Love at McDonalds

Percy paced around, sat down, and paced some more.

It was the last day of camp for him. He was eighteen now, so he was a counselor, but considering he was the only child of Poseidon, he was the head of a bunch of 'minor' cabins. And by minor, I mean not important. But shh!

This was the first year Luke was coming out of camp. Ever. After he escaped(and survived) Kronos, he decided camp had too many memories he didn't wan't because they made him feel really guilty. So he and his 'boy toy' as Clarisse puts it, Percy were moving in together.

And now, Percy was all jittery because Luke was taking him on a first 'real' date in the city. Well, love does that to you.

It wasn't any better with Luke, trust me. He was going crazy. Which shirt? Stripes or solid? What about shoes? Laces? Vans? Converse? (Personally, I definitely think Converse, sweet cheeks.)

Zues, he was like, SO turning into a Aphrodite girl! Yup. -blows bubblegum into a bubble until it pops- Totally.

Now, back to Percy cause he's more important. What? Did Luke have his own book that is a bestseller with his name on it? No? Didn't think so.

Anyways! Percy was still pacing, ADHD style, where he does it, like, 150 km per hour, ya know? AH! APHRODITE! I'M THE NARRATOR HERE!

Then, Luke shows up. Percy is now hyperventilating. Not good.

Luke knocks again, this time a little harder. Percy took a deep breath and remembered what inspirational quote his mom told him when he Iris messaged her, 'Okay honey. Everything is going to be great! Just don't let that boy 'make love' to you in public!' What? That's not inspiring enough for you?

Percy pushes that thought out of his head and opens the door to reveal a very -sweaty- nervous Luke.

Luke was what the Aphrodite girls labeled as a 'first date spaz'. He had a wild flare in his eyes, his body was shaking, and he was biting his lip. When he saw Percy he immediately did what any child of Hermes would've done. Played it cool. And so he did. He ran to the door, leaned against it, stared into space and pretended to listen to music, bobbing his head slightly. When Percy coughed, he looked and nodded at him.

Percy blinked, wondering how in Hades did Luke do that so fast. He decided he didn't care, and so he laughed at Luke, who blushed and avoided Percy's eyes.

"So, Pretty Boy!" Percy teased.

Luke pouted, "Don't call me that!"

"Okay, okay. How 'bout Ken?"


Percy responded by humming the tune of 'Barbie Girl'. That, deserves a slap. And Luke played the I-am-so-mad-that-I-am-SO-not-talking-to-you card, as well.

"Okay, I'm sowwy." Percy said in a baby-talk voice, heck, he even did the teary eyes thing. See, as a child of Poseidon, Percy has the ability to pull water out of the air, make his eyes as big and adorable as possible, and his eyes suddenly have fake tears, but Percy prefers 'faux-signs of sadness'.

Luke fell for it in 0.00000071 seconds. Wow.

"Too cute! Need HATRED!" the son of Hermes joked, falling to his knees and shielding his eyes. Percy laughed and picked him up.

"Okay, do you want your hatred to go?" Percy asked in a bad imitation of a fast food restaurant waiter. Luke laughed and forgot why he was mad at Percy.

"No. I wanna get out of this place, to spend quality time with my boyfriend." replied Luke, a smile playing on his lips.

Percy smiled back, and grabbed Luke's hand. "Let's go, then."

Luke nodded and they waved and said their last goodbyes before crossing the boundary.

There, Hermes was waiting for him, being his typical spaz-like self. "Ready? Huh? Huh? HUH? Cause I'm ready! I just had one bottle of nectar, and now I feel, really, really, really, REALLY good! How about you? Are you feeling, really, really, really, REALLY good? HUH?"

Luke slapped his dad upside the head. "Dad! Calm down! And yes we are ready. "

He and Percy relaxed when Hermes calmed down. Percy because he was getting pretty creepy, and Luke because he was less embarrassing that way.

Hermes grinned and snapped his fingers, and suddenly Luke and Percy were suddenly in the hustle-bustle of The Big Apple, (New York City). Right in front of a freaking McDonalds. Now, any normal couple would feel, going to McDonalds, would be a terrible choice for a first date, but for these two, they would feel out of place anywhere else.

"I don't understand those couples who like going to those fancy-dancy restaurants where they charge you like, thirty dollars, for a bite of artichoke. I mean, really. A famous actress once said, 'Artichokes ... Are just plain annoying ... After all the trouble you go through, you get about as much actual 'food' out of eating an artichoke as you would from licking thirty or forty postage stamps. Have the shrimp cocktail instead.'" Luke said as he opened the door to the chummy restaurant.

"And who is this 'famous actress'?" asked Percy, air-quoting, 'famous actress', even though he knew exactly who said that.

"Well, only the best actress in the world. Miss Piggy, from the Muppets." Luke said, in a completely serious face.

"Okay then."

"I haven't had McDonalds in a loooonnngggg time. My mom before she went completely crazy, used to make us dinner all the time. But for like, a year we have been eating left overs. The original meal was never found, so it's nice to FINALLY have my own fresh food." Luke smiled, reminiscing on how his mom would cook up extravagant dinners, then eat some of it when he wasn't looking, then say that they were having 'left-overs.'

"Wow. With my mom, everything HAD to be new and fresh. Cause Gabe, told her to. That ass-." Percy said, but was interrupted by the loud speaker. "Attention all McDonalds' shoppers! We do not accept bills over twenty!"

A pudgy lady who was next to Luke and Percy snorted and said, "If I had bills over twenty, I wouldn't be eating in this dump."

Percy and Luke laughed off at the lady's grumpiness.

The son of the sea god and the son of the flying ADHD god went to get themselves a table before they have to eat standing up, considering it was pretty packed. They found a booth in the corner, next to a window. It was pretty private, which was a nice touch.

They put their belongings there, a very thin hoodie from Luke, brought just to save a table.

Then, the two lovers walked toward the line, going to the shortest one and staring at the menu. Luke looked around, and froze when he saw a 'elderly' couple sitting there, complaining on how hard it was to bite into a cheeseburger, because of their dentures. They didn't say the hip stuff like, 'Damnit!' or 'Crap!', oh no! They used old lines like, 'Bah Humbug!' and 'Hot Dang!'.

Luke continued watching in amusement, and from the corner of his eyes, he saw Percy looking as well. "And that is why old people should never eat junk food." Percy says.

The older of the two rolls his eyes and says, "No! Old people should eat all the junk food they can get. They need the preservatives, if you know what I mean."

And the two laughed together.

After a while of small talk and complaining on how slow the line was, even though they were only there for three minutes, they both didn't really care because they were together, the line finally moved to the two boys' turn.

Their waiter dude was a fellow teenager, a skinny thing, curly, red hair tucked into the signature McDonalds' brand hat, his face had a small case of pimples, but it wasn't too bad. And since this was the first time Luke was out eating after camp, he decided to have some fun.

So when the waiter guy called "Next customer please step up!", Luke basically strut up there, along with a trying-not-to-laugh Percy. Luke slapped his hands down and basically got into the poor guy's face. "Ya orderin' meh uhroun'? Huh? Eh!" Luke asked, shaking his fist in the guy's, who's name according to his name tag was Oliver, face.

The guy flinched, "S-Sorry sir! I-I-I just was t-trying to do my j-j-job." he stuttered.

"Well! Isn't yo job to take meh orda? Well! I want a extra large coufee and cheezburga! Got it, pal?" Luke barked in a pretty believable stereotype New Yorker accent.

The minimum wage employee nodded numbly and fumbled with a coffee cup. Luke and Percy both started laughing hysterically. Oliver looked up shakily. "W-what?"

"I'm sorry dude. Couldn't resist. But yeah, I still want my coffee and cheeseburger, but throw in medium fries, would you? How about you Percy?" Luke asked when he finally was able to control the laughing. "A double cheeseburger and the Banana-strawberry McSmoothie" Percy called back.

Oliver smiled, "Sick accent dude. Pret-ty believable. You still treated me better than my boss does. He's an ass." he grumbled, typing into the cash register.

Luke and Percy laughed. "And your total is five thirty seven." Oliver said. Percy started taking out some bills from his pocket, but Luke pushed them back, pulling out a ten, and giving it Oliver in record speed.

Percy raised his eyebrows, "Thanks, Lukie Wukie" he says and pulled the older into a one sided hug.

Oliver typed some more into the register, then pulled out bills and change. "Your change is four sixty-three." he says, handing it to Luke, who slips it into his pocket.

Then the redhead slipped a tray over the counter, on top of it was the smoothie, coffee, and burgers. "Have a good day, now." He says pushing it closer to Luke and Percy.

They said their goodbyes, and the two demigods went to their little booth. The two plopped down, and opened their burgers.

"Ooh. A double cheeseburger. Fancy." Luke teases.

"Shut up. I'm hungry. Besides, it's still better than artichoke, right?" Percy mocks Luke.

"Don't mock me, seaweed brain."

"Okay. Besides, you need the extra food, any skinnier, and I swear you'll turn into a shish kabob stick!" Percy snaps.

"Fine, I'm skinny, I know that. But I'm sure as Hades I'm musclier than you!"

"Yup. Exactly why I whipped your skinny butt on- Percy lowered his voice- Mount Olympus."

"Can it! I was possessed!" Luke whined

"What they all say." Percy laughs, before taking a big bite of his burger.

"Hey, you're so not any fatter than me. You are really skinny, considering you have a swimmers body."

"Damn straight I have a swimmer's body, and I'm skinny, but hey, on me, it's hot." Percy jokes.

"Yes, you are hot." Luke agrees, looking for the reaction.

What reaction you ask? Wait for it... There! Percy's ears go pink, his cheeks red, and he looks everywhere but Luke. Adorable!

"Shut up..." Percy whines.

"Its true" Luke laughs, pinching Percy's cheeks. He picked up his cheeseburger, brought it up to his lips, but Percy grabbed his arm, stopping him. "Hold on. I want to capture this on film."

"What!" The child of Hermes asks, "Just hold on!" his lover says, whipping out his oPhone. A 'olympus phone' or an 'orange phone'. Get it? Apple. Orange? Fruit? No? Shut up.

"Okay, go!" Percy said. Luke rolls his eyes, but bites into the burger, and almost drops it. So good... It was like sinking your teeth into ambrosia, sweet, sweet, junk food. Luke's eyes rolled to the back of his head, closed his eyes, and relished in the awesomeness of cheap, junk food.

There was a click. And Percy started laughing. "Told you so."

"Shhhhh. Don't interrupt the deliciousness." Luke jokes, but opens his eccentric blue eyes to meet Percy's emerald green eyes. There was a magical thing... A... A... Understanding passed through the two. Actually, a million things passed through them, but for you to understand it, you would have to feel it.



Then they leaned in, closer, closer, then, BAM! Their lips met. It was barely ghosting each other's lips, yet it was the best kiss both of them either had. "I love you, Percy." Luke murmurs, before capturing the younger's lips again.

"Love you too, Luke. You too." Percy smiles.

Poseidon smiled at his son's happy ending, he clicked off his Hepheastus TV, to go to the summer solstice meeting in Olympus, leaving the two lovebirds some privacy.

A/N: Gods, I am poofed. Is that a word? Well, it is now!