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It was the sentence Blossom had wanted to hear her whole life, but he couldn't finish it because she already knew her answer. Rated: T!

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"Blossom? Are you sure you don't mind us leaving you here?" Bubbles asked me worriedly. I shot her a grin and a nod.

"Okay, we'll be back at around 12:00." Buttercup stated shooting me a pointed look while adjusting her earrings.

Buttercup sported a black tank top that ended just above her stomach, green deniem shorts that ended just below her butt, and green heels. Her shoulder length hair was down and still in it's messy state, just a little touch of black mascara, and some green eye-shadow, not a lot just a little hint. Bubbles sported a blue spaghetti strap tank-top, white shorts that ended just a couple inches above her knees, and blue flats. Her hair was in one-big ponytail, just a little hint of blue eye-shadow, and pink lip-stick on her plush lips. I just nodded and left the room to go to the library. Buttercup and Bubbles were both going clubbing with their boyfriends, Butch and Boomer. Bubbles and Buttercup came in quickly gave me a hug and left quickly. As soon as I heard the door close I grabbed my book and quickly left into my room. I threw off my pj's and jumped into a pink tank-top, black deniem skirt, white pumps, and white with pink stripes hoop earrings. I threw on strawberry lip-gloss and finally exited the room. I took my hair out of my bow and let it flow to my knees before finally grabbing my book and exiting to the living room.

He always comes every time, it's like he can feel when I'm lonely. Then again, he knew why I never went to clubs and so did my sisters. Simply because they all knew, and I do to, that I was his, and someone hitting on me would make him sure fire pissed. I settled myself down on the couch in the living room and opened Romeo and Juliet to the page where Romeo first met Juliet.

"Blossy..." His voice rung through my house. My ears perked up as I tried to not look so expectant.

"Yes, Bricky?" I asked knowing he'd hate his little nick-name. Before I could even protest, Brick had picked me up and pinned me to the wall, my book had been strewn across the room.

"What did I say about the nicknames?" He growled, he was supposed to seem angry but, I could sense a little hint of playful.

"Oh, I don't remember..." I smirked as I shrugged and saw him narrow his eyes. In a flash his lips were on mine. I gave in and wrapped my arms around his neck, his arms strung so losely around my waist.

"Remember now?" He asked a smirk gracing his lips. I nodded and went in for another kiss which he aplied to.

"So Blossom what do you want to do tonight?" He asked as we settled ourselves on the couch.

"Well, um, I don't know what do you want to do?" I asked him tilting my head to the side.

"We-" I cut him off.

"No, Brick. Not yet. You know how I feel." I stated, he nodded smiling.

"Not until marriage." He repeated my words. I nodded smiling.

"Well, then I have a question for you." He stated, I signalled for him to continue.

"Blossom Jane Katherine Utonium -he got on one knee and pulled something out of his pocket- will you marry m-" He began.

"Yes!" I screamed and tackled him, which resulted on him laying on his back and me straddling him with the box in my hands. He chuckled, and just lifted himself up on his forearm, he smiled. I took the ring out of the box and before I could even marvel at it he had picked me up and put me on the sofa. He was grinning and he grabbed my right hand, and put the ring on himself. I smiled, and felt tears coming undone.

"Blossom? Is it really that bad?" He asked worriedly. I looked at it, it had a ruby instead of a diamond (which is what I always wanted) and was surrounded by three little diamonds on each side of the ring. It was the ideal ring for me.

"Brick, it's perfect!" I tackled him again and began cuddling against him. He smiled and pulled me tighter to him. I smiled against his chest.

I'd just heard the sentence I'd always wanted to hear to my whole life, too bad he couldn't finish.


"Blossom?" Bubbles called out. I groaned and lay my head deeper into his chest.

"Brick?" Boomer called out. This time his grip tightened.

"Aww!" Bubbles gushed as I saw from under my eye-lids a flash.

"Bubbles!" I screamed and lifted myself up. Boomer and Butch were chuckling and Brick just groaned and pulled me back down to him. I grinned and lifted my hand up to her face, as I saw her eyes widen. I grinned even wider, as Brick's hold simply tightened.

"OHMYGOSH!" Bubbles squealed as Boomer saw the ring and grinned.

"Heyyyy lovveebiirrrddsss!" Buttercup's voice slurred, Bubbles rolled her eyes as we saw that her shoulder was captivated by Butch's arm.

"Wereee jjjustt gunna go upstairrrrss okay? Gooooooood." Butch's voice slurred and this time Brick sat up and grabbed Bubbles camera. He took a picture of the two drunks. Ha, and Buttercup says I can't handle my beer.

Crappy ending yes. Well, enjoy Mistress Draculess sorry if it's horrible. Merry belated Christmas and a happy new year!