As they walked up the stairs they could hear moaning coming from down the hall and they knew it was coming from Eli's room.

Stranger #1 smirked and tried not to laugh as the obvious girl in the room moaned his name loud.

"Finally he's getting laid."Stranger #2 snickered and they walked closer to the door.

It was slightly ajar and the 2 strangers peeked through the crack.

Eli was eating out some cute blonde girl and it took the strangers a few moments to realize who it was. Their jaws dropped as Clare Coyne laid on the bed her hips bucking wildly in the air as she cried out Eli's name.

The 2 strangers walked down the hall and you could tell by the looks on their faces that they had a plan up their sleeves.

After about 15 minutes of sitting down in the living room. They could hear Clare screaming out in pleasure and Eli's loud grunts and animal growls.

Over the 15 minutes the 2 strangers went over their plan to scare the crap out of Eli and embarrass the hell out of Clare.

They tip toed up the stairs, freezing when the steps would creak. As they got closer to Eli's room they could hear the head board loudly banging against the wall, and Clare screaming "harder, harder, harder" with every bang the headboard made.

Stranger #1 held the video camera in their one hand while they held a bullhorn in the other.

Stranger #2 held a loud safety siren in one hand and a whistle was placed firmly between their lips.

They were now right outside Eli's door trying not to gag at the nasty sounds they were making and stranger #1 counted to three with his fingers.

They busted through the door stranger #1 rolling the camera and yelling into the bullhorn while stranger #2 blew the whistle loudly and blared the siren while stomping around the room.


I flipped Clare over and harshly rocked my hips against hers. Moans were falling from her lips and I kissed my way down her body.

I pulled the swim bottoms down and smirked at how wet she was.

"Wait did you hear that."Clare mumbled and looked at me. "Hear what."I smirked and she motioned for me to be quiet. "I thought I heard someone snicker and talk."she said slowly and I kissed her. "Don't worry no one is home babe, we're all alone."I smirked and she smiled at me seductively. Boy I have never been so wrong before in my life.

I kissed her stomach a couple times before dipping my head in between her legs and giving a long slow steady lick to her folds.

She squeaked in surprise and I chuckled. I slowly, agonizingly slow, flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue until she was begging me to stop teasing her.

"Please Eli stop teasing me it's mean."Clare begged looking down at me as she propped herself up on her elbows.

"What do you want, I can't give you what you want until you tell what it is."I smirked and she glared at me. "Please baby, I need you to fuck me now, please Eli fuck me."she whined her head falling back then looking at me with pleading eyes.

You don't have to tell me twice.

I jumped up and quickly rid of my skinny jeans and boxers. I lost my shirt 5 minutes ago so now I was naked.

I pulled her dress and bikini top off and pulled her towards the middle of the bed as I climbed on top of her.

"Are you still on the pill or do I need to get a condom."I said before I made a mistake as having sex with her without protection and getting her pregnant then our lives would be over before they even started.

I didn't even realize she was talking until she was snapping her fingers in my face and saying my name.

"Sorry what were you saying."I said shaking my head and she giggled. "Eli I can read you like a book I know you were worrying about getting me pregnant and don't worry I never went off the pill so we're covered, pun not intended."she smiled and I couldn't help but feel upset.

So she's been with other guys over the past year. Of course she would stupid she's a beautiful girl who all guys want, why would she not be with other guys, the stupid voice in my head said. No she loves me , she wouldn't do that, I argued with the voice. "Hey baby, you okay."Clare said placing her hand on my cheek.

"Um, I know you probably have but don't mind me asking but, since I last saw you have you you know been with other guys."I said softly avoiding eye contact.

She smiled at me and shook her head "no." I looked at her confused and she smiled again. "Eli when you left I ment what I said when I said you were the love of my life, sure I had boyfriends but I never slept with them because they didn't mean anything to me, bot the way you did."she smiled and I smirked at her.

"I love you too, baby, forever and always."I smiled and she wrapped her legs around my waist. The tip of my cock rubbed against her pussy and I groaned.

"Please, please, please Eli, please."she begged grinding her hips against mine and I can feel how wet she is getting again. I smile at her and grip the base of my cock. I rub the head up and down her wet hole and she whines in her throat.

Without warning I thrust into her and she winces. "Sorry."I mumble and she laughs. "No I'm sorry it's been a while, a year actually, I'm okay now, move."she ordered and I thrust wildly into her.

"Yes, oh, oh, oh, right there, oh god yes."she cried out as I hit her spot deep inside her.

Her legs unwrapped from around my waist and her hips bucked in the air. I put a bruising grip on her hips and roughly forced them down and groaned as she got a kinky look in her eyes.

I flipped her over so she was slightly on her side but still some what on her back and sat up on my knees. I wrapped my arm underneath her right knee and raised it in the air. With this new angle I pumped deeper into her and I could tell she loved it by the way she screamed my name.

"Harder, Eli yes, oh f-fuck, oh yes harder, harder, harder, fuck me harder."she yelled and the head board started to bang against the wall.

"Say my name baby, scream it, do It."I growled and she smirked at me."She looked up at me with her big lust filled eyes and muttered a cute little "no."

"You asked for it."I shrugged and pulled out of her. "You asshole don't give me a reason to hurt you now put yourself back inside me dammit."she growled and I could tell I made her mad since her walls had just started to clench around my dick.

I yanked her off the bed and she yelped in surprise. I dragged her over towards my desk and she giggled as I bent her over it. "Now are you going to say my name."I growled in her ear as I bent over towards her.

She shook her head "no" again and I smirked. I hope she loves her punishment as much as I am going to enjoy giving it to her.

I grabbed her ass roughly and she moaned. Yeah well moan at this. I raised my hand and brought it to her nice tight ass with a loud ear splitting SMACK sound. She groaned and she turned to look at me.

A bright red mark was starting to form in the shape of my hand and I smirked. "Oh did you like that, did you enjoy your punishment."I asked her and she giggled at me and nodded her head.

I quickly but gently yanked her hair out of the ponytail and it fell to her shoulders. I grabbed a fistful of it and pulled hard so she was now standing up. I pressed her back to my chest and groped her breasts, still holding a fistful of her soft luscious white blonde hair in my left hand while my right did all the work to pleasure her.

"Say it."I ordered and she shook her head.

"I said say it."I growled and pushed her down onto the desk top. She shook her head again and I became frustrated. My cock was now fully erect and painfully hard.

I thrust into her and she moaned. "Do it, what's my name baby, scream my name in pleasure."I demanded and she finally gave in. "ELI, YES, OH FUCK GOD OH YES."she screamed as I hit her spot and her walls tightened around me.

I was so close when the two people I hate the most at the moment came barging in making a lot of noise.

Clare screamed and I pulled out of her. She bolted up and I used her to shield me while I quickly grabbed a blanket that was on the floor and wrapped it around her waist while she had already grabbed my shirt that landed on the computer chair, and used it to cover her boobs.

I pressed her against me and glared as Ethan and Adam paraded around my room making loud noises. I'm guessing it hurt Clare's ears because she covered her ears. The shirt dropped and I quickly held it to her chest.

I remembered how Clare has such sensitive ears because once over the summer we went to a concert and she couldn't hear right for a week.

I was getting a head ache and I could tell Clare was in pain now so I had to put a stop to this.

"Guys knock it off, stop your hurting Clare's ears, chill out, seriously."I yelled after I used my free hand to cover Clare's right ear while I pressed her left to my chest, since I wasn't trying to cause her anymore discomfort.

"SURPRISE."they yelled and just as Clare uncovered her ears to. I glared at them and Clare pulled the blanket up so it covered her whole body and went and sat on the bed.

I just stood there naked until the guys turned towards me and went pale when they saw my 7 inch boner, which still didn't go away. "Aw, great now I have gross mental pictures in my head."Ethan and Adam screamed in unison and ran out the door slamming it behind them.

I walked over to Clare and sat down next to her. "Sorry about that."I mumbled and she looked at me confused. "Sorry what, I can't hear you over the ringing in my ears."she smiled and left myself a mental note to kick Adam and Ethan's asses later.

Revenge is sweet.