Robin accosted Slade about six times more that week, always assuring himself that it was just because his role as a Deadpool wannabe was supposed to be an annoying prick.

And an annoying prick he had.

Each time felt better than the last as Slade pull him into his mouth and sucked like a well paid slut. It was disconcerting, and Robin should have been much more worried than he was.

But who could worry when they had a mercenary on his knees at gunpoint sucking him off?

Not Robin, apparently.

Robin fought him every time, testing his strength against the powerhouse of a mercenary before each face-fucking session. He was becoming more than a little aware that the man was feeling him out, testing to see just how strong this mysterious red-covered villain really was, yet for some reason, Slade always allowed himself to lose.

Not that Robin minded. Not at all.

More than half of the crime bosses in the area, not even just those in the Dredge League, had been reported missing in the last four days, which lead Robin to the idea that Slade deserved a reward of sorts.

At gun point, of course.

So it was that when Slade was heading back to his hotel one night after brutally murdering one of the particularly scummy mobsters, an out of place shadow trailed his heels.

Said shadow, after successfully following Slade to his hotel without being detected, waiting until the man fell asleep, before scaling to the 19th floor of the building to slip onto the man's balcony. He picked the lock in seconds, and was into the room without more than a whisper of noise.

Robin got to the bed, gun drawn and pointed steadily forward, finding Slade asleep on his side, facing away from him. He was just placing a knee on the soft mattress when he was suddenly grabbed, flipped onto his back, with a hand around his throat in under a second.

Slade looked down at him, wearing nothing but an eye patch, and blinked at the sight if a gun pressed between his eyes. Slowly, he pulled his hand away from Robin's throat and moved off the young man.

"Well damn, if ya aren't a better match when yer asleep than when yer awake!" Robin tried to even out his breaking and calm his heartbeat, a soft chuckle coming from him to mask his stuttered breath.

"Now I suggest you lay yerself down before things get ugly." Robin was quick to straddle the man as he laid down on his back against the mattress, keeping his gun pressed lightly against the man's forehead, before slowly dragging it down to press underneath Slade's chin.

"I just wanted to surprise you with a little congratulations treat, seein' as yer doin' so well at takin' out the League members." Robin shimmed a bit down, his ass coming to rest just above the mercenary's groin. "I know its early an' all, but well… I think I deserve it."

Slade raised an eyebrow at this, "And what exactly is to be the surprise?"

"Oh don't play coy with me, Deathstroke." Robin chided. He was getting a little too bold for his own good. "I'm here to fuck you."

Slade's face was almost unreadable, but Robin could almost make out the tiniest hint of a smirk.

"So you're going to rape me then?" Slade asked, and Robin could feel himself hardening.

"Yeah…cus I'm just sooo bad." Robin couldn't believe himself. But the feeling of having power over Slade was definitely getting to him. "But if ya play nice you might even enjoy it…"

Slade looked beyond sinful as he gazed up at Robin, seemingly completely unperturbed by the gun pressed against him. "I promise I won't struggle."

"Good. Now then, ya better do everything I tell ya too, or else." Robin dug the gun into Slade's neck warningly, before leaning forward to press his whole front against Slade's, trapping his arm between the two of them. "Now kiss me."

Robin shouldn't be doing this, but he'd lost himself already. Slade had always been his weakness. He'd never stop being a hero, but he couldn't deny his attraction to this villain. His breath caught as Slade brought his hands up to pull Robin's mask away, only enough to expose the boy's mouth, and then their lips were crashing together.

It felt, more or less, like Slade was raping him instead of the other way around as the mercenary's tongue pressed in and began to plunder Robin's mouth. With an angry grunt Robin sought to rectify that, pressing his own tongue against the older man's, waging a desperate war for domination.

He pulled back finally with a triumphant smirk, his lips bruised after the intensity of the battle, and he licked at them lightly, feeling where Slade had broken the skin in his viciousness.

"Fucker." Robin mumbled, before attacking the man's neck, biting and nipping, just hard enough to break the skin, letting the man know he was being punished for trying to resist.

The man seemed particularly berated after Robin's teeth sank into the skin around his nipple, causing Slade to grunt roughly and reach for the boy's head.

"Ah, ah, ahhhh~" Robin chided, waggling the gun around to remind the man who was boss. The got the man to settle down, but his hand remained on Robin's head.

Robin was a bit nicer after that, adding soft kisses and trailing licks down the man's torso. He gave a particularly rewarding lick to the tip of Slade's cock as he finally reached the man's swollen member.

It was everything Robin had dreamed of and more. Much more.

"Thank God!" Robin wrapped his hand around the man's turgid length, pumping it lightly and watching appreciatively as precome pearled up against the tip. "I was hoping I wouldn't need Viagra…"

Slade actually looked offended, and Robin smirked, his mouth visible as he stuck his tongue out at the man. He kept his tongue out as he sank back down to tease the tip, lapping up the dibble of precome before allowing his mouth to widen and wrap around the whole head. He swirled his tongue around the crown, getting a taste for it and a feel for its width, and then he attempted to take on the length.

Robin's mouth slid down slowly, taking the hot flesh into his mouth and eagerly welcoming the thick length with pleasant tonguing along its underside. He stopped about half way, not really eager to destroy his throat, and began slowly pumping the remaining length as he hollowed out his cheeks and just hummed around the man's dick.

He watch Slade with amused eyes as the man sought to keep his self control as Robin refused to move over his cock, but the man amazingly didn't end up just grabbing his head and fucking his face. Robin finally stopped teasing the man however, when he noticed the small switch of his eye. Best not to push his luck.

He pulled off the man's cock with a small pop and moved his hands to cup the heavy sac, hefting it and adopting a pensive look.

"I suppose this will do."

Slade just rolled his eyes as Robin reached into his utility belt and bought out a tube of lube, which he then used to generously coat Slade's cock.

Robin then worked busily at removing his pants with one hand, which he admittedly did quite well.

He was just position himself over Slade's deliciously fat cock when a hand on his hip stopped him.

"You're going to rip yourself in half if you don't prepare yourself." Slade managed to not look concerned as he said this; just condescending.

Robin simply smirked at him.

"I always come prepared."

And with that, he pressed the tip of Slade's cock against his already stretched and lubed entrance, sinking onto the delicious heat—though admittedly he was feeling a light burn as the tip stretched him much wider than any of his toys ever had.

Slade looked ridiculously caught off guard for a moment as the tip of his cock slipped into the boy with barely any resistance, and then a smirk made its way to his face as he took Robin's hips into his hands and hilted himself in the tight heat.

"Oi, f-fuck why'd you just…holy shit…" Robin's eyes rolled back into his head and his mouth fell open into a small "o" as he felt the entirety of Slade's cock filling him.

"If you move again you're fucking dead." He hissed, his muscles spasming at the sudden entry. He pressed a hand against Slade's chest, trying to get his wits back.

Much bigger than his toys.

"I thought you said you came prepared?" Slade questioned innocently, the gleam in his eye and his smirk as dangerous as Robin remembered.

"Fuck off." Robin braced himself as he began to move, slowly lifting himself off of the mercenary's huge cock only to allow himself to drop back down, his body shaking each time as the thing filled him so fully. He'd just begun to work up his own rhythm, angling himself just perfectly to catch that spot inside of him when Slade ruined everything.

Or rather, made things unbearably better.

Both of the man's hands were on his hips now, both of them dragging him up and pushing him back down onto the man's cock much faster than Robin through he could handle. Both of his hands were shaking now, his legs were quivering with a strain that wasn't from physical exertion.

He was trying to hold back the impending wave that was threatening to pull him under as Slade added an achingly deep thrust to the mix, the man's hips slamming up against his ass as he pressed even deeper into the young man on top of him.

Robin didn't stand a chance.

His whole body arched, his back spasming and his toes curling as he came in streaks against Slade's stomach and chest as the man's hand finally wrapped around his weeping cock, adding the last element that just completely undid the young hero. His vision blanked as he came. But it wasn't over.

Slade continued to forced Robin's body up and down his length, his movements turning jerky and savage as he neared his own completion. Robin was gasping now as Slade repeatedly continued to slam against his prostate, his over-sensitized cock twitching constantly under the barrage, his gasps getting louder and louder until he finally felt a dry orgasm overtake him just from prostate stimulation.

And then Slade was coming, filling him with seed and Robin could barely hold himself upright. Again and again Robin felt the streams of redhot come enter him, leaving him a groaning mess as he collapsed against Slade's heaving chest.

"Holy orgasm…"(1)Robin's head was swimming, yet somehow he was pulling himself out of it. Slade's cock slipping out of his well-abused ass caused him to start, and soon he was pulling away.

"Well that was certainly fun." Robin was pulling away, his gun still trained at Slade's head as he attempted to get off of the bed. He hadn't gotten very far before he was hauled forcefully back onto the bed beneath Slade, his gun hand pressed uselessly against the pillow behind his head. He blinked up at Slade as he felt the barrel of an equally dangerous gun, presumably previously hidden underneath the pillow he was currently being pressed against.

Robin smiled weakly, receiving a dangerous smile from Slade in return.

"I believe it's my turn now, little bird."

A/N 1- "Holy orgasm, Batman."

I couldn't get it out of my head. I needed to put it there. So sorry. It's over. Hope you enjoyed it.