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Takashina Mai. The unluckiest girl on the planet. AKA Atobe Keigo's girlfriend.

It was the first day of the new semester and I was almost happy that I was back in school. Almost. There was something off about today. Nothing bad had happened to me yet. Something bad always happened to me on the first day back to school.

The day was almost over and I was beginning to think that my luck had finally taken a turn for the better when he showed up. I was doing nothing wrong, I tell you! I was in his way he argued. In his way my ass!

Now, before I show up at his doorstep and shove that precious tennis racquet of his where it really belongs, here's how it went. How this crap situation of mine started.

"It was nice seeing you again, Mai-hime." Yuushi called to me as he stepped into the hallway. I looked up from where I was putting away my things and smiled at him. Handsome wouldn't cut it if I were to describe him but we were friends and he wasn't my type. Yes, dear fangirls, Oshitari Yuushi was not my type. Cry me a river.

I watched as he disappeared down the hall and slung my bookbag onto my shoulder, ready to leave. So far, so good. It looked like I was finally going to get through the first day back without any major incidents like last term's coffee out the window mishap.

It was the first tennis club practice of the term and the halls were almost empty except for the occasional straggler. At least it meant no one to embarrass myself in front of if I did do something stupid. After all, tennis didn't quite interest me especially with my athletic skills, I wouldn't be able to tell a tennis ball from a ping-pong ball. I'm so sorry, dear Yuushi-kun.

Sighing at my lack of athleticism, I rounded a corner and landed on my behind when I collided with none other than the almighty tennis club captain himself, Atobe Keigo. Apologizing absently, I rubbed the sore spot on my butt that I was sure was going to bruise later. And well, me being me, it took me a few seconds to realize that he was who he was when he looked over his shoulder anxiously before picking me up unceremoniously and scowling. "You're in ore-sama's way."

I frowned. What the hell was that for? He was just as much at fault as I was! And seriously, "ore-sama?"

"Atobe-san," I started, irritated. He looked at me suddenly; seemingly startled at my use of his name because he cringed when I said it again.

"Stop saying that." He deadpanned, taking a few steps towards the window and peering outside. He was acting weird. We weren't very close to begin with. I always thought he was kind of a jerk and wanted nothing to do with him even if he was Yuushi's best friend and I guess I wasn't important enough to bother with anyway. For that I was thankful.

I scowled back at him. "Say what? It's your name, isn't it?" I bit out. "A-TO-BE-SA-," I began to say loudly until he slapped a hand over my mouth and looked around with the same expression as earlier.

"Shut up, woman." He hissed quietly. I glared at him over his hand and was about to pull it away when I heard a shout down the hall. The two of us turned simultaneously towards the sound and saw a girl pointing eagerly at Atobe. Fangirl alert. When she turned away from us, I barely registered Atobe pulling me against his front, hand still on my mouth and jerking me towards a closet conveniently located next to us. Too shocked to scream, however useless it was with his hand still on my mouth, one thought crossed my mind before we were engulfed in darkness. So much for no major incidents.

The closet was cramped and dark and I was fast getting angry at the situation. The sounds of fangirls scurrying about outside filtered through the door and I somehow managed a smirk despite it all. Atobe Keigo was hiding from a bunch of girls!

With my body pressed against his so closely, it was uncomfortable – hello, personal space! – and I could hear him cursing silently next to my ear. The way he was holding me allowed no movement to my arms and, briefly realizing his hand was still on my mouth, I did the first thing that came to mind. I bit him.

That prompted another string of curses to fly from his lips, a little louder this time, and he stepped away from me with a hiss of pain. I stumbled in the darkness for the doorknob and when guessed I found it when my fingers clenched around cool metal. Turning around, I gave him my best glare even though he couldn't see it. "What the hell was that, Atobe?" I turned the doorknob quickly but before I could shove it open, I heard Atobe say something akin to 'Don't open the door!' before he slammed into me with a little more force than I expected and sent both of us tumbling to the floor a second time.

An angry fangirl looking down on you is not the best sight to get out of a cramped closet to, I soon learned. I pushed myself up on my forearms and was surprised when Atobe helped me the rest of the way, keeping his grip on my arm even when I was settled on my feet.

"Keigo-sama, what is the meaning of this?" The fangirl whined in her annoying high-pitched voice. I winced and so did Atobe.

I rounded on him, "What is the meaning of this?" My eyes flared. He seemed to look thoughtful for a moment, taking in all the stares and glares we – mostly me – were getting. Before anything else happened, his lips were on mine, his hand tugging firmly on my arm.

Atobe Keigo was kissing me.

As much as that thought disturbed me, I could almost say I enjoyed it but I couldn't be sure because his lips were gone before I could form a coherent thought. All feeling left me as I stared dazedly at his heated blue eyes and I couldn't help but listen to what he said next, his lips brushing against mine ever so lightly with every single syllable. Shock numbed my every limb, whether at the kiss or the declaration I'll never know.

Because you know what he said? He said, and I quote, "Ladies, this is my girlfriend."


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