One. Two. One. Two. Clary's mind raced as she took the steps two at a time. She was almost late for an important meeting with the Shadowhunters. Robert and Marsye were going to have her hide, she was sure of it.
Suddenly, she tripped and right before she fell, she felt arms around her.
"Careful." Jace said with a smirk.
"Why aren't you at the meeting?" She asked as he helped her to straighten up.
"Ah, just thought I'd be a little late."
"Why? Robert and Marsye will skin you alive!"
"I've done plenty of things like this and I still have my skin. Come on." He said, intertwining their fingers.
She sighed and allowed him to lead her to the meeting hall.

Jace helped Clary sneak into the meeting and they were almost there when hands closed on each of their shoulders.
Clary shrieked and Jace took out his stele, whirling around.
"You're so easy to scare, Clary." Angelica laughed.
Both of the teens let out a breath.
"I thought you were one of the Lightwoods." Clary breathed.
"Nah, I'm just a Downworlder."
Jace returned his stele to his pocket. "What's going on in the meeting?"
Angelica shrugged. "Nothing really. They're just discussing what to do when the fight comes on."
"Who are we up against?" Clary asked.
"Forsaken. I don't-"
Suddenly, a portal opened up and they heard screaming from within. Afterwards, they were knocked to the ground as six people fell on top of them...

*In England*
Will had always loved England. He didn't know if it was the rainy skies or the smell of the ocean, but he loved it.
"What do you think of this one?" He asked his best friend Jem, holding up an orange.
"Will, you don't even like oranges." Jem replied, leaning on his cane for support.
"I know, but Tessa does."
Jem chuckled and Will glared at him. "What?"
"Still pining after her?" Jem inquired.
"I'm not pining after anyone." Will growled. "Come on. Let's go back to the Institute."

*At the Institute*

"Will, Jem! Henry just about blew up his lab while you were gone." Jess said, annoyed.
"And we care why?" Will asked, hanging his soaked jacket up.
"Just thought you'd like to go see what the mindless buffoon did this time."
"Really. I'd like to see what he did."
Just then, Henry ran upstairs. "Guys, you have to come see this."
They exchanged glances and walked down to his basement. Charlotte was already there.
"Henry, what is this?" She asked.
"I think I've made a time machine." He said.
"A WHAT?" Tessa exclaimed, walking into the room.
Will took a sharp breath as she stopped next to him.
"Watch." Henry pulled a string and the machine came to life. Suddenly, a portal appeared and began sucking everyone into it.
"HENRY!" They all screamed as they were pulled into it.
Then, they were flying through time and space. Will had a tight grip on Tessa and she was clinging to him like he was a lifeline. He saw light on the other side and then people.
We're going to land on them. He thought before he was thrown into them.
He saw a blonde haired boy look up.
"What, in the name of the angel-" was all he managed to get out before Will landed on him.