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Thalia's p.o.v

(One week later) I still can't believe it, the gods have agreed to keep my, I mean our child normal atleast intill she was 13, and they listened to my demands. As I held my daughter close to my chest I thought of what life Percy and I were going to have with our child, Percy was swordfighting with Annabeth (again) and Rachel was playing peek-a-boo with Robin who would would laugh so cute when she found Rachel. Suddenly I felt a very cold chill up my spine as I gasp in shock, Rachel looked at me worried as I turned around to look at what caused the chill, I looked at a cloaked figure who's face I could not even see as he/she had a hood over their head, Percy and Annabeth hearing my vioce in both shock and anger turned around to look at the mysterious person, Percy stood in front of me with his sword in his hand in an instant shielding myself and both Rachel and Robin from whoever was in front of him as Annabeth stood on his other side, knife in hand while the figure only laughed and spoke, his/her voice sounding so cold and heartless it sent a shilver up all our spines but Robin who did not even know what was happening.

"Why hide the Child of destruction from her fate, sky and sea warriors?, would you not rather have her die in the hands of one who knows no bound when it comes to death...give me the Child of destruction Oracle, this does not have to be your death as well" the evil heartless stranger spoke as I was enraged by calling my child evil "You bastard!" I screamed pushing Percy out of the way as I brought forth my shield and spear stabbing at the stranger who dodged with ease before bringing out a black wood with sliver bladed scythe and slashing at me cutibng my arm as I cried out in pain, Percy coming out of nowhere and sliced at the person who barely dodged in time as the blade tore his/her cloak and the figure sighed "I have no quarrel with you sea and sky warriors, stand aside and let death come to the Child of destruction" the evil person spoke as I screamed in so much rage lighting cracked the sky with a loud boom with Percy as angry as myself as waves of water spalshed against the ground of the lake hard "It is when you try to touch our daughter you mother-fucker!"Percy screamed bringing a wave to come crashing down on the cloak person as I at the same time striked the water with lighting, the whole ground burned with fire and smoke as Percy with water cleared it. With shock as the smoke and flames cleared the cloaked figure stood breathing hard and with a emotionless laugh spoke "I see you have some spirit, sea and sky warriors...the Child of destruction is dangerous and will bring death upon demigods, but I will deal with her..and you at another time...in till we meet again" he/she spoke disappering in smoke as Percy, Annabeth and myself stabbed at the figure but missed as he/she was gone, for now.

After we apologized and explained to Chiron what happened and the other campers came to see the huge mess, we both held Robin to our hearts as Rachel suddenly stood up, her eyes glowing and green mist spewing out of her mouth as she spoke "The Child of destruction will bring the world to flames, a choice of life or death will be made, many new enemies will then awake, a Hero of victory will rise, then all of life shall see Death wield it's scythe" Rachel spoke as we stared in shock, not at her but at the prophecy she spoke, even she herself looked heartbroken as we as a family, Rachel , Nico, Grover, Annabeth, Percy and myself hugged Robin Grace...or what the forces of evil called...The Child of destruction.