A warm summer smile

Discription: Souji is madly in love with Hijikata and has been hiding it from him for a long time. Meanwhile Hijikata is with other women day after day, night after night. Will Souji break or will he fight for his love? Who will be the one to walk away with Hijikata on their arm? Souji or some random women? Rated: M SoujixHijikata genere: Yaoi

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Chapter 1

~ Sake~

Souji was sitting outside his room and watching Saizo eat and play around. He smiled as he heard the training going on just a little ways away from where he was sitting. Tetsunosuke was once again taking a failed attempt of tea to the vice commander. Souji snickered when he heard Hijikat degrade him

" Poor Tetsu." he laughed. He then rose to his feet and decided to go check up on how the dinner was going. Souji walked down the hall and into the kitchen. " Mina? How is supper going?" he asked as he walked into the cooking area.

" Oh it will be done in about an hour." she said smiling and patting his shoulder.

" Aw man~ I am starving." he laughed as he sniffed the food that filled the air. " It smells so good." he said.

Miina smiled and shooed him out of the kitchen until the food was done. " Aw...I will go see what Kondou-san is up to today. He walked down the hall and into a room near the back of the headquarters. " Kondou-san? It is me Souji." he said as he knocked lightly on the paper doors. Kondou gave him entrance and smiled. " Ah Souji. I was starting to worry. Usually you come to me eariler than this." he said smiling and sipping on some freshly brewed sake.

Souji sat down across from Kondou and smiled. " You want to go a couple of rounds with me?" Kondou asked holing a sake glass to Soji. Soji nodded and gulped it down in a second. "

" Ah..Thanks it taste delightful." he said smiling and getting a little buzz from it.

" So Souj...Was there something that you wanted to discuss?" he asked as he poured them another round. Soji nodded silently. " Um...yeah...You see...there is this person that I like so much...But that person has other women." he said as he looked down at the tatami mats.

" Soji your in love with Toshizo haha..I already knew that boy..The way you look at him, speakto him, and just by the way your actions are." he said laughing and turning up another round.

Soji nodded and blushed. " You know me better than I know myself Kondou-san." he said smiling a little.

" Soji...you know that Toshi doesn't see you...in 'that' way..." he said gently as to not hurt his feelings.

Soji nodded and hid his eyes behind his bangs. " I know that..." he whispered almost so low that even himself couldn't hve heard it.

Kondou got up and placed his hand on Soji's shoulder. " Come on let us get washed up for dinner." he said gently.

Soji sighed and rose to his feet again and followed Kondou out of the room, closing the door behind him. "

They walked out to the well in the courtyard and began to wash off. Soji let the top half of his kimono fall off of his shoulders as he splashed water on his chest and face. He dried off and pulled his clothing back together and sat down and waited for Kondou to finish.

After a few more minutes they went inside and sat at their usal spots. Souji winked at Shinpachi and Heisuke as they walked in the room and each sat on either side of Soji.

" ..What have you beed doing all day?" Shinpachi asked grinning.

Soji smiled. " Oh nothing really just here and there." he said. He then hicupped. " Ah sorry..I had a few rounds of sake before dinner." he said laughing.

Soji grew even more happier as he spotted Hijikata coming throught the door. He sat up a little straighter and smiled at him as he sat down corner of the room where Kondou was. Those seats were only head commander and the vice commander. Soji sat on the opposite room of Hijikata, but got a perfect view of what he was doing.

" Good evening ." Soji said with a little to much eagerness. Shinpachi and Heisuke snickered and smiled at Soji.

' They must know to...argh can't I keep at least one secret?' Soji thought to himself.

Hijikata just looked at him and then went back to eating. " Well then.." he said.

Soji frowned and looked down at his plate. Shinpachi and Heisuke stopped laughing and stared apologetically at Soji. Soji smiled and waved it off. " Don't worry about it." he mouthed.

" Anyway Soji isn't it about time you went to Shimabara and bedded a woman already..You are looking more and more like a woman each day..You need to hurry and become a man." Hijikata said with no sound of kidding in his voice. Soji bit his lip to hold back his hurt feelings.

" A-ah..Yes...your right...It is about time I moved on." he whispered, smiling sadly.

" Toshizo that was out of line." Kondou said frowning at Hijikata.

Soji hid his eyes as he ate. He ate a few more bites and slowly stood. " If you will excuse me...I am going out to town to by some candy." he said smiling and hiding his sadness.

Soji turned and walked out the door. He sighed and headed out the front gate. He decided he would but his hair up in a ponytail because of the heat. What Soji didn't know was that there was someone walking behind him. He turned and almost hit the guy.

"Whoa Soji it is just me...Yamanami." he said holding his hands out in front of him.

" Y-yamanami-san..I am so sorry for swinging at you." he said bowing slighly.

" It is alright you did the right thing. I could've been a enemy." he said smiling. Yamanami put a hand on Soji's shoulder and smiled. " Let's go together...And afterwards if you want we can go have a few rounds of sake." he said. Soji nodded and followed Yamanami down into the town. They stopped at a small sweet store and bought a lot of hard candy to satisfy Soji's huge sweet tooth. " Shall we go get some drinks now?" Soji asked smiling.

Yamanami nodded and led Soji to the sake shop and sat down at the tables. Soji smiled as he sipped on his sake. He was starting to get drunk already. " So..Yamanami...tell me...Have you ever been in love with someone who doesn't love you back?" he slurred.

Yamanami smiled. " No...but would you like to tell me all about it?" he said smiling getting drunk himself. Soji looked at Yamanami.

" Well...you see...I am in love with Hijikata..." he said.

Yamanami then out of drunkness leaned across the table and kissed Soji. " Y-yamanami-san?" Soji said standing with startle in his voice. " W-what?" he asked.

Yamanami stared at Soji with drunken want. " Soji...Let me be your first and I swear I will leave you alone..." he whispered.

Soji blushed and looked down with his bangs covering his eyes.

" ...A-alright..." he whispered.

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