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Divergence Point

"He's dead." The clown sadly said as he put a ball on a mound of earth.

"He's covered in bruises." The brown haired child beside him drawled.



It was not his habit to eavesdrop on casual conversations…

But the tone of the child's voice…

It was…




"Cosimo probably did this because the audience likes you better than him."

The clown continued sadly.

"He hates anything that's better than him. So he beat you up."

"He was an old dog."

The boy countered.

"He probably wouldn't last that much longer any way."



Such cynicism

For one so young

But it is a fact

Told candidly and

Without remorse.



"It's all right."

The clown said particularly to no one.

"You're not gonna get revenge?"

The boy asked,

His tone seemed to expect something.

"No, I'll get thrown out of circus if I do that."

The clown then offered a short prayer for the deceased dog.


The boy walked away exasperatedly.

He walked past him,

An innocent bystander in the street.



It was then that he got a good look of his face

Decorated with bruises here and there.

But the most captivating were his eyes.

His cold gray eyes.

Eyes devoid of life.






He silently followed the boy out of curiosity

And anticipation.



The boy has potential.



They reached a bakeshop,

Where the boy knocked on the door.

The baker gave him something,

A piece of bread and nothing more.

Then he walked again on the streets

And sat at an empty corner

Beside a building.

While he stayed behind the shadows.



The boy was nibbling on his food

When a commotion happened in front of him.

A girl was crying, shouting at the two boys around her.

Taunting her,

Keeping her ragged doll hostage.

"Give her back!"

She jumped to take it but the boy just pulled it out of her reach

While the other pushed her into the pavement.

"Give me back Julia!"

"Julia? What a stupid name." the boy said.

"But I guess it's okay, since you're a stupid girl anyway." The other added.

And they laughed

And laughed

At the girl's tears.

"Give her back. Please. Give her back."

The girl was sobbing uncontrollably.

The boy's looked at each other.

Then their faces broke into a huge grin.


They answered

And the girl's face was lit.

But then it turned to horror

As she watched the boys grabbed each of Julia's arms.

And they ripped her to little pieces.

Cotton and fabric falling on the ground.

Then they threw it in front of her.

"Here is your stupid doll!"

She cried and cried

As she gathered the pieces of her beloved Julia.

But the boys never looked back

And went on

Laughing and laughing

For the fun they had at her expense.



He sighed.

Even if still young,

People is already capable of evil


But true.

He thought as he watched the scene that had unfold.

But then he turned his attention back to the young brunette

And was intrigued at what he saw.



The boy was just sitting almost expressionlessly.

He looked bored to be precise.

The little girl looked at him

Eyes asking "Why didn't you do anything?"

He just gazed at her smugly

And then she ran after crying "Mean!"

The boy just shrugged

And wiped away the bread crumbs from his lips.




He emerged from his hideout

Then sat beside the boy

On the empty sidewalk.

The young brunette eyed him critically,

Then scooted a bit farther for safety.



There was silence

And the boy fidgeted.

"What do you want?"

He asked airily.

He just gave the boy a curious look.

"I'm just sitting."

He replied simply.

Gray eyes narrowed.

"But why here?"

The brunette asked defensively.

"Why? Is there something wrong here?"

He asked plainly.




And the boy looked away, lips pursed into an angry line.



He looked up and saw gray skies.

Looks like there's going to be some snow.



The boy stared off in the distance,

Hiding his discomfort about his presence.

And he's hiding it good.




"You live alone?"

He broke the silence.

The boy glanced at him, surprised.




He pried.



"I live alone."

The boy finally admitted.



"Your parents died?"

"No, I never had any."



Such a peculiar answer.



"You live in an orphanage?"


He peered at the boy.

"I just live here. In the streets."

Feeling that his eyes were still on him, the child added.

"It's better in here than that place."

He looked away.



Silence followed as both of them processed

The mundane yet not so mundane conversation they had.



"I saw you a while back."

He started again.


"Watching those children."

The boy still just hummed.

"Why didn't you help the little girl?"

He asked.

The boy retorted.

"You were also there, so why didn't help her as well?"




Then he smacked the child upside in the head.

"Ouch! That hurts!"

The boy held the back of his head.

"I asked first, impolite little brat! So you answer first!"

The child glared at him but answered anyway.

"Why should I help her? It will just end up like that anyway."

"I've seen it before and the endings are just the same."

"No matter what I do…it will just end the same way."



Such jaded view on things

But it could be rectified along the way.

"Now your turn, I answered your stupid question. Now answer mine!"

He smacked him in the head again.

He had to learn some manners too.

"Talk to me with respect!"

The boy nursed his once again bruised head.

He crossed his arms in chest,

Hiding his hands beneath his poncho.

"I'm just an observer. I don't actively involve myself in such things."

The boy just stared at him.

Perhaps trying to fully understand his words.



The boy has potential.

He can state a fact without the influence of emotions.

He has good observation skills.

He seemed to be already detached to the world,

Leaving him unbiased when watching the scenes that unfold in his eyes.

He's good at hiding his feelings as well.

He may be a bit too pessimistic…

But he's still a very strong potential.



"Would you like to come with me?"

He asked as he stood up.

The boy gawked at him.


"Would you like to come with me and see the world? To see everything and understand. To be the recorders of events that would lead to a different tomorrow. "



The young brunette snorted. Unimpressed.

"No way. I'm already fine on my own and what do you mean a different tomorrow? That's stupid. Everything in the world is the same! Everything will always be the same!"

Gray eyes glimmered with a bit more life than before.

The old man smiled benignly at him.

"Everything is not the same, brat. But then, why don't you travel with me and prove me wrong?"

The child's eyes focused on him.


No matter how jaded he is,

He is still a child at heart.

"You're on! Old man!"

He smacked the brunette in the head again.

And he knows he will continue doing so for the rest of his life…

Or at least until the all of the lessons are learned and drilled in the boy's head enough.

"Come on. We need to find warm food and a good place to stay."

He started walking with the child following him.

And that was how Bookman found his apprentice.

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