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Chapter 51


I stood frozen as the scene unfolded in front of me – an enormous tan wolf suddenly emerged from the dense forest that lined the highway. From his thoughts, I assumed the wolf was Bella's friend Seth. He had just learned that one of the other wolves, Sam, had killed his cousin.

Desperate to escape, he fought against the pull to join them by running, but the Wolf Pack had no intention of letting him get away.

As the beast made the decision to cross the highway, he seemed to have no regard for the passing vehicles. Cars swerving to miss the animal went out of control, slamming into the guardrails, and suddenly I could see Pixie's vision beginning to play out right in front of my eyes.

It didn't take long for Seth to clear the highway, and seconds later another wolf, an even larger black one was crossing behind him.

As if it were some strange inevitability the achingly familiar black SUV Pixie warned me about, swerved to miss the giant wolf setting it on its fated course. It crossed the highway, slicing through oncoming traffic. "Alice," I yelled, fairly certain she couldn't hear me.

Almost as if it were in slow motion, the SUV swerved closer and closer to its destined target. Struggling to make the decision to leave Bella unprotected or to save Pixie, I had to fight an internal battle. Bella was strong – she didn't need me to protect her. Resolved, I rushed past the speeding cars, not caring who saw me.

In his thoughts, Jasper had already decided that Pixie's vision was inevitable. He was ready to fight – to play his part, and from the corner of my eye, I could already see his fingertips beginning to glow. At all costs, he was willing to protect his precious Alice. Thankfully, Emmett was there, his sharp thoughts completely focused on the plan – our attempt to change the future.

Almost from out of nowhere he launched himself at Jasper, lifting him up before practically tossing the guy several feet away from the madness.

Without Jasper to set it to flames, the SUV was headed straight for Pixie. I needed to get to her, but even as fast as I was, I wasn't going to make it in time.

"Emmett," I screamed, realizing he was the closest to saving the tiny girl.

He yelled out something unintelligible before turning toward the runaway vehicle. In his mind he showed me what he planned to do, and as fucking crazy as it was, I didn't have time to argue. Just as the SUV came barreling toward them, he was acting out his plan, rushing the SUV, slamming into the side of it with his fists, changing its course so that it was now headed for me. Thankfully, I was fast enough to dodge it before it could turn me into road kill.

I barely noticed the crunch of vehicles colliding when the wolves' thoughts began screaming out inside my mind.

The Cold Ones – one of the wolves thought, replaying my speed and Emmett's strength in his mind so the others could see what he'd witnessed.

There are actual fucking vamps here?

Check it out Paul – we'll catch up soon – this shit with Clearwater can wait.

I looked down the street seeing one of the wolves – his dark eyes focus on us. And even as I heard all the panicked thoughts of my friends and the people in the vehicles, all I could see was him.

I'm coming Edward. Don't move - I vaguely heard Rosalie's voice floating through my head. Before I could even blink Rosalie, Emmett and Bella were in front of me, hands clasped tightly together.

Holy fuck… she did it.

"Take my hand," she screamed, and without hesitation, I did as I was told.

For a moment, a feeling of nothingness overwhelmed me before I felt whole again and suddenly we were in front of a thoroughly frightened Pixie. At Rosalie's orders, she grabbed on just in time for me to see the wolf they called Paul rushing toward us, climbing over parked vehicles, frightening the people inside – not caring who saw him as long as he could rip our heads off.

"Jasper," I shouted, not seeing him, but hearing his thoughts. It took a moment before I caught sight of his shaggy blonde head moving in the grass behind the guardrail. "There," I said pointing, and almost before the words left my lips we had him.

What the fuck? – Paul's inner voice was baffled by our abilities, but he still pressed forward, imagining his jaws snapping into us as he tore us to pieces.

Not gonna get the chance, you crazy fucker.

In an instant, the carnage that surrounded us was gone, the community center now in its place.



"Emmett your hands," Bella gasped checking us all over. Jasper had a few cuts and scrapes and a sore ass from where Emmett tossed him, but he refused Bella's offer to help him. Emmett however was really suffering – his hands were red and swollen from where he punched the moving SUV. Too bad the amazing strength didn't come with a thick hide.

"Let me see," Bella said soothingly, taking Emmett's hands in hers, doing her thing.

When she whimpered from the pain of his injury I wanted nothing more than to hold her "I'm sorry, Bella. Thank you for doing that," Emmett said breathing a sigh of relief as he flexed his newly healed fingers.

"Baby," I whispered, pulling her toward me, comforting her as much as I was myself. "Are you okay?"

She nodded wordlessly against me, burying her face in the crook of my neck.

The relief I felt knowing she was okay soothed my worries, but now that the wolves were aware of us, I was more frightened than ever.

Officer Hernandez is dead, I think – Alice thought quietly, making me freeze in shock. My grip on Bella tightened as Alice let her version of the scene play out in her mind…

Once she got to the point where Emmett was pushing the SUV, I began to see the major differences in the way we'd witnessed things. Rather than being focused on the wolves, Alice's eyes had followed the out of control vehicle, seeing me become a blur of motion as I quickly darted to miss it, and then watching as it crashed right into the community center van.

The last any of us had seen, Eleazar was still sitting on that van watching us. As Alice focused in on the crash, she saw the officer's lifeless form slumped over the hood of the SUV, her thoughts noticing that half his body had been trapped between the two vehicles.


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