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*Resolutions of a New Year*



Why did he have to be so annoying with his persistent adoration? Always willing to conjure anything or teleport her anywhere just for the merest hint of a smile gracing her lips. And those soulful gazes accompanying his amazing kisses and the sex...don't get started on that she chastised herself. Just because Jareth's love making abilities surpassed any and all previous men Sarah encountered and just because he regularly gifted her with toe-tingling, hair-curling, stomach-flipping, gymnastic prerequisite sex didn't give him permission to take over her life.

No...She would definitely be setting some boundaries...as soon as he arrived for their evening out...well...as soon as they returned from their evening out. Absolutely, unquestionably, as soon as they woke up the next morning ...Sarah was kicking him out of her bed and setting the ground rules for how often Jareth was allowed to spend in her presence; following her, kissing her, conversing with her, distracting her, and generally all around annoying her. Because his constant attentions upon her person were annoying, she reminded herself, very, very annoying!

Approximately six weeks passed since her law firm's Christmas party and their private, infamous wager. Six weeks and they had spent nearly every conscious moment together—and most unconscious as well—exploring their new physical and emotional intimacy. Six weeks or forty-two days or one thousand eight hours and they'd barely spent more than a few of those hours apart. Part of Sarah—the sixteen-year-old dance around in a pink tutu he likes me, he likes me part—couldn't stop grinning, visions of Cheshire cats floating in her head. However, the sober—I'm an aspiring law firm partner have to be taken seriously I'm not putting in enough billable overtime hours why the hell can't you give me some private time so I can work—part gradually started poking sharp sticks of responsibility in the soft, squishy place near her freshly vulnerable heart.

She could not allow herself to morph into this ridiculously giddy, marshmallow-filled, fluff head. Attorneys, especially junior attorneys with a sniffer for success on their radar, needed discipline and focus not overnight teleport trips to Venice.

'Although that demonstration of his affections was particularly lovely, ' the girly girl crowed triumphantly in the back of her head and commenced her tutu dance.

"Shut up... ' Sarah groused back at the Pepto-Bismol colored, tulle clad traitor. 'You're not helping."

'You loved it...I dare you to deny it!' Tutu girl taunted.

"Irrelevant, I still need to set boundaries otherwise I'll never make partner before I'm 30." She tossed herself backwards into her recliner, body sprawling completely over the bone tinted leather.

"You've got the Goblin King at your beck and call, is being a partner so important?"

"Yes! Yes, I've devoted my entire adulthood to it; I can't just give up on it now. Goblin King or not, seriously what kind of person would I be to give up my independence just because a man..."


"Alright ...geez...a great man comes along wanting to take care of me. Listen, Tutu, I'm not breaking up with him, I think Jareth's amazing and wonderful; I just need some space to take care of my professional life. He'll understand...I think." Sarah bit her lower lip as she considered best how to broach the subject with the surprisingly insecure King, at least when dealing with her. Crap, how the hell did she say this without freaking him out? Hey, Jareth, I think you're super neato keen but I really need some space and feel free to still come around just not as often? Ugh...maybe she should just keep her mouth shut and work around it...how...how?


The air swelled with static heralding Jareth's arrival thirty minutes earlier than expected, no surprise, he rarely stayed away longer than a full work day meaning by the time Sarah arrived home Jareth usually waited for her or on occasion met her in her car or other some such nonsense. Today she'd left work early in order to beat him and gather her thoughts prior to his arrival.

"Sarah! My Love, your work has released you early today; how fortuitous to my plans." Jareth said joyfully once he noticed her reclining comfortably. He wore snug, brown leather pants and boots and a royal, blue fine cotton tunic embroidered with gold at the edges; he looked very fine and comfortable in his own skin. Sarah sat upright on her recliner, the leg support snapped shut with a thump.

"You're plans?" She repeated trying not to be distracted by how luscious he looked with his platinum hair sporting matching royal blue highlights. "But first I wanted to talk to you about something important."

Jareth strolled up to her and knelt by the recliner taking her hand with his as if he hadn't heard the second part of her statement. "Yes, my Sarah, I've planned a delightful weekend seaside tour."

Sarah sighed trying not to sound impatient, "I've been to the seaside, Jareth." He didn't seem to notice passed his own excitement.

"Ah, yes but have you toured the seaside territories of the Undines of the Underground?" He watched her eyes widen, "Ha, I didn't think so." And he couldn't help but sound a little smug. Always discerning, his Sarah was quite the picky Queen-to-be and he took great pride in plotting new ways to keep her astonished and attached to him. She certainly kept him on his toes but his pockets were full of tricks, enough to last him a great many years if necessary. He did need dole them out a bit less precipitously however, if he hoped to make them last. Who knew how exceptionally finicky his beautiful Queen may truly be, but he'd was sure to enjoy finding out!

"A seaside tour you say?" She asked just to be sure she'd heard correctly. Tutu girl started dancing again, darn her! Jareth detected a vague wistful tone to her voice and inwardly grinned. His Sarah, so easily tempted and he oh-so-loved-to-tempt!

"Yes, my Love, the Undine's created an impressive complex system of underwater and land tunnels and their city offers many rare and valuable treasures from the deep sea in which to trade. It's truly a unique wonder, one which I would love to share with you this weekend. Now, what did you want to talk about?" He finished abruptly, his eyes curious and accepting to her ill-prepared speech.

Sarah felt her heart speed up from the adrenaline dump into her bloodstream as she listened to Jareth's description of the Undine's city and knew she'd accept, she always did, darn it. And he had heard her afterall, but steamrollered her words as he often did. But once she caught the site of him in his unforgiving leather, sinful visions of night inspired pleasures romped through her imagination as well as other parts of her body and most of her rational thoughts joined tutu girl. Well, one more weekend couldn't hurt, right? It was only forty-eight hours, barely considered billable...really. There weren't any large cases pending, not anything that couldn't wait.

She smiled and nodded, "It sounds wonderful, Jareth." She answered sincerely leaning over the recliner arm to plant a deep kiss on his accepting lips. "I'd love to spend the weekend at the seaside with you and I'll talk to you about it later. It can keep."

'Liar, liar, pants on fire,' Taunted Tutu girl, "This is going to eat you up the longer you don't talk about it."

'Shut up, Pepto!' Sarah told her girly girl aspect while she took Jareth's hand as he helped her stand from the recliner. He patiently waited while she packed an overnight bag and returned to her living room, her face an odd mix of elated resignation.

"Are you alright, Sarah? You seem...preoccupied." Jareth searched her face for some answer to his concern, a slight frown marring his lips. Sarah quickly covered her expression with a bright smile.

"Yes, I'm fine...really." She insisted as he didn't appear to believe her. Something troubled his Sarah and anything that troubled her troubled him. One didn't require thousands of years of immortal life experience to see beyond her fake smile, but it helped. She may choose to withhold for the moment but Jareth decided he'd wheedle it out of her before the weekend's conclusion. Wheedling and cajoling practically his inventions, along with ploys, sarcasm, irony, and wagers; well, perhaps not wagers, those being quite old. But you know what they say about the oldest tricks in the book being the best and all.

Jareth wrapped an arm firmly around Sarah's waist and conjured a crystal with his free hand. Leaning close in, he kissed her quickly, which she returned, and tossed the crystal upwards where it burst to silver glitter and drifted over their clasped bodies. Once the glitter settled they'd vanished from Sarah's apartment, their weekend seaside tour official begun.



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