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Sonic could have stayed in this position forever. Lying next to Amy in the soft grass, the trees and the gentle breezes of the wind their only companions. He felt at peace, nothing could disturb him here. He looked up at the sky and watched the fluffy white clouds make their slow trot across the sky.

"Sonic, what are clouds?" Amy asked. Sonic turns his head to drink in her appearance. Her eyes were curiously searching the sky, trying to understand the mystery of the cloud. She was too cute for words.

Sonic turned his head back to the sky before answering.

"Clouds are like dreams." he simply said. He waited as he could see Amy's face become puzzled at the thought. Sonic turned his head away from Amy to grin, awaiting her inevitable query.

Amy called Sonic to look at her. Turning his face and hiding his grin, Sonic lay there and listened.

"What do you mean?" she asked, confused.

A peaceful expression came upon Sonic's face as he turned back to the sky, eyes closing to soak in the atmosphere. This really was the life. No troubles, no worries. 'Hakuna Matata' he thought to himself. Amy followed suit, her eyes turning to the sky as she traced the clouds with her mind.

"When people dream happy dreams, they stay with you and brighten your day, just like clouds." Sonic tried to explain, feeling out of depth with this guru stuff. He wasn't one to make life-changing statements, but he thought that was close enough.

"What about storm clouds?" Amy inquired. Sonic didn't answer for some time. He didn't know if it was seconds, minutes or hours, but eventually he came to what he thought was an appropriate conclusion.

"Storm clouds are like nightmares, Amy. When you have a nightmare, it seems to ruin the world, raining upon and wrecking all that you thought was good in the world." he responded. It was a dark thought, but Amy had to know the truth. Even at 17, he was scared that she would feel unprotected in the world.

Amy shuddered at his words, scared as to what happened every time she had a nightmare. A nightmare about Sonic. Leaving.

As if hearing her thoughts, Sonic turned to his side so that he was gently pressing against Amy, one arm supporting him up as he leaned against it with his ear.

"But nightmares aren't that bad. Without nightmares and storms, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the beauty of the rainbow that comes afterwards." he whispered to her.

The air seemed to thicken, Amy thought. Suddenly there were new feelings she was unsure of how to react to. She turned to Sonic's gorgeous and remarkable face. Here was the boy that had always been there for her, even when he didn't want her to get hurt by his influence. He would always be there.

"And what are rainbows?" she whispered back, in the same tone he had used. Sonic's eyes travelled up and down her body and face, making Amy blush with pleasure. Sonic rolled his body over, again, now lying on top of Amy. Hugging her close to his body, he whispered into her ear.