E/O Challenge massage 100 words exact

Spoilers: through season six "AItS" Possible Sam POV after regaining what was lost

Disclaimer: The supernatural characters are not mine:


Sam lay quietly staring at the fan overhead.

He was still in the panic room but at least someone had removed the cuffs, while he slept.

He'd passed out from the physical pain of regaining his soul. That pain was fading, but other memories caused pain far worse.

Dean and the vampires

Bobby and Balthazar's spell.

Remorse, betrayal, failure, and guilt, the pain and emotions of having a soul.

Of it all, there was only one pain he might could do something about.

Sam reached slowly down to the wounds left by the cuffs, and gently began massage his wrist.


A/N Sorry for the somewhat cryptic spoiler but if someone has been watching season 6, I didn't want to spoil anything. This is basically a continuation after 'Fear the Light'.