Chapter Thirty Five: Manipulated

When the two woke up Harry had sorted all his files and was staring at them curiously before they could say anything or move the teenager motioned to a breakfast for three, "It's five am, a bit early but our sleeping patterns seem out of whack," was all he said before moving to the food and sitting down while waiting for them, they moved and settled at the table before Tom grabbed his one hand and Lucius the other, "Huh?" looking up at them he blinked.

"Why did you help us like this?" Tom asked he wanted desperately to know why Harry would go through so much trouble for them, his answer was a brilliant happy one hundred percent only Harry can pull off sort of smile, "Harry?"

"Because I can," Harry said with that smile still on his face before blinking as they both kissed the hand they were holding, so he decided to explain even more, "I want you two happy, you've given me a chance at happiness the least I can do is return the favor," and he laughed as they hugged him and each other since he was between them, when Lucius kissed him very softly he froze before whimpering slightly since the man was not letting up on the kiss, it felt as if he was trying to seduce him with his lips alone.

"Luc darling you have to share," Tom turned Harry's face towards his own and kissed him as well, which made the teenager sway slightly. They kept taking turns kissing Harry until he was so very dazed looking, "Alright how about we have breakfast now," their kissing had lasted nearly ten minutes barely giving Harry time to breathe.

When he snapped out of it Harry saw the two eating breakfast and talking as if they had not just spent ten minutes kissing him stupid, frowning slightly he went to his own meal thinking about many things. None of which the men wanted him to think but he did not know that. When Lucius traced his cheek he sent a slight smile his way and got one in return. Lucius and Tom both frowned since Harry had been frowning, they had wanted the kisses to show him they wanted him with them but his frown had made them wonder what he was thinking.

Glancing at the men who were both watching him as if he were some sort of mystery to them Harry blinked and looked away. It was not for a few more minutes before he finally could not stand the looks, so he had to ask, "Um…what's wrong?"

"Why do you look so sad?" Lucius asked and got a dazzlingly smile from the teenager even though he could tell it was a fake smile, not like the smile he had given them earlier.

"I'm not sad promise," Harry said before the blond kissed his forehead, it was a soft kiss and it made him want to trust in his first instinct and not have this nagging doubt in his chest.

"Lying is beneath you," Tom whispered tracing the teenagers cheek, "Please tell us what is on your mind?" he knew they had to find out or risk having Harry break away from everything they wished for.

After a long moment Harry looked at him for a long moment, before he glanced at Lucius and then he simply said to them both, "I do not understand either of you, half the time I feel like I am being seduced and the other half the time I feel as if you both think I'm just a silly child."

"Oh," Tom realized why Harry had frowned and decided with a sigh, "Alright well I'm going to go o=completely against my nature and do this the Gryffindor way," getting blinked at by those green eyes he said, "We want you with us as our third, we want you."

"Oh…" was all Harry said for a long moment, he did not look disgusted which made the two feel relieved, before he simply nodded once and said, "Alright."

"Seriously?" Lucius asked eyes wide and voice startled, getting another nod he felt his jaw drop some, "That…was much easier than we thought it would be," which made Harry smile some.

"I think he just manipulated us," Tom almost sounded in awe at the fact he had been manipulated, and when he got a chuckle from the teenager he licked his lips and said, "You did all of this on purpose."

"Of course …well to an extent, I mean you both did have me a bit confused but I did want to have this outcome," Harry laughed delighted now at the shocked looks on their faces, setting a single file down he kissed both men on the cheeks and stood checking the time, "I should go inform the rebels I am healthy again and we will start the explaining again tomorrow morning, enjoy the file."

When he was gone they looked at each other before turning and following him out of the room, they spun Harry close and gave him a look which had him shivering some. When he took the initiative to finally kiss them he first kissed Lucius who moaned and gripped him close. Breaking for air he turned and instantly was kissing Tom, this kiss lasted a little longer but was also a bit more of a show.

Separating once Lucius let out an actual pant Harry chuckled and kissed the blonds chin before turning to Tom, "I have work to do so you should take care of him, have fun," and he turned and walked away from the two aroused men, a squeak and moan let him know that Tom had listened very well to what he had said.