Alright, I have had this idea for a while, but can't decide who I should put through the misery of being buried alive. That is where you guys come in. Once finished with this chapter review who should be the lucky contestant in: GET BURIED ALIVE BY THE CRAZY LADY WRITING THIS STORY!

It's between Danny or Steve. So, let me know so I can get writing. I'm so excited for this story.

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Darkness was something he hadn't had a problem with since he was four. His father helped him grow out of that fear fast, taking away his night-light after three straight nights of him entering his parents' room asking if he could sleep with them. 'The dark isn't going to hurt you. You have nothing to be afraid of.' But at four, his father probably didn't think his son would ever be stuck in a pitch black coffin, six feet under, with minimal oxygen. Thirty years later, that's exactly where he was...

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