Chapter Thirty Three: Overworked

Sitting in the interrogation room for the third day in a row Harry was looking around some as he seemed to shift through files and folders searching intently for something no one in the room seemed to understand what he was doing. Tom and Lucius were watching as well sipping coffee which he had offered everyone when they got in the room. Neville and Seamus were with them as well Dean would have joined but instead he had to write to his parents and inform them he was alright, meaning the others pushed their letter writing off onto him.

Hermione was in the room, as were about ten other rebels, they had arrived to see the group drinking coffee and watching Harry have some sort of organization panic attack. Highlighters, pens, crayons and even rubber bands were everywhere but for some reason it did not look quite chaotic and just more like he had been working all night. Seamus offered them all coffee and they lifted their cuffed hands to drink their coffee as they watched the young man who was supposed to have been their savior do something they were not sure of.

After about an hour of his high paced working happened before Harry stopped and turned first towards the rebels before smiling brightly, "Hey have you guys been here long?" which made Tom frown and move to touch his forehead, "Um…what's going on?"

"Harry we've all been here about an hour," Tom said before getting blinked at by those adorable green eyes, "Sit down," he did not realize the rebels were all watching him as he checked Harry over very carefully checking his temperature and then his pupils before turning to Lucius, "He seems fine to me."

"Pulse check his pulse," Lucius suggested before moving to check his pulse with Tom one checking at his throat the other at his arm, "heart rate seems normal…I'm get Madam Promphey," and he left quickly.

"I'm fine," Harry was arguing lightly with Tom some as the nurse came in before he saw her and flinched.

"Harry James Potter are you over working yourself and worrying these men?" she snapped walking over and forcing him to sit back down, she began her own examination before declaring, "When is the last time anyone saw him eat?"

"He ate with me yesterday," Hermione said softly and got looked at, "It wasn't much he didn't finish his meal though…"

"That's the only time I remember him eating yesterday," Tom commented before turning to Harry and asking, "When is the last time you ate a full meal?"

"Um…our last day in Ireland…I think," Harry simply said looking down to his papers then back to them, before asking, "Can I get back to work? I almost have this all figured out."

"No," Lucius declared before Tom or even Madam Promphey could, he moved and started summoning basic foods and then transfigured a few chairs into a small bed, "Eat something then take a nap, this dealing with the rebels can wait a little while. You should not put your health at risk."

"Spoken like a sensible man," Madam Promphey said before summoning two potions and setting them down, "Young man you will do as he says, eat and rest you are over working and stressing your mind and body out. Stress is not good," and she got a pout, "These potions are simply nutrient potions and a very slight sleeping agent since I know sometimes you have trouble sleeping," then she checked the time, "Excuse me gentleman I have a third year with the flu I must take care of," and she was off.

Tom and Lucius focused on Harry who sighed and began to eat, then they turned to Seamus and Neville, "Please show the others back to their current rooms, these meetings are on hold until we are certain he is not over doing," getting a mumble it was Tom who smacked Harry in the arm and snapped, "Because you are not super human you are mortal and you have to eat and sleep normally or do damage to yourself!"

"You'll never get anywhere like that," Hermione said calmly and got them to look at her, holding up the cuffs Lucius uncuffed her and she walked over to Harry and settled next to him before whispering something to him which made him frown. She kept doing this before he nodded again and again and started eating before drinking the potions and getting in the bed to allow himself to sleep, "Demanding he take care of his health doesn't work, you have to explain that in doing so he is hurting himself and in the process hurting those he cares for and whom care about him."

"Oh," Tom and Lucius said before focusing on Neville who was chuckling into his hand, "What?"

"You're the fearless leaders of the Dark and just got schooled in caring for another human being by your prisoner its quite funny," Neville laughed before calming some and shaking his head as if disappointed in the two of them, "And I would have thought you two would be better at reading Harry by now, he's pretty much an open book."

"Written in a very dead language translated into brail," Seamus added making Neville hit his arm, "Just saying, he's not easy to read at all."

"He's not an open book you idiots, he is like a library and every part of him is a different book and you must find that book in millions of other books to know about who he is," Hermione said before moving back to the others and cuffing herself back in place, "And aren't you two supposed to show us to our rooms?" which made them squeak and jump up to do as they had been told.

Once alone with Harry the two shared a look before Lucius commented, "I like her, let's not kill that one."