Disclamier:I do not own PJO,Rick Riordan does, and it would be an honor to meet him

By the way just to let everyone know this is set a month after The last Olympian

Thalia's p.o.v

I looked at the young, paled skin boy with sparlking deep green, blue eyes and short black hair and let out a soft sigh as he waved at me from his side of the lake. "Thals, over here!" Percy yelled as he waved his hands to try to catch my attattion which he already had,

"I'm coming!" I yelled laughing to catch up to him despise it beinging my uncle Posidon's domain. I soon as I was near Percy, the boy pick's me up by my underarm's and slowly bring's his lips to mine as we share a amazingly, wonderful kiss "Mine...he's all mine" I thought as we kiss then in a loud boom, I woke up.

"Damn!" I thought as I got up from my bed, a skull bedsheet and "4 steps on how to kill a barbie" pillow with some died drool on it, flung everywhere as I got up taking a towel and fresh white panties to take a shower, hating my lonely cabin and statue of my father Zeus in the middle of the room.

As the warm refreshing water slid down my back and my spiked black hair, I thought of my stupid, crazy cousion who I loved..."Why did I love Percy...did he love my back?...why am I fucking talking to myself?, damn it!" I shouted turning off the water, drying myself off and getting dress in some short jeans and a black t-shirt, stepping out to breakfast to see my friends Rachel, Annabeth, Nico and Gover and of course my love, Percy.

Percy's p.o.v

I saw the beautiful, punk rock raven haired girl, with her amazingly pale skin, electric blue eyes and angel filled smile walk up to us, even though we all sat at different table's we somehow manged to talk to one another.

"What's up Owl girl, Goat boy, Hell kid, Red, and Kelp for brains!" Thalia laughed as Rachel, Annabeth and Nico looked offened by their new names and Grover and myself just nodded back "Owl girl!" Annabeth spat in anger as Thalia being the brave, proud girl that she is laughed again before taking a bite of her bacon, and winking at me "Yeah Owl girl!, you know, cause your mother's favorite animal is the owl, bookworm" Thalia smirked as Annabeth opened her mouth to reply a come back but found she could not, so she shut her mouth and took a mouth full of eggs instead "So whats your plans for today, Pinecone face" I asked as Thalia paused for a second then shrugged "I don't know" she replyed with a small sigh before taking her second peice of bacon "Maybe I might go for a swim today" she added with a playful smirk and wink at me as I smiled back "What about you guys" Thalia asked as she looked at me and my friends. Nico shook his head "Maybe just go shadow traveling" he spoke as Grover said "Thinking about helping the Demeter kids with picking some weeds and all that shit" Grover added with a laugh, Rachel said she was going to play vollyball with the Apollo kids and Annabeth said she had some work to do at her cabin which just left me "You know what, I think I'll go for a swim today as well" I spoke with a wink as Thalia as she looked away with a smile.

After breakfast we all said good-bye to one another and went our seperate ways, Thalia catching up to me as I went to the lake "Hey" she spoke softly as I luaghed "Hey" I replied back "So whats up with you going swimming today?, you don't like water cause you know, it's my father's domain" I said with a smirk as Thaila punched me in the arm "Just wanted to try something new, you know...I'll go get change, be right back" She answered as her hand rested on my arm for a few seconds more and she smiled then ran to her cabin leaving me to shake my head in wonder "So cute" I chuckled softly to myself.