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Chapter 5: New Beginnings

I walk into the Miami Hyatt, heading to the restaurant where Lumen asked me to meet her. I think of my experiences with five star hotels, usually I'm just in a place like this to stalk and/or kill that rare financially well off killer. Luxury was never really my thing. I feel out of place.

I see Lumen and go to sit down. "Hi."


I wonder what I should say at a time like this. "Nice place you've got here." I try to smile calmly.

"Yeah... like I said, it's weird to have this conversation with a new boyfriend. I never really talked about money with people. And when we met it just didn't seem to matter. Does it matter?" She asks.

Boyfriend? My head spins a little. I try for honesty again. "No, money never mattered to me. I mean, I know it's important, but I have enough and it's not like I have expensive tastes or anything..." I realize I'm babbling. I stop and wait for her.

"I get that, I guess now we kind of have the same tastes. What we want isn't really something you can buy. I wake up in a five star hotel and all I can think of is how I preferred it in your apartment that first time we had sex.." She smiles conspiratorially.

"At least not outside of some very bad neighborhoods. Besides, if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself."

We both laugh.

"Dexter, look, I know it's going to be complicated. I know you have the kids now. But I want to try again, last night showed me we still have a spark, that we're still alike. Maybe we can start off slowly? Give Astor and Cody a chance to get used to everything?"

"I'd like that. If it were just us and Harrison, I'd ask you to move back in, but we need to give the kids a chance to adjust. I lost them once, I don't want to lose them again."

"That works for me.. although, we do have some free time now. If Sonja has the kids right now, you free to come upstairs with me for a while?" She smiles.

I smile back. "Sounds like a plan."

The next thing I know we're back in her room. I find that with Lumen, no matter where we are, the sex is always phenomenal. Not as much frantic scratching as the last time, but just as incredible. When we finish, she falls asleep, her arms wrapped around me. I must have nodded off myself, because the next time I open my eyes she's out of bed and the shower is running.

I look around, other than her luggage, not much to see in her room. I decide to open her laptop and check my email. The page her browser is open to is a news article about a man who was released from a local prison after three years. Apparently sent away on stalking and assault charges when his girlfriend filed a complaint, though he was suspected to have murdered his ex-wife six months earlier.

I smile, apparently she's been indulging in our hobby since she arrived. From the other sites she's hit, it looks like she's only been doing recon so far. I think of stalking this guy with Lumen, killing him with her.

Might make for a fun date night.

I think of all the things we'll have to face; explaining our being together to the kids, finding a way to make our lives fit together, working things out with Deb, getting Sonja to stay late with the kids when we're.. out late. But somehow, I don't care.

I know I can make this work as long as she's here with me.

Once, I dreamed of a quiet life in the suburbs. Free of my darkness. Now I dream of a life spent the way I have always spent it. Half in light, half in darkness. Only this time I won't be alone in either.

I can see us together, celebrating birthdays and graduations, going on double dates with Rita and Quinn, killing people. I smile, imagining all the ordinary events of my life somehow made special by that special someone.

She comes out of the shower, no towel. She sees the laptop open to her next victim.

She smiles.

I smile back.


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