A/N: I was inspired to write my own after reading Akashathekitty's The Bracelet, so a lot of thanks goes to her for showing me the greater things in life. :) Also, a shout out to my lovely Betas, Paolo & Oliy, who listened to me prattle about how to go about writing the sex scene. This is my first Draco/Hermione Fanfiction and it was basically supposed to be a Christmas present to myself (though, I couldn't get it all out on e-paper on time so it's a little late) It's a one-shot broken up into 4 chapters for the sake of the change in setting and perspective. So without further ado, please enjoy.

"Just a moment," Professor McGonagall called out from behind her desk.

Shit. Draco thought to himself, as he hastily threw his books into his bag and attempted to make a run for it. There were still a few students left in the room copying down notes. If only he could—

"Mr. Malfoy."

Draco hesitantly came to a stop. He had nearly made it out of the classroom too. Old hag. Nothing slipped past her, did it? He willed himself to about face and reluctantly placed one foot in front of the other until he had reached the large wooden desk where Professor McGonagall sat peering at him from beneath her spectacles.

Draco averted his eyes, fixing his gaze on a spot on the wooden desk that suddenly required his undivided attention. Couldn't the old witch just ask him and be done with it already? It was a constant reminder that he had not only been unsuccessful in trying to mend the vanishing cabinet but had now also made it painstakingly obvious that he were up to something.

"Do you have something for me?" She asked finally, her expression unwavering as she waited for a response.

Draco sighed heavily before pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers. "No." He muttered under his breath.

"I beg your pardon?" Professor McGonagall inquired again, though they both already knew the answer.

"No." He repeated, allowing his hand to slowly drop from his face.

For a moment, she said nothing.

"Mr. Malfoy, you are becoming more and more neglectful with your school work. You have been given multiple opportunities to make up for the lost work and still you do nothing. It is as if you've given up on trying completely." She lectured, "Quite frankly, I'm not sure what is going on nor is it my business to ask but I specifically recall you being quite good in Transfiguration."

Draco fought the urge to roll his eyes. He had more than enough on his plate already and he certainly didn't need to be reprimanded for poor school work. It was the least of his worries...it was almost amusing.

"You find this amusing, Mr. Malfoy?" McGonagall asked suddenly, mirroring his thoughts.

It was then that he realized that his mouth had unknowingly pulled into a smirk. It dropped just as quickly as it had formed on his face.

"Not at all, Professor." Draco replied bitterly, doing his best to look anywhere but at the old bat.

Professor McGonagall sighed and it seemed to stretch on for days before she shifted her focus to stare at something across the room.

"It has become evident to me that perhaps what you need is a little more motivation." She disclosed. "Miss Granger?"

At the mention of the name, Draco's head immediately whipped up to follow McGonagall's gaze. Sure enough, there sat the little creature of dirt herself, quill pressed against a piece of parchment in mid note-taking.

Granger seemed almost as perplexed as he did himself but after a few moments, she slowly got up from where she was seated and walked over.

"Yes, Professor?" Hermione replied, doing her absolute best not to acknowledge the nauseating Blonde figure beside her.

"Mr. Malfoy has been falling behind in Transfiguration class." Professor McGonagall mused.

At first, Hermione wasn't sure as how to respond. Had she been called all the way over here just to be told something she could very well care less about? She quickly snuck a glance at Malfoy, who seemed utterly confused himself. However, upon catching her gaze, he wrinkled his nose in disgust and looked away.

"If you continue to keep this up, there is no guarantee that you will pass the class this year." McGonagall stated, turning her attention to Malfoy. "And so for the next month, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps you need…a tutor." She said slowly before allowing her gaze to shift to Hermione.

It was as if Hermione had been kneed in the stomach, for all she was capable of doing was sucking in a sharp breath. It seemed to have found its way over to a very tense Malfoy, whose grey eyes were now as wide as saucers.

"But Professor, I can't—I have…I have prefect duties!" Hermione sputtered, frantically raking her mind for every possible excuse she could find. The mere thought of having to spend another minute, let alone an entire month with the egotistical bigot made her cringe.

"If I remember correctly, Malfoy is also a prefect. I'm sure you two can put your after hours privileges to good studying use." Professor McGonagall countered.

"But, I…he—wouldn't that interfere with the Prefect schedule? We have to do rounds! Especially since we're on such high alert!" Hermione jabbered, her face scrunching up in distress.

She noticed that Malfoy had gone awfully quiet and wondered why he hadn't taken the opportunity to intervene or make a jab at her "inferiority" by now.

"I will talk to Professor Dumbledore and arrange for a change in the schedule tonight. I'm sure the other Prefects will have no problem with handling your rounds for the next couple of weeks." McGonagall replied coolly.

Hermione opened her mouth to say something, anything, but closed it again once she realized that it was a lost cause.

"I'll do the essays. Detention. Anything." Malfoy wavered, seeming to have found his voice again.

"I can add the essays and detention on top of the tutoring, if that is your wish, Mr. Malfoy." She mused, her icy blue eyes daring him to respond.

Malfoy looked away and Hermione noticed that his hand had balled so tightly into a fist that his knuckles were now white. She could almost feel the anger resonating from him before he readjusted his bag and stormed out of the classroom.

"It's settled then." Professor McGonagall concluded, turning her attention to a set of papers in front of her. "I expect a progress report on his performance within the next two weeks, Miss Granger." She commented, not bothering to look up at Hermione.

When it became evident that McGonagall would not spend another moment discussing the matter, Hermione dismissed herself, slowly walking back to her desk to pack her things. She didn't even bother to copy the last couple of sentences on the board that she had failed to get down. She couldn't think straight. She couldn't think at all. An entire month tutoring Malfoy? Her stomach twisted at the thought and she quickly exited the classroom before any more thinking could make her breakfast reappear.