Chikusa walked down the empty street. It was nighttime.

He had just gotten into another fight with his best friend, Ken. That troublesome hot-headed dog.

Ken would never get a girlfriend if he kept up like that, Chikusa was sure.

But Chikusa also probably wouldn't get one either..

Sighing, Chikusa kept walking down the street, not quite watching where he was going.

As he brought out one of his yo-yo's, he heard a screech, making him jump a little.

Looking around, he saw some shadows from an alley.

The shadows were shaped like a cat surrounded by dogs.

Walking closer, he saw four ferocious, large dogs pacing closer to a cat.

The cat, a scrawny orange tabby with bits of fur missing and several wounds, hissed at the dogs as it backed away.

The dogs cornered the poor little creature.

The cat's eyes widened a bit in fear as it felt the wall blocking its only escape.

The dogs, drooling in anticipation of their catch, lept for the feline, aimed to kill.

The cat made another loud screech as it scrunched backwards, raising its paws and ready to claw the dogs. Its eyes were shut tightly.

But it never felt the crushing weight of dog pressing it to the ground cruelly.

Never felt the sheer pressure and strength of the dogs bites as they bit into the tender, bruised flesh of the cat.

Instead, there was loud yelping of dogs as they were injured instead of the cat.

The cat, unknowing of what just happened, opened its eyes.

Just in time to see the four dogs, running off, yelping like beat animals.

They had many little spikes sticking out of their flesh, making them look similar to cactuses or porcupines or hedgehogs.

A single man was standing in the light, watching the dogs run off.

After he was sure the yelping devils were gone, he turned to look towards the cat.

The cat, still intimidated and untrusting, stayed in its corner.

The man slowly approached, putting away his yo-yo's.

The cat stayed where it was, but still ready to attack at any second.

Once the man got close, he bent down next to the cat and extended an arm slowly out to it.

The cat moved backwards a bit at first, but then slowly stretched out its head to sniff the man-Chikusa-'s hand.

Not sensing any threat, the tabby took an uncertain step closer.

Chikusa smiled a little as he lightly petted the cat.

"I'll call you Mossa." he said as he lightly picked up his new, furry friend.

Mossa purred a bit and rubbed his head on his savior's face, glad to finally have a friend in this cruel world.

The two went off down the road, one in the others arms.


Kakipi needs more love. Even if it's love from a feline~ X3