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Hey thurrr hot stupppp wazz goin' on?" A fist found itself embedded in the drunken man's face.

"Back. Off." Buttercup snarled. Blossom blinked twice before sighing and sipping on her Cosmopolitan with longer sips. This was how it went all night so far. Buttercup watched over Blossom as she sat at the bar. She beat the crap out of any guy who hit on the pink Puff. Although Blossom was capable of kicking arse all on her own. However these were Blossom's terms to her bachelorette party.

"Bloss... C'mon just one dance! It won't kill anybody!" Buttercup whined loudly. They were in Citiesvile the newest bar, Cosmo Luv, with their closest friends. Bubbles, Denise Ritz, Eloise Himmel, and Johanna Wilder were all dancing and partying. Bubbles was dancing with Eloise whereas Denise and Johanna were on anything with a snappy hairstyle, popped collar, jeans, and a wristwatch. Eloise was already married and Bubbles refused to have a 'mistake' with a stranger that she would regret telling Boomer about later.

"Fine: just one." Blossom said sighing. Who was she deny herself fun? One dance couldn't hurt anyone. Placing her cup down the bartender, Will, whom she'd speaker and laughed with for the past hour took it. Will was well refurbished with deep brown mussy hair, cyan colored eyes, and wore the rolled up sleeves black button up shirt with the tag saying Will and a charming smile that reeled different sorts of customers in.

"Yay!" Buttercup exclaimed throwing her hands up in the air and grabbing her sisters hand. Denise spotted the raven haired woman dragging the orange haired one to the middle of the floor and immediately ditched her prey. Johanna was too busy snogging another man in the corner of the bar. Johanna had teal layered hair with black accented high lights. Her eyes were and ember color and she was interlocked with a man who had black hair that was messy and spiky atop his head. Tonight he wore a black leather jacket, matching her own, red tee-shirt underneath as black slacks. Johanna wore a short leather jacket that would've exposed her flat tummy had it not been for her white tank top, black short shorts, and white heeled boots. They looked stunning in the blue light. Blossom and Johanna met in high school when Blossom went to her first party. Since they'd been fashion consultants.

Denise had long flowing strawberry blonde hair and pretty orange eyes. She wore a red one strap dress with a diamond shaped hole exposing her belly button ring and black heels. She left her hair in a big ponytail and was always one to stand out. Denise was another student teacher who taught Economy. Her father was the inventor of the Ritz hotels. However she never liked living off of her father's money. Blossom and her were close friends since they both taught.

"Bloss welcome to zeh party!" Denise screamed over the song playing. Blossom shook her head and smiled. Tonight Blossom wore a hot pink off the shoulder, cinched at the waist shirt that stopped short four inches of her knees and black leggings that ended at her knees with pink heels that were four inches long. Her hair was let out and flowingly with her red ribbon tied around her wrist. Buttercup wore a lime green tank top that ended above her waist exposing her equally flat stomach, black shorts, green and black black pumps with a black bracelet. Over her black tank top was a mini-leather vest and a green charm necklace. Bubbles wore a light blue dress that hugged her frame, navy blue heels, and a lighter blue over mini-over-sweater. Her hair was pulled into one long thick high ponytail that showed off the blue PPG tattoo on the back of her neck. When the girls were 19 to celebrate their birthday they all got matching tattoos but with varying colors and areas. Buttercup had a green one just above her waist thin waist line and Blossom's was light pink on her shoulder. Her flavorful shirt showed off her tattoo just as Bubbles' and Buttercup's did. To them it was a stamp of pride and familial conjoined love.

Eloise was actually four years older than the girls and attended Blossom's class. She had deep brown hair and large brown doe eyes. She wore a pink chiffon dress that ended by her knees and her hair was pulled into a low ponytail that matched her lightly tanned skin. She was married to Ms. Bellum's nephew, Grant Bellum, who was in Florida with Bella Bellum visiting his parents. Eloise had to stay back due to summer classes and to watch their daughter, Marielle. Marie was only 3 and Eloise had started working out vehemently after Marie's birth to keep her impressive body. Bubbles and Eloise were dancing in sort of by the center but not exactly.

Once Denise, Buttercup, and Blossom entered the middle the DJ threw on one of their favorite song:

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ay oh baby let's roll

I wanna celebrate and live my life saying ay oh baby let's go

Cuz we gonna rock this club we gonna go all night we gon light this up like its dynamite

They all moved fluidly. Throwing her hands up Blossom shook her hips letting her hair flail around her like a halo of corona. Buttercup was grinding playfully with Denise. All we unaware of the azure eyes watching their movements.

The blonde giggled and did so into a walkie-talkie. "Professor D, everything's in place!" She said smiling evilly. Her red eyes glowing alight with amusement. The only thing you could see about her that made her different from everyone else were her pigtails atop her head both were blonde and thick... Much like Bubbles old ones. Besides that she wore a black overcoat. Smirking she threw her jacket onto the floor and all hell was set loose...


"Ugh... What the hell Brick? Why are we just stayin' here doin' jackcrap! Its YOUR party night bro!" Butch whined loudly. A very annoying trait both the Green RRB and PPG had picked up.

"I gotta agree with the idiot on this one." Piped up one of his lifelong friends, Devon, from the corner. Currently they were all piled into their foster-mothers manor. Devon Ervin, Samuel Adele, and Carter Pomps were all college friends of Brick. Each of which were also hockey mates. Carter had black tousled hair, dark ember eyes and a built frame that had women jealous of his sweetheart girlfriend, Carlese. Sam had auburn hair and cyan eyes that shone with determination. He was in the process of courting a senior in college girl named Jennafer Lockely. Devon was simply playing his cards and was dubbed by the Sporter Magazine "a-never-ending-cad-that-did-whatever-whenever."

"I mean we could go to a bar." Sam added smiling. Devon rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, let's go to a bar and drink Popper Tequilas right? What a chick-thing. I have a better idea." Devon said grinning mischievously.

"No Dev, I am not in the mood to go to Poppin' Tops." Brick said.

"Cosmo Luv then?" Boomer added into the conversation.

"Sure." Dev pouted as Sam and the rest started getting up and were unknown of the hell they'd be stepping in.


"Are you in place yet Red Light?"

"No durrr. Here else would I be?"

"Don't sass-talk Boss-Man, Red Light!"

"She'll do whatever the hell she wants, Prissy!


"-Sigh- This is going to be a long night."

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