I live!

Sorry if all of you felt like the story has been abandoned. School had been in the way. I've also done some research so the story will be of better quality. I just got out of my writer's block (finally) too.

This story will be edited. From it's fragmented style, I'll turn it into a fully written one. Earlier chapters will be replaced and the succeeding chapters will follow the new format. Hopefully, none of you will be disappointed with the change. I just think that the story will be better that way.

I'm starting to write the chapters. I'll resume updating by December. By then, I'll probably have pre-written enough chapters to be able to update regularly.

Again, I'm sorry for this little inconvenience. And thank you for adding this story to your faves and alerts. Wish me luck and I promise, I won't abandon this fic.

- Moyashi- neechan