This is a new story of mine. It's with Twilight characters, but based on a book called speak. I really loved this book, and my friend showed me the movie, and guess who plays the main character? Kristen stewart! Weird right! Oh well! Enjoy!(:


Welcome to Forks high.

It is my first day in high school. I have several new notebooks, I'm wearing my only skirt, and have a headache. My rusty 53' chevy roars to life as I start it. I get to the school soon enough, and see a few of my old friends. As I pass they glare at me. I looked straight ahead not meeting anyones eyes, this was what I was fearing.

The ninth-graders have to go to the auditorium for a 'Welcome presentation' while older students roam until the bell. I, not being one for roaming, snuck into the auditorium. There the new high-schoolers were separating into their cliques: Jocks, Country Clubbers, Cheerleaders, freaks, Big Hair Chicks, The laurens, Sluts-Which in my opinion are 'The Laurens', Goths, and Skater kids.

While others were outside at malls, parks, movies, parties, I stayed home and read books. Books I've read more times than I can count. I came to school with the wrong hair, the wrong clothes, the wrong attitude. And I don't have anyone to sit with.

I'm Bella Swan. I'm an outsider.

I know it's short, but it's just getting started!(: Review please!