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Based off the song Let them be little: Billy Dean

Ch.1 Maxxor, Tom & Emily

"Stupid Mugic" thought Maxxor as he walked through the halls of his palace, earlier Tangath Toborn

Had been sent to check out a Mugic that had been found. Somehow Tom had found out and had

Followed Tangath out to there. The Underworlders somehow found out about it to and Tangath cast the

Mugic still not knowing what it was the two humans who were there well he didn't know what

Happened only that it had happened to Tom and his friend. He entered the room Tangath said he had

Put Tom in and there lying on the bed was and infant wrapped in Tom's shirt "this …. This is not

Good" Maxxor Said the child simply cooed at him no the child looked to be only 4 months old though

He'd need another human to be sure "why are you always getting into trouble eh Tommy?" Maxxor

Asked "I'll figure this out and you'll be back to normal soon until then we'll have to find another human

To help take care of you" he added most humans in chaotic are teenagers they don't want a child

Maxxor thought. This was defiantly going to be harder than he thought it was "Maxxor "a voice said

Maxxor looked up to see Tangath "Yes?" he asked "umm because of Tom's current condition I thought

It's best to get a humans help ""of course I was thinking the same thing but how do we get one to

Agree?" Maxxor asked "it's already been done milord a close human friend of mine her name is Emily

She has experience with human infants she will be here soon "Tangath said "Why isn't she here now?

"He asked "she said "she had to raid her sister's house for clothes, bottles, diapers and such" Tangath

Answered Maxxor just looked clueless he had no idea how humans raised their young. "Tangath

Toborn, Lord Maxxor there is a human woman here who says she needs to speak with you "Nameless

Guard #1 said "send her in "Maxxor said "Tangath you are so lucky my sister just had a baby "a female

Voice said "yes we are "Tangath said. The Girl walked in dressed in jeans and a T-shirt that said "kiss me

I'm Irish "and had a bag slung over her shoulder she had Ivory hair and sea green eyes and all Maxxor

Could do was stare. "Um no offence but are you going to stare at me all day or give me the baby?" she

Asked Tangath Laughed as Maxxor snapped out of his trance reluctantly handing Tom over to the

Human "well hello cutie, how are you? What's his name?" she asked "Tom his name is Tom "Tangath

Said "well I'd best be going farewell Emily, Maxxor "Tangath left, leaving them alone with the child.

An awkward silence passed between the two as Tom Started to get fussy "oh what's wrong cupcake you

Hungry probably are let's getting you dressed first" she cooed to the child. She laid him down on the bed

Taking the bag off her shoulder pulling out a diaper and two pieces of clothing and quick clothing the

Child she pulled a strange looking object "what's that?" Maxxor asked "it's a bottle unless you have

Another way of feeding him?" she asked "carry on" he said "would you like to feed him?" Emily asked.

For a second Maxxor looked terrified "it's easy I'll do the burping "she picked Tom up off the bed and

Placed him in his foster father's arms gently handing him the bottle as she watched on .

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