Chapter 1- Arcana Cabana

2000 A.D

Wynn P.O.V:

I sighed as I got on the muggle bus. I missed the Knight Bus, but as long as my mom was in muggle Manhattan, so was I. I patted my pocket making sure my wand was still there. You see I am a witch, and because of the war you could never be too careful.

As I was saying I'm a witch and I graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry two years earlier than my other peers. Making me 15, turning 16 soon. Thankfully they bended the 'no magic till your 17 rule', because I'm at the same level as 17 year olds.

But my mother thought it was more safe in America, so I left with her and my father stayed with my sister. Luna. So now, I'm in muggle high school, grade 10, and it's the worst place any witch or wizard could ever be in.

The students are a lot like the ones a Hogwarts. You have the stupid, stuck up bullies, the daring cool kids, the ones that just watch everyone else, and the ones that are too smart for they're own good. I'm one of the smart ones, a true Ravenclaw at heart. As a result, I get picked on because of it.

"Hey, brainy! What you dong now? Rechecking your answers from last weeks test?" See, like, right now. They are so stupid. They can't ever speak proper grammar or come up with a good comeback.

"Reading, something so little of you or you're friends could do." I said, back quietly, not trying to start a fight. But wanting to.

Quickly I get off the bus, as the idiot gets up and follows me. Faster then I thought possible he grabs my book from my hands. Pages fall out, and blow everywhere. As I grab most the pages, I realize it's my Potions book. Even faster than before I run after the last page. Leaving the bullies behind me. I couldn't let any muggles see anything from the book.

I run through too many streets to count. Finally ,the page stops moving in the wind and is against a door. To anyone else the door would have looked odd, but to me. I was used to this stuff, being a member of Hogwarts for many years.

Reaching out my fingers brush against the paper before it flies through the mail slot.

Öh, come on!" I groaned as I looked at the door. On the glass part were the words:

Arcana Cabana: Antiquities, Obscurities, Unusual Gifts

Balthazar Blake-Proprietor

By Appointment Only.

I shrugged. I didn't have an appointment. It's not like I planed on being here. But I needed that page, before a muggle sees it and I get in trouble.

I sucked in a breath, and opened the door slowly, listening to the sound of the bells on the door ring, I walked in. Looking around, I took in the small store, which was almost like Dumbledore's office. Odds and Ends were everywhere. None looking important or cared for, but looking special none the less. Great, I thought. It would be hard to find an odd looking piece of paper, it being parchment, in such an odd store.

Slowly I tried to take everything in, while trying to zero in on the paper. After looking around for a few moments, I noticed it under I very old looking pot. Quickly, wanting to get out before the owner noticed me, I grabbed the piece of paper.

But having the luck I do, I tripped over the pot. Watching in horror as it fell, I prayed that it would not break. But thankfully at the last moment, large, tanned hands reached out and grabbed a hold of the pot. Forgetting about the paper, I stood up, waiting for the yelling I would get.

I looked up at the man, who was probably the owner, Balthazar Blake. He had long, messy, brown hair that went to his shoulders, and wore an old looking clothing. Which was an old rawhide leather duster, a vest, a worn out shirt and pants. I knew if I looked at his feet, I would most likely see old, worn out, dress shoes. I looked down, I was right.

The man looked me in the eye, as he lifted the pot back to where it was.

"The second emperor of the Han Dynasty locked his least-favorite wife in this urn for 10 years. To the day it is said that the same will happen to whoever opens it." As he said this I cocked my head to the side. Interesting, I wondered if it was true. I should look in my History of Magic textbook.

"I'm sorry, sir. But a page from my book flew into your store. It was just a …a…"oh, god. What do those muggles call it? Um…But before I could think about it more Balthazar answered it for me.

"A Coincidence." he said, lifting an eyebrow. I nodded quickly, not wanting him to dig deeper.

"Yep, Just a coincidence." I told him, my thick British accent coming through with my nervousness. He smiled, nd my worry spiked up a bit. Who smiled at the girl who almost broke a prized pot-like-thing?

" I have something to show you, Wynn." Balthazar said enthusiasm in his voice.

"How do you know my name?" I said, not thinking this man was all that muggle. Balthazar turned to me, a knowing or imposing look on his face. In a commanding voice he stated,

"Because I can read minds!" I just raised an eyebrow. I didn't feel anything enter my mind.

"It's on your name tag." he said, after not getting the reaction he wanted.

Balthazar walked behind the counter, as I stood on the other side. A confused look on my face, he was more like Dumbledore than I thought. Balthazar slowly pulled out a slender wooden book, from all the other stuff on a bookcase behind him. On second thought, he was kind of like Mr. Olivanders. While I thought of this he put the box on the table and showed me it's contents.

Inside was a small silver dragon. I stared at it, the dragon had some sort of magical aura. Not wanting to get involved with dark magic, I looked away from it. Ignoring my sudden urge to put the dragon in my hand. It kind of felt like when I got my wand. Before I touched it.

"This is very special, and if it likes you… you can keep it."" Balthazar said calmly, almost like how sister talks. I was always told I was nothing like her. Anyway, I hesitated, knowing there had to be some other motive. So I did whatever someone else would do in my pace,. I lied.

"I better not. My teacher knows I'm here…so I shouldn't take long." I knew I was a bad liar, but he did not know this. Boy, was I wrong, again.

Balthazar grinned at me. "You're a bad liar, Wynn. That's a good thing." Not when you're in a war! I wanted to scream at him, but I didn't know if this man was magical.

So reluctantly, I reached out and picked up the dragon. It was cool to the touch, like any metal should be. But all of a sudden a warm feeling spread over my palm and arm, all over my body. I looked down at the dragon in shock, as it shook itself and wound it's way around my finger turning into an elegant ring.

I looked over at Balthazar it shock. That's never happened to me before!