Narcissa's First Kiss

By: AlieBooButterfly

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lucius and Narcissa where all alone in the library in the Malfoy Manor. Sitting close, his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close.

"Cissy, are you ready?" Lucius smiled and winked at Narcissa. Every time their lips were to meet, she would hesitate and stop. Narcissa Black was proper young lady, it was wrong to kiss a boy at the age of fifteen. "Come on Cissy! Girls do a lot more at our age and we haven't even kissed yet!" Lucius took his arm off her and rolled his eyes, "You have to leave anyways." Narcissa's cheeks went red out of embarrassment. She always felt bad for doing that to him but she couldn't kiss him, she was a lady.

"I'm sorry Lucius." She whispered as she exited the Manor, "Bye Lucius." Since there was no way home because of her age, she had to walk all the way to the Black family residence.

She entered her home from ending a long walk. She saw her two sisters and smiled.

"It's about time!" Bella rolled her eyes and got up from her seat. She walked to Narcissa. "So, "Young lady", did you kiss?" Bella out her hands on her hips, she gave her sister a smirk, "Or was it too, "sinful" for you?" Narcissa walked past her nosey sister with a slight blush approaching her face.

"Bella, leave her alone!" Andromeda yelled from her seat.'

"Stay out of it Andy, Cissy, it's just a kiss! There is no need to be afraid of it." She walked up close to Narcissa, leaned into her ear, "Your afraid of kissing, aren't you?" She whispered, tickling Narcissa's ear. Gasping and moving away from her sister, she tripped over the chair that was near her foot. Bella laughed while leaning down to her sister. "Or do you not know how to?" Bella whispered into her sister's mouth.

Narcissa pushed her sister off of her, "Fine!" She brushed herself off, "I'm afraid to kiss him!" She yelled out of embarrassment.

"I can teach you." Bella suggested bluntly. Andromeda's eyes went wide while exiting the room. Bellatrix licked her lips, "So?"

"Uh, well, I don't know." Narcissa had a weird sensation in her stomach.

"Come on Cissy!" Bellatrix pulled her sister close to her, "My baby sister will be all grown up." Bellatrix teased Narcissa, caressing her lips with her index finger.

"Bella, please!" Narcissa backed off as far as possible, against the wall.

"Now you're trapped." Bella pressed her body against the younger Black sister. She grabbed her chin and pulled her sister's lips closer to her. They met and kissed. Bella's tongue, going in and out of Narcissa's mouth.

Bellatrix let go, "See? Was it that bad dear?" Bellatrix smirked. Narcissa just stood there, still as a rock. "Now you can kiss Malfoy without hesitation!"

"You just kissed me!" Narcissa's eyes were very wide. She pushed passed her sister and went up to her room.

Bellatrix's laugh went very high. Her eyes rolling, she sat back down and went back to book she was reading before her sister had returned home.