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Sixth shot of Sake~

Yamanami looked the head commander and was grinning inwardly. "You see Kondou-sensei, Hijikata has been getting angry because I am trying to take care of Souji." He said.

Hijikata frowned and looked at Kondou. "That is not it! He has been doing things with Souji that I don't agree with!" he snarled at Yamanami.

Yamanami glared. He didn't think that Hijikata would bring that up or tell Kondou. Well it wasn't like he'd get in trouble.

Hijikata glared as well.

"What are you talking about, Toshi? Tell me what is going on you to because whatever it is it is hurting Souji!" he yelled.

Souji then groaned and huffed. "H…..ijikata…san…" he huffed. He whimpered and sighed. He was sweating and groaning.

The three of them went over to him and sighed in harmony. Yamanami frowned and bit his lip and moved over to Souji.

Shinpachi and Heisuke were in the room now and they were sitting on their knees and watching them.

Yamanami then made his move. He moved over and leaned over Souji's face and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Please, Souji….be alright." He whispered and held his hand.

Heisuke and Shinpachi, followed by Kondou and Hijikata were staring in shock.

Hijikata felt anger and jealousy wash over him. "This is what I was talking about Kondou…"Hijikata muttered.

Kondou nodded slowly. "But I am confused….Souji told me who he liked…..And that isn't you Yamanami….unless he changed….but this was just the other day." He said in confusion.

Hijikata and Yamanami looked at each other and then back at Souji. "Who is he in love with?" they asked Kondou.

Kondou sighed. "I won't tell you two. Souji will tell that person when he is ready and then you'll know." He said sighing.

Hijikata and Yamanami glared at each other. "Tell us one thing, Kondou-sensei….where does he live and what gender is the person that Souji likes?" Hijikata asked.

Kondou sighed. "He is male and he lives here at headquarters." He said grinning and then got up. "Now come on all four of you, let Souji rest." He said as he got up and held the door open and watched them all walk out of the room.

They went to the dinner hall and sighed. They began eating their meal and then they were talking about the ambush where Souji was injured.

"He seemed to be out of it. Like he was in a daydream or something." One of his men said.

Hijikata nodded. "I see…well until Souji is healed someone in the first unit will lead the patrols.

Meanwhile Souji was in his room awake and sitting up and drinking his medicine. ". You should really take care of yourself more…" the doctor said sighing as he put in the last stitch in his wound.

"With these stitches you can get up and move if you want but absolutely now patrols and anything that may have you bend over." He said.

Souji nodded and smiled.

…one more thing…I found another problem when you were being stitched and examined. It troubles me to say this but….you have Tuberculosis…so far there is no cure…I suggest you calm down your work and find a much warmer habitat." He said softly.

Souji smiled a sad smile. "I knew that already doctor…please promise me that you won't tell anyone…promise." He asked looking at him with sad eyes. "Please." He whispered.

The doctor sighed and shook his head. "I will not tell anyone. But if I see that you aren't at least making any effort to relax, then I will tell them." He said.

Souji smiled and nodded. "Thank you doctor…now if you'll excuse me then I will go eat with everyone else." He said as he got up slowly and then walked out of the room and headed to the dinner hall.

He smiled when he heard everyone talking and he opened the door and the room went silent.

They stared at him in surprise and the next thing he knew was Hijikata, Kondou and Yamanami where next to him with hands gently on his arms and shoulders in case he fell.

"What are you doing out of bed you idiot?" Hijikata said.

Souji sighed. "It's fine and besides the doctor said it is okay for me to get up. He encouraged me to so that I won't be stiff when it heals." He said softly.

The three of them sighed and pinched the bridges of their noses. "I swear you are a moron." Hijikata said more softly.

Souji chuckled and nodded. "I guess I am. Anyway I am starved." He said smiling. He took a step forward and noticed that the hands on him didn't go away. "Guys I am fine I can walk on my own." He said as he pulled their hands off and began walking to his spot.

He sat down and began eating. Heisuke and Shinpachi were next to him talking with him and laughing.

Souji laughed to and ate and then laughed some more.

'Who does Souji like?' Yamanami and Hijikata both wondered.

Souji smiled and then turned to them and smiled and then went back to eating.

Both of the men blushed and looked down at their plates and began eating.

'It is burning me up!' they both thought.

After dinner was over Souji went and checked on his pet pig Saizo and smiled at him. "Hello Saizo, has Tetsu fed you yet." He said as pet his pet pig.

Souji sighed and Hijikata walked around and spotted him.

"Souji, what are you doing out this late?" he asked.

Souji sighed and smiled. "Oh Hijikata-san, I was just visiting Saizo. That's all. It's fine I am alright." He said softly as he went and sat on the edge of the porch.

"S-Souji…there is something I want to ask you…Do you like someone….and if so…what is his name?" he asked.

Souji looked up at Hijikata and felt his cheeks get warm. "W-what is this all of a sudden?" he asked nervously.

Hijikata sighed and sat down beside him and looked at him. "It's just that…I…I like you and I don't want anyone to take you…" he whispered and looked at Souji.

Souji gasped and looked at Hijikata and blushed. "I….me to…I like you…The one I like…Is you Hijikata-san." He said and blushed.

Hijikata looked at him in surprise. "R-really?" he asked in shock.

Souji nodded in embarrassment. "Yes." He whispered.

Hijikata looked up at the moon and then down at the blushing Souji. He took his hand and caressed his cheek and smiled softly down at him. He looked into his eyes and then leaned down and softly pressed his lips to his.

Souji's eyes fluttered closed and he leaned into the kiss that seemed to burn his lips.

After a few more seconds they pulled away from each other. "Hijikata-san…thanks." He whispered.

Hijikata smiled and kissed his cheek. "You're welcome." He said smiling.

Souji sighed in bliss and laid his head on Hijikata's shoulder.

Hijikata smiled down at him and wrapped his arms around his waist and sighed as they both looked at the moon for countless hours.

Yamanami was secretly watching in anger. He felt his blood boiling and he knew that he had to come up with a plan to make Souji his again.

He hurried to his rooms to make the plans. "Like hell I am going to give him to you!" he snarled as he thought of what to do.

Meanwhile Hijikata smiled down at a sleeping Souji and then slowly and carefully picked him up and carried him to his room and laid him down and covered him up. He kissed his forehead and then stood and walked out of the room and went to his own room. He laid down and sighed as he fell fast asleep.

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