These Blue Eyes

Chapter 5

It was a beautiful fall day in New Jersey. The setting is at a church where a man older than 50 stood with one of his colleagues. The older man was wearing a black tuxedo with a red bowtie.

"Big day, House," said the man next to him. It was Eric Foreman and he was wearing a black tuxedo with a green tie. "Are you ready?"

"I've been ready since day one." House was looking in the mirror, looking at his cane. He always knew that his significant other was into this type of traditional stuff and when Wilson insisted they had it at a church rather than a synagogue they ended up at a church.

No one cared that these two men were getting married, they were just happy for them without end. Cameron was a little upset, but then got over herself. A little 5 year-old came bustling through the door and flung herself at House nearly knocking him over.

"Housey!" she cried and hugged him tightly.

"Felicity," he smiled sincerely, he never realized how much he could love this little thing. "Call me Dad or Greg or something, Housey is a little strange." Foreman snickered happily and stood next to his friend.

"Dad," she tested out the word and House rolled his eyes and then picked up the light child. She still was doing chemotherapy, just in case, but she was doing very well.

"You're lucky," House spun around and noticed that Foreman wasn't there anymore. Instead, leaning against the doorframe, messing with his cuffs was James Wilson.

"Am I," House asked and set the girl down who hung tightly onto his bad leg. "Easy there, kiddo." She apologized. "Tell me why I'm lucky?" And then Wilson was moving into the room and stepped right in front of House.

"Because you look better in this thing than me."

"Well this is your 5th time wearing it." Wilson frowned, "Kidding, it's true, but it's going to be your last."

"I know," he smiled and then leaned forward.

"You don't want to save it for the vows?"

"Do I have to wait?"




"Fine," he sighed and then House left pecking the shorter man's cheek lightly and whispered "Tonight" lightly in his ear which made Wilson shudder a bit. "Just you and me, baby," he spoke to his daughter.

"Yeah," she said happily, "I'm really excited for you Daddy."

"Thanks, I'm happy for your consent." And since she was a very brilliant child she said:

"You always have it." He kissed her lightly on the cheek and then walked her out the door. He stood with Cuddy who was giving Felicity a basket of flowers. Cuddy was wearing a light pink dress that was as tight as normal.

"You ready," she asked.

"I've always been." She then leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

"Good luck." She then paused, "don't even worry, you'll do great." She then slipped into the hall and into a seat near the middle next to Lucas and Rachel.

It wasn't a wedding like Wilson had recalled. This would be different and instead of his wife walking to him, he'd be walking to his husband. He then heard the faint sound of music and stepped back until he saw his father and mother standing in the back.

"You'll do great, son," Mr. Wilson said as he squeezed his shoulder. "We've always liked, Greg. And we support your decisions."

"Thanks, Dad," he said and his mother dried her eyes with a tissue, she was happy too. She was smiling brightly. They then left him alone and they walked into the Church and sat next to Blythe House. He took a deep breath and Felicity gave him a thumbs-up.

The doors then opened and she walked happily down the aisle. Wilson took a look in the mirror, he was practically glowing. He then stepped around the corner and headed down the aisle. He walked on top of the rose petals that his daughter had been throwing down; he was giddy and embarrassed, but in a good way. He looked at House, who was holding his hands in front of him. He was smiling at Wilson, love filling eyes with every step Wilson took.

He heard some sniffles from the audience. He knew that Cuddy was crying, he briefly looked at Olivia, Jordyn Mooney, Remy and Cameron who all wore different bright dress colors of light blue for Remy, Jordyn in dark blue, yellow for Olivia and pink for Cameron. Foreman, Chase, Taub and Wilson's colleagues from work were sitting in front of them wearing nice suits and were looking happy as well.

When he walked passed the parents they looked really happy too, Blythe House was crying and Mrs. Wilson wouldn't stop crying, his father looked very proud as if he thought House was the right choice all along.

He then reached House who held out his hand for Wilson to take and he took it. They walked/limped forward and then stood facing each other. They never stopped smiling.

The Justice of the Peace began and the whole church quiet with anticipation and hope and happiness. It was a pretty short ceremony because House had complained a little about having to stand too long with a busted leg. About 30 minutes later the Justice of the Peace stopped talking to let the men say their vows. There were faint sobs from audience.

"James Wilson, do you take Gregory House to be your husband?"

"I do."

"Gregory House, do you take James Wilson to be your husband?"

"You bet I do."

"Gregory House you may kiss your husband." And with that House leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the oncologist's waist. Wilson wrapped his arms around the other's neck and then House pressed his lips against Wilson's and there were cheers from the crowd. Everyone was standing and the male doctors were whooping and cheering with the female doctors.

When the two broke apart Wilson blushed and House received his cane in his right hand and held Wilson's hand with his left. House lifted up their intertwined hands and the cheering got louder and Wilson laughed happily and leaned to kiss his husband again. House smiled brightly and then they led the way out of the church.

Comments are welcome. I end with something like a wedding because the whole House-trying-to-kill-himself thing was sad, so I made a happy ending. (:

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