Narrator POV

Bella (virgin 17 year old human) and Edward (Virgin vampire who is stuck at the age of 17) have just gotten back from Edward's meadow for the first time. Bella and Charlie have just eaten dinner, while Edward is waiting patiently in Bella's bedroom. After dinner Bella excuses herself stating that she is extremely tired and would like to take a shower and go to bed. Charlie tells her good night and that he was going to go to bed as well. Bella takes a shower, brushes her teeth and dresses for bed (underwear and a night shirt) and heads to her bedroom. Charlie has already gone to his room and is currently trying to sleep.

Bella's POV

"Is my dad finally asleep?"

"Yes he went to bed about 20 minutes ago, from his thoughts he decided not to go check on you and just let you sleep because he thought you looked a little tired"

"That's good. You know that I wasn't actually tired I just said that to my dad so that he would leave me alone and I could have some privacy with you."

"I figured as much. You didn't seem that tired when I left you downstairs to await your father's arrival. It was quite boring having to hear you but not being able to see you. You dad has very interesting thoughts I might add."

"Sorry if you were bored, I myself couldn't wait to see you again. What was my dad thinking?"

"Well let's just say he is curious why you seem so happy all of a sudden and was confused when you told him that there isn't a boy you are interested in town. It was quite funny. He was thinking several things, you were lying to him and that you have a secret boyfriend that you don't want him finding out about, you are not interested in boys but like girls instead and are afraid to tell him, you are dating a girl and don't want to tell him, or none of the above and he is afraid that you will never find someone special."

"Oh that must have been funny. I don't my dad has to worry that I am or will be dating a girl, or that I will never find someone special. I wasn't exactly lying to him, you don't exactly live in town, but I guess I was lying about a secret boyfriend part if that is what you are too me. I guess I am happy."

"Well I would love to be your boyfriend if you were to be my girlfriend. What are you happy about?"

"Silly, I am happy because of you and I would love to be your girlfriend."

"Oh, you really shouldn't be happy about me but at the same time I am happy that I have you… So I was thinking there was something I wanted to try, seeing as I am becoming accustomed to your heavenly scent"

Before I could answer him he took my face in his hands again much like he did in the meadow causing me to momentarily stop breathing.

"Remember to breathe love." He chuckled.

"Oh sorry, you just dazzle me"

"I dazzle you?"

"Yes you do."

"I think it's the other way around. Anyway where were we? Oh, right."

As he lean in towards me he momentarily hesitated in order to test himself and to see if it was safe and that he was still in control and that I was still remembering to breathe which I was. And then his cold, marble lips pressed ever so softly against mine. What neither of us was prepared for was what happened next. My fingers knotted in his hair, clutching him to me as the kiss started soft and steady until it gradually became more urgent.

I thought for sure Edward would stop but as it turns out neither of us wanted things to end. I took a chance and opened my eyes and saw that Edwards's eyes were onyx not from hunger but from pure lust. I am sure my eyes mirrored his because I was lost in my own lust not to mention his vampire senses picking up my ever increasing arousal.

Both Edward and I soon found ourselves naked and Edward silently asking for permission to enter me. I answered him by giving him a passionate kiss on the lips. At first there was pain but soon the pain turned into pleasure and I never wanted it to end. I kept begging Edward to go deeper and faster which he complied with every request and this continued until we both reached our peak and rode out our orgasms. When our bodies finally relaxed we spend several minutes staring at each other before Edward broke the silence.

"God that felt so good I never thought I would ever experience something as wonderful as making love to a beautiful woman as you"

With that I felt myself blush a few shades of red.

"No reason to be embarrassed love, you are beautiful. I hope you don't mind me calling you love"

"No I don't mind you calling me love and thanks for telling me that I am beautiful"

"Your welcomed love and I guess I have more control than I thought, although I didn't except to give into you so easily though." He chuckled

"I had a feeling that you would never hurt me. I too never expected to go this far so quickly but there is no way I am complaining."

"Me neither, love. Although it's too late say this but the era I am from we got married before we had sex but I guess my dormant teenage hormones resurfaced and overpowered my sensibilities and my upbringing, although like I said before I agree with you I am not complaining. I would like however like to make an honest woman out of you eventually"

"Well to tell you the truth, my mother Rene has somewhat tainted my views on marriage seeing as she is on her second and has instilled negative views, and my father still believes that he is infatuated with Rene and I fear that he will never get married. So to make the story short my views of marriage are somewhat influenced by my parents, but now that I think about it I am not opposed to marriage completely, I am just not sure if I want to get married until I am a little older, not much older seeing that you are forever 17. My ideas could change, who knows maybe I wouldn't mind marrying you sooner or later."

"So if I were to ask you, you would say yes." Edward said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Yes I suppose I would say yes eventually. Edward I already feel like I have known you for years if that is even possible."

"I feel the same way love. Anyway now that I am acting like a hormonal teenager I am not opposed to a repeat of what we did tonight." He said while kissing my forehead.

"Me either."

"I guess there were some casualties of our love making now that I look around the room."

"At least the casualty wasn't me, but why are their feathers all over the room. I didn't know my pillows had that many feathers. What am I going to tell my dad when he wakes up, that my room exploded?"

"I will help you clean it up your dad will never know. But as for the feathers, would you rather I have bit you causing you to either die or change into a vampire before your ready or would you rather I bit the pillows instead."

"I guess you right, not ready to become one of you quite yet and dying isn't an option."

"That's good because I want you to remain human as much as possible since human experiences are quite different from vampire experiences."

"Oh, I understand."

We kissed some more and made love several more times before I started to yawn.

"You should get some rest I will be here when you wake up in the morning." Edward said while kissing her forehead.

"Hey Edward"


"I love you"

"I love you too sweetheart. Now get some rest, would you like me to hum you a lullaby that I have been working on."

"Yes please" With that Edward hummed a lullaby while she drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

That night I dreamt of two beautiful girls one with brunette hair and brown eyes, and one with bronze hair and a combination of green and brown eyes. I also dreamt of a handsome boy with bronze hair and green eyes. From what I can tell they looked related to me somewhat or related to Edward not sure why though. Vampires can't procreate can they; I suppose it is possible. What am I thinking this is just too weird, whatever the case may be I wouldn't mind meeting those beautiful children. They are so cute and appeared to be very happy, never considered me becoming a mother since I practically raised myself.