained. Utau was shocked that she was acctually telling her this.

"You can read feelings? And what about the other power?" she asked.

Emma looked down at the doll in her hands, "That's a secret"

"Whatever, you don't need to tell me. So your powers do they have a weakness?" Utau asked, not expecting an answer at all.

"I'm not sure, My parents never tell me anything other than who I must kill" she stated. Utau looked shocked, "And so you just go out and kill them?"

"I have to, it's my job" Utau could see her squezing the doll tightly in her hands.

"Tadase said to me that you loved to kill, but that was just your mask talking, right? You really hate it, don't you?" Utau asked.

Emma's eyes turned to sadness, "Of course I love to kill, who doesn't?"

"I can tell that you feel lonely, your family is obviously forcing to do something that you don't want to do" she sighed, "So why don't you just run away?"

"I-I don't hate what I do, I just feel g-guilty when I do do it. B-but that's just because of" she squeezed the doll tighter and tighter as if at any moment the doll could explode.

"You can tell me" Utau whispered as she lifted her hand to put on Emma's shoulders, but Emma slapped it away before she could.

"I can't tell you, you are the enemy, what are you even doing! You should leave right now! Before I have to kill one more person on my list!" she yelled.

"I told you, I'm not leaving untill you tell me what you intend to do with Amu" Utau faced turned serious. Emma couldn't stand it anymore, she stood up and slapped Utau in the face, "Get out! I don't want to kill you!" but afterwards she covered her mouth and sat back down.

Utau's eyes opened. Emma's eyes opened too and so without thinking she quickly grabbed Utau's arm and dragged her into the 'Danger Area' she covered her mouth as she got a scarf from her drawer and tied it around Utau's mouth so she couldn't talk. She grabbed ducktape and taped Utau to a chair and left her as she ran out and slammed the door shut as quickly as she could, and that's when the tears started to pour from her face.

Emma's POV

Why...Why is this happening?

I'm sorry, Utau...

Amu's POV

I was walking into Easter... I had lived with these people for 3 years, they won't betray me, they need me.

She walked casually through easter and ended up at the top floor about to enter David's office when she overheard voices inside...

"What is taking Amu so long?" David yelled. Joanne tried to calm him down saying she would return soon with the charas.

"She better hurry up, I want her and all those guardians dead already." Drew laughed.

Amu's eyes opened widely.

And so she ran, but she made a noise...she made a mistake and that was one mistake to late as the Easter alarms went off in search for her. She ran through the halls and was suddenly dragged into a room.

She landed on the floor as she caught her breath. As her vision came back from all the running she reconigsed the room, and the person standing opposite her.

"E-Emma?" Amu cried as she tried to run away.

Emma held her back,"Go out there and they will kill you" With that she dragged her into the 'Danger Area'.

Amu saw Utau there and ran to her side.

"You're a monster! You and your whole family this whole time were planning to kill me!" Amu cried, as Utau's eyes widened.

Amu quickly untied Utau. Eru and Iru has disappeared somewhere in between the fight with Amu and Utau going to Easter. And of course at times like these, Kure was nowhere to be found.

"Utau! Are you okay?" Amu yelled as she took off the scarf and duck tape.

"I'm fine, what about you?" Utau asked.

"I'm good" she smiled.

Utau smiled back.

Amu then repeated, "I'm good."

Amu laughed, "I'm good" she said slower.

"I'm good, not evil, I'm good" she smiled with tears pouring out her eyes.

"Thank you, Utau, you made me realise the truth, these people never cared about me." she smiled as Utau smiled back at her and they hugged eachother as if they were best friends.

Amu's attention turned to Emma as she stood up infront of her. "Y-You were going to kill me this whole time!" Emma's eyes turned to saddness.

Utau stood up and faced Amu, "You may not believe this but Emma just saved your life from those people"

Amu's eyes opened widely, "No, it's a trap! She's on their side, she's probably the one that wanted to kill me the most"

Emma's eyes showed full sadness in her eyes even Amu could see this.

"Why?" Amu said finally realising what Emma had done.

Emma turned away as she stayed silent.

"I guess it's because my past scarred me so deeply that the scars rip through my mask." she finally explained. Amu's eyes opened, "Could that be related to...that doll?" she asked as Emma quickly turned away.

Emma sighed and faced them again in time, "His name was Seino, and he was the man that I truly loved. He was always there for me ever since I was younger. We were friends for 3 years starting when we were 5 years old, and when we turned 8 we shared out first kiss. We were together for 2 years untill I saw him cheating on me. He was the only reason I was able to fight the evil urge of my parents and when I saw him kissing someone else my heart broke and I was no longer able to avoid the evil. No longer able to avoid my powers. So I did something terrible, I used my power of voodoo to k-kill Seino. I killed all seino's friends and the girl. That's when my fate was sealed and I could no longer run away from the deeds I had created. When I was younger there wasn't the tiniest part of evil in me because of him, and since he died I have always felt guilty. My parents forced me to use my power to kill more people. I could kill people from a far distance, I could make people commit suicide, so that we never got caught. With every person that I killed, with every blood that I shed, with all the hearts that stopped beating, I grew darker and my heart grew weaker. But even through all of that I still remember Seino, I tried to forget about him so much but it never works, I still cry about him, and what I did. Like Tadase said, I'm inhumane and disgusting. I followed my parents orders as my mother promised to take away those memories of that time. I would still have to commit murders but I wouldn't feel guilty anymore. I guess now all I really want is Seino back in my arms again."

Amu and Utau were shocked that Emma gave them such an explaination as to why she was so evil.

There was a loud knock at Emma's door.

Emma's quickly wiped away the single tear that had fallen from her eyes, "You have to go, Here" Emma handed Utau a box and inside were Iru and Eru. "I'm sorry I took them before, they came looking for you and I didn't know what else to do"

"Utau!" Eru and Iru called.

Amu smiled, "Thank you, Emma. About Seino, I think that you shouldn't forget about him, he was part of your life and you can't let go of him. Your family shouldn't force you to do such horrible things, and that mask of yours has certainly cracked. Thank you for all that you've done" she smiled.

"Chara-nari Seraphic Charm!" Utau called as she grew wings and before she lifted Amu up Emma held her back for a moment.

"Amu, wait theres something else you should know"

"What?" she asked.

"Your family n-never died in a car crash, D-david k-killed them"



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