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Storm Warning

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Chapter 1 - Timing is everything


It had been a month and a half since they had left camp now Hermione thought to herself. Thalia had gone from being a bit withdrawn to proving that apparently Orion's penchant for pranks wasn't something he got from the Marauders, much to Hermonies secret amusement, it also left her wondering it half the pranks Apollo and Hermes supposedly pulled on Olympus were really all done by them. Thalia tended to go after Orion for the most part, simply because the first time Hermonie had found her hair dyed neon pink in the morning she'd turned Thalia into a kitten for the entire day, and it had been a horribly fluffy white kitten too, Hermonie had named her puff, she also had pictures.

They were currently sailing around Virginia on their way back north to pick up Percy for the trip to Greece. Orion was off flying in the new mundane form he'd finally mastered, a distinctly average looking golden eagle, Thalia was off plotting her next prank, and she was driving. Typical really she thought looking inland where Orion had flown off to wondering what he was up too.


Orion glided hardly flapping his wings as he flew over the trees along the coast. He had only had the form for about a week now, and he was loving being able to fly without being glaringly obvious about it, 'cause really you couldn't get much more obvious then a dragon the size of a jet. He tilted his wings shooting around a massive oak tree and spotted a building up ahead, it was an old mansion type. Made of ancient looking ruff cut gray stone, With barely a twitch of a feather he turned gliding over the structure and spotted the sign on the front.

Westover Hall

It was a school of some sort he thought landing in a tree on the edge of a sort of play ground. Within moments there was a group of children under his tree staring up at him in awe. One of the teachers came over and shooed them off a short way before starting an impromptu lesson on eagles. He listened with half his mind while surveying the yard, his eyes stopped at a picnic table across from him. Had he been human he would have frowned.

When he had first gotten the trick of the eagle form he hadn't noticed, not until the first time he had flown inland. He could tell the difference between humans and Demigods in this form. Apparently eagle eyes really were that good. It was nothing glaring just a sense that something was off when he looked at a demigod. It was really only noticeable when he was paying attention it wasn't a glow as such just a sense of them being, lighter, somehow. This boy sitting across from him at a picnic table playing a card game with himself had that feeling to him.

He titled his head to the side focusing on him and would have rolled his eyes if it weren't for all the people staring at him. The kid was playing some card game involving Greek gods and monsters. He had black hair and eyes and was wearing a brown leather jacket of some sort. He was ready to fly off, and just make sure to tell the satyrs about the kid later, when he saw it. One of the professors was staring at the kid like he was lunch. Monsters whether he was in eagle form or not always looked like they were wearing badly fitting costumes, it was almost pathetically easy to spot them. He looked between the kid and the monster for a moment hesitating before spreading his wings and taking off. He flew right over the group of children's heads much to their delight and circled up and away thinking, with a monster already watching him he couldn't just leave the kid and hope the satyrs found him in time. He circled again before disappearing into the woods and coming back around the park to alight unseen in the upper branches of a pine behind the kid. Keeping one eye on him and one on the monster while sending Hermonie a message, he would need backup for this.

20 minutes later Orion was beginning to get the rules of the game the kid was playing it was incredibly convoluted. Which he thought was entirely appropriate, as that was how things really were - needlessly complicated. Hermonie was on her way now with Thalia, they would be the ones talking to the kid, he would be keeping guard until they could get him out of the area.

He tensed as someone made there way to the table and sat down across from the boy with a sigh. Orion cursed two of them? No wonder they'd been spotted by monsters they might as well have had a sign over there heads that said 'free buffet here!'. The girl looked to be about a year older then the boy, with the same straight black hair and black eyes. "You should be doing your homework Nico." She said drily looking at the cards on the table in irritation.

"Why? It doesn't matter their just going to kick us out in a week when weird stuff starts happening again." He answered Orion nodded to himself, ya he knew how that was he thought amused.

"You should still be trying." She answered tartly Orion sighed to himself and sent Hermonie an update on the situation. A feeling of incredulousness answered him, and he snickered to himself.


Hermonie growled to herself as she received Orions update, Thalia shot a look her way. One hand on the hilt of her sword. "Bad news?" She asked Hermione snorted.

"There two of them." She answered Thalia frowned.

"Two monsters?" She asked confused Hermonie shook her head.

"No two Demigods, a brother and sister by the looks of it." Thalia winced, she knew only to well that having more then one untrained demigod in one place was a bad idea.

"Right we'd better hurry." She said Hermonie put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't rush in, Orion's watching them we've got time." She said warningly Thalia sighed

and nodded as they snuck through the bushes alone the side of the building, not even noticing the strange blue wooden box tucked into an alcove.


Orion cursed as the bell rung calling the students back inside. The two young demigods getting up to follow, the boy gathered up his cards talking happily with his sister who he had learned was named Bianca. The monster, which hadn't moved from its spot since he had seen it, shifted watching them a hungry look on its face. Abruptly another teacher in a long brown trench coat walked up to him and began asking about some lesson plan. Orion could see the monster trying to get him to go away using the mist but it seemed to be having absolutely no affect what so ever on the cheerful man. This distraction allowed the two demigods to pass by unharmed without ever even knowing they had been in danger.

Orion watched the monster intently as he finally was able to make up some excuse to get rid of the man, but by then his window of opportunity had passed. Orion let himself relax a bit. If that monster had gone after them with all those other people around his options would have been limited, he laughed to himself monster 0, random teacher 1. He thought amused, and spread his wings gliding out of the trees and circling the building. He never noticed the teacher that had inadvertently saved those demigods lives turn and watch him fly away, his dark eyes missing nothing before he walked back into the building looking smug.

Orion circled the building thoughtful as the sun set wondering how to get those two out or get Hermione and Thalia in. They were currently hiding in an alcove just off from the play ground waiting for their opportunity. Just as the sun disappeared below the horizon a high pitched buzz pierced the air making him flinch and bank away from the building as his superior hearing was overloaded, it was a good thing he had as a moment later the fire alarm went off. Had he been closer to the building it would have been far worse. The organized chaos that followed was exactly what they needed he circled high above his dark coloring hiding him against the darkening sky. It took him a moment to find the to kids in the rush, but once he did he began sending images to Hermione and Thalia updating them on where the two where.

They pushed through the group the chaos keeping anyone from noticing that they didn't belong, quickly making their way towards Nico and Bianca as the two milled around with the rest at the edge of the clear area. They where about to reach them when the monster disguised as a teacher appeared and demanded that Nico and Bianca follow him as he headed out into the woods. The two demigods followed looking confused, Orion cursed and desperately sent the image of what was happening to Hermione who paused in the crowed before abruptly snapping into action and diving through. Even then they were two far away, they would never get there in time, the demigods and the monster were already several hundred yards into the forest. Orion folded back his wings and dived weaving through the trees to where the monster had led them.

He was going to have to time this perfectly he though bursting into a small clearing just as the monster began to loose its human guise and flared his wings open coming in straight over the kids heads, breaking midair and shifting back to his human for as he did so, sword already in hand and landed on the ground between them and a...Chimera? Crap. He thought bringing his sword up, he wasn't quite good enough with a blade to fight a chimera on his own. "Listen you two I know this is crazy but I need to you do exactly what I say, RUN my sisters will find you and explain now GO!" He yelled throwing a crackling bolt of lightning at the chimera which launched a volley of spikes in response, he snapped his shield open deflecting the spikes and throwing another bolt at the monster as the two kids did the smart thing and ran, which only served to irritate the chimaera further. He may be able to match Zeus for fire power in his dragon form but it was another story entirely in his demigod one, the monster was just shaking off his attacks. He stood his ground however he needed to buy them time to get away.

Bianca dashed through the woods dragging her brother behind her, she had no idea what the hell was going on but that thing looked like it was about to eat them, then a giant bird comes flying in and turns into some guy with a sword yelling at them to run and starts throwing lighting around? This was defiantly going on the books as one of the weirdest nights of her life. Two girls appeared in her path a moment later causing her to nearly plowed into them. "Whoa!" called the shorter of the two in waving her off. "We've been looking for you two!" She said looking relived.

"You need to come with us your in danger all right? Theres a..." Bianca cut the second girl of.

"Giant monster that wants to eat us?" She finish grimacing they two girls blinked.

"Um ya actually, How?..." She trailed off looking puzzled.

"Some bird flew in and changed into a guy and attacked it." She answered.

"It was a Chimera!" Chimed Nico grinning they all blinked at him and Hermonie cursed.

"Shit! Thalia get them back to the Akhet! Ill go help Orion." Said the older looking of the two as she dashed passed them to where they could now clearly hear the sounds of fighting, punctuated by the odd explosion. Thalia looked back at them clearly pissed at being left out of the fight but not disagreeing.

"Come on you two we've gotta get out of here!" She said nodding to the East, Bianca hesitated and looked down at her brother. Go with them, said a voice in her mind and she nodded to herself that voice had never steered her wrong.

"All right." She said Nico cheered as they took off running.

"This is so cool!" He said happily bounding after his sister as Thalia led the way. 10 minutes later there was an explosion behind them followed by a massive roar that Thalia knew well. Looks like they had to resort to extremes to get rid of the chimera without getting hurt she thought. Hearing the distinct buzz of the wind off Orions wings a moment later as he flew by over head. Bianca and Nico ducked looking terrified, Thalia just smiled reassuringly at them.

"Its all right, that was Orion, an eagles not the only thing he can turn into." She said they both stared at her like she was crazy. Thalia sighed and tugged them onward whether the monster was gone or not they needed to get out of the area. She had a feeling that there were more then just that chimera to worry about out here.

A startled yell behind her a moment later confirmed this. "NICO!" Yelled Bianca Thalia spun around just as a hydra lunged out of the trees separating them from Nico who scrambled away with with a yell. Three of the Hydra heads went after Nico the rest, the fire breathing one included, attacked her and Bianca. Thalia's eyes glowed slightly as she charged her blade with electricity and slashed one the Hydras heads off as it made a grab for her. Which was exactly what the hydra wanted.

Thalia just smirked though as the Hydra looked at the smoking stump of its fire breathing head. The lightning in her sword had burned the stump as she cut the head off preventing it from growing back. With a laugh she jumped again taking off another head before the Hydra realized what was going on and backpedaled. She shot a look Nico's way and did a double take, standing over a terrified looking Nico was a massive hellhound, it was easily twice the size of the once that had attack her Annabeth, and Luke all those years ago, and it was defending Nico! She stared incredulously at this, as it slashed at one of the attacking heads with foot long talons the thing was the size of a tank! AND IT WAS HELPING THEM! What the fuck was going on?


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