Anti-Social Behavioral Order by SoapyMayhem

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So I am writing another drabble. This one will probably be updating daily, and unlike Lost and Found, ASBO will have longer chapters maybe 500-1500 words. Some of you may recognize the first few Chapters as a O/S I posted about a year ago. I have since reworked it to fit in the drabble format and also changed a few of the characters and names. ASBO plot is inspired by the UK show Misfits, in which five juvenile delinquents are doing community service and gain superpowers during a freak lightning storm.

Aside from borrowing a few of the character back stories, powers, and the overall premise, ASBO will be very different from Misfits and will not follow the same plot. I hope you enjoy and stick around for the ride.

Thanks to Twimarti and CaraNo my prereaders!

Here are you warnings - This story will contain bad language, explicit sexual content, drug use, violence, and possibly death. As always, there will be an HEA, very little angst, and no cheating, but I must warn you Edward is a MAJOR asshole and Bella is a little crazy, so I hope you'll be patient with them through their mistakes.

Thanks and enjoy the ride!

Playlist - 'Echoes' - The Rapture

Chapter 1 - Prologue

**Edward Cullen**

These days, everyone wants to hear my story – how the beginning compares to those they've seen in comics or superhero movies. Of course, I wish I could lay claim to being bitten by a radioactive spider, say I was doused with toxic waste, or simply part of an unethical genetics experiment gone bad, or maybe tell them I was born on a planet in a galaxy far, far away, but the truth was – I was dressed in one of those stupid, orange convict jumpsuits, in a park scooping up dog shit.

It was the summer before my senior year in high school – the year my life as I knew it, changed in ways I could have never imagined possible.

That was the summer I got my powers.

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