Coffee Kisses (Harry Potter HP/?): Harry Potter is entering his seventh year of schooling, Snape's the Headmaster and to the horror of the school Harry has discovered the ever lovable joy of coffee, he's always drinking it! Yet to their surprise it also makes his grades sky rocket and he's nicer to everyone, that is unless he has not had his coffee.

Chapter One: Caffeine Scene

The death of Dumbledore had left the school vulnerable and it was not long before Voldemort managed to take control of the school, he put the man who killed the old Headmaster in as a headmaster. So Severus Snape stared down at the students as they filed in, to his surprise he saw the Golden Trio had even come back even though Deatheaters now ran the school. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were both watching their friend who seemed rather content. For Harry Potter had a cup of coffee in his hands and was smiling as he drank it. The students all thought Harry would never return if Voldemort controlled the school, and yet there he sat a silly smile on his face.

It was an even bigger shock when the Dark Lord himself sat at the Head table and did not strike Harry down as soon as he saw him, instead the man, who looked twenty once again, simply watched as the 'hero' sat down not even bothering to glare at the Deatheaters. The students who seemed to expect Harry to jump up and defend the school got a shock when he hummed softly while blowing on the hot coffee and looked at the Head table as if expecting a speech or something. Severus saw the odd behavior and had to wonder why the teen was so relaxed now, when not even four months ago he had been chasing the very Deatheaters that sat in front of him through Hogwarts.

Standing the Dark Lord said calmly, "If it occurs that anyone in this school tries rebelling against me I will have that person killed here at dinner, to prove just how serious I am," he expected a drastic reaction from Harry but all he got was a content little smile and the teen sipped his drink again as if accepting the threat as a fact of life, "I shall be wandering the halls randomly, so don't let me catch breaking any of the new rules."

As soon as the Dark Lord stepped down and was seated once again Severus started the sorting and watched the Gryffindor table closely wondering which idiot would be the first to be killed from the lion's den as the majority looked pissed off. The Ravenclaws were calculating the risk of being taught by Deatheaters, while the Hufflepuffs looked terrified, and the Slytherin's seemed smug. Every thing went smoothly until Hermione and Ron both smacked Harry in the head after the sorting, causing him to spill his coffee.

Harry looked at the dark stain forming on the table and felt his eye twitch, "That was my coffee," his voice shocked the hell out of everyone as it was the first time he had spoken all night, when Dean and Seamus saw his hand twitch slightly they both summoned him coffee as they knew if Harry lost his temper it would be a bad thing, especially now, "Yay! Thanks guys," his cold tone from earlier vanished and he was all smiles again, smiling he sipped the fresh coffee humming in satisfaction.

Through the rest of dinner Seamus and Dean berated Hermione and Ron as if they were small children playing with fire, Harry smiled through the entire thing as if not worrying about anything any more. The Slytherin's found Harry's attitude change to be slightly scary as he had gone from smile, to cold as ice, and back to smiles in the span of thirty seconds. While all the teachers watched the seventeen year old with curious eyes some wondering when he would save them, others were wondering if he would be this interesting in their classes.

The schedules were passed out that night during dinner as classes started first thing in the morning, as Harry read the schedule while holding his coffee cup in one hand the Deatheaters and Dark Lord were hoping for some sort of reaction that would allow them to curse him but all Harry did was hum slightly as if agreeing with the paper. Ron almost fainted when he saw their defense class had been pushed away and they would be learning the Dark Arts now. Hermione felt nauseous when she read that most their classes were hands on not book subjects. Neville glanced at Harry and smiled at him hoping his friend would be able to help him with the scheduled classes.

Blinking Harry smiled back at Neville, "Let me see," getting handed the other teens schedule he read through it a few times before grinning and standing to move around the table and sit next to Neville, summoning the teen some coffee Harry handed it to him, "Drink this and then reread the schedule."

"Okay," Neville whispered before drinking the coffee almost choking on the strong flavor but he drank it down and felt his nerves calm down some, reading the schedule once more he grinned as he saw Harry had marked half the classes in green ink. That meant they had them together, Dark Arts, Ritual Magic, Pureblood Ethics, Potions, and Wizarding Politics they had together. Neville was without Harry for Herbology, Transfiguration, Charms, and History of Magic so he was good as he knew Harry would still help him, "Why have you been drinking coffee?"

That question caused a smile to spread across Harry's face, "That is very simple to answer, I'm addicted," seeing Neville laugh made him chuckle before he sipped the coffee again, "I'd suggest a cup of coffee every morning Nev helps with the nerves, you might relax and not blow up half the school."

"I've never blown up half the school," Neville said jokingly which made Harry grin at him, as he was relaxing finally he had been on pins and needles since stepping into the school that morning, "Thanks Harry I needed this."

"Anytime," Harry said grinning and pausing suddenly as if listening to a distant sound, twisting around he locked eyes on Theodore Nott who had just whispered 'Think Potter's lost his mind?' to Blaise Zabini, "Can't lose what you never had," he called out in a sing song voice which made the two Slytherin's freeze for not even Draco had heard them and he was seated across from them while Harry was on the opposite side of them at a different table.

"Eagle ears." Dean laughed, "Harry your not human I swear," getting a slight bow from Harry he laughed and the three teens who were talking to Harry almost forgot about the evil people in the room watching them, "So what's you schedule look like?" when it was handed over he saw Harry had rather difficult sounding classes, "Have you ever even tried to be an Animagus?"

"Yep," Harry answered sipping the coffee, "Brewed the animagus potion, know my form and such, just never bothered trying to actually transform," getting blinked at he blinked back at his friends, "What?"

"What is your form?" Seamus asked, they were dieing to know what it was.

"Aw, tsk tsk that would be ruining the surprise," Harry said before checking his watch, "Oh dinners over," standing and pocketing his schedule and grabbing up his coffee he started to leave the three following him asking about his form, the Deatheaters were startled by the fact Harry was not fighting them yet and the Dark Lord was shocked for Harry acted quite a bit like he did in school.