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Zuko's POV

I paced the deck of my ship in full self-loathing mode. The crew knew the signs by now, so they stayed out of sight. Only my foolish Uncle would see me when I was like this. But right now even he was absent, probably doing something with his beloved tea. With an anguished cry I shot fire out of my right fist, not even bothering to turn and see what it was that I had set ablaze. I could have been a crewmember for all I knew, but I felt no regret. Not regret, no mercy, no guilt. Those were my policies. They kept my on top of my game. But for what? For the slim chance that I would capture the Avatar and regain my honor? The task seemed impossible, which was probably why my father gave it to me. He didn't really want me back, after all he had Azula, the perfect fire princess. With another cry I kicked out and sent a whip of fire out of my foot. All the training in the world couldn't restore my honor, though, nor could it gain me the love and respect I craved from my father.

"Prince Zuko." My Uncles voice shook my out of my trance and I was almost glad to hear his voice. Almost.

"What is it?" I asked in monotone, not bothering to turn around. The cold air whipped around my bare chest. Just moments earlier I had been training, that was until I spiraled into such a rage that not even my bravest men would spar with me.

"We picked up someone who we found floating in the ocean." He replied in a calm voice. I looked at him over my left shoulder, staring at him out of my scarred eye.

"Why would you do that?" I turned to face him fully, feeling my anger double.

"Because she is from the Fire Nation."

"As if I care!" I roared. "As if I still felt any loyalty to that Nation! As if I need a stray Fire Nation girl aboard my ship!" My Uncles calm gaze rattled my bones, it always did, but I never let him know that. I went back to the front of the ship and gazed out over the rough water. "Get her off my ship. By any means necessary."

"Prince Zuko!" My Uncle gasped. "Surely you do not mean what you say!" I glanced back at him. "To throw a young lady overboard! I will not have it!"

"Do whatever you want." I finally replied with a sigh. "I'm tired, I'm going to bed." I brushed past my Uncle and was almost inside the ship when I felt his hand on my shoulder.

"Zuko." He came closer and whispered in my ear. My eyes widened at his words, it couldn't be!I gave my Uncle a grave nod before continuing to my room.

My room was the perfect Fire Nation room. The large bed was draped in all red silk, the walls were made of metal with Fire Nation banners hung everywhere possible. I had a large red dresser in one corner and a red desk in the other. On the left side of my room were to red doors that lead to my red bathroom. Everywhere I went I was surrounded by red, the color of fire. I trudged inside my personal haven and began to peel off my sweaty pants, leaving me only in a pair of boxers, which were red. I threw the clothing too the side, grabbed some black pajamas, and began heading to my bathroom when I heard a girly snicker.

"What are you doing?" Came a female voice from behind me. I turned slowly to face the very girl that I had had a previous conversation with my Uncle about. She had shoulder length black hair with straight bangs, a thin nose and chin, full lips, and piercing green eyes rimmed with dark lashes. She was perched on my bed, the silk sheets wrapped around her because she had nothing on underneath.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I replied in a low voice. "I'm about to take a shower in my bathroom. The real question is what are you doing in my bed?"

"I don't know." The girl who looked around my age stood, taking the sheet with her. "I just woke up and here, and I was naked by the way." She added with an accusing glare.

"Don't look at me!" I shouted, my patience wearing thin. "I haven't even seen you before now! My men fished you out of the freezing ocean and probably took your clothes so you wouldn't die of hypothermia, you ungrateful brat!" The girl looked a little shocked at the story she was just told, but then a moment later it was as if she just got over it.

"Oh, I see. Well, thank you for saving me." She bowed lowly but never broke eye contact, as if reminding me of who she was, what she could do.

"What's your name." I grumbled, not replying to her thanks. No regret, no mercy, no guilt.

The green-eyed girl straightened up from her bow at the waist and boldly stuck out her right hand. "Zephina. But you can call me Zeph for short."

I glared at her hand. "Good to know." Without another word I turned and strode to my bathroom, slamming the door behind me just as Zeph called out "Do you think they'll bring my clothes back soon?".

A frustrated sigh broke my lips. Oh, how I longed to just throw her overboard! But I couldn't, even if my Uncle was okay with it. Because Zeph would kill me, after all she was a green-eyed firebender.