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Chapter one.


The main sensation I feel as I'm dragged out of the Auditorium.

I felt most of the pain coming from the bloody whip marks across my back and chest. Sometimes, I don't remember why I endure this pain. Most of the time I know full well why. I slowly turn my head to look at my back and I see my blue PAK. 'They put it back on.' Was my main thought at the time. For my failure, the Tallest took off my PAK, and had the love of my life whip me on my back and chest. The Irken PAK can come off for short periods of time. But after a while the main person starts to endure certain symptoms. They are; back pain, shortness of breath, loss of energy, and then the second symptom transfers to full loss of breath.

I discarded the memory from my mind and surveyed my surroundings to find out where I was. All I saw were; the two security guards dragging me by my arms, a few passing Irkens and drones. I concluded that I was being dragged to a security transport to take me "home."

I closed my eyes to hopefully make the transition of my position quicker. After a few minutes, I heard a door open and close. I opened my eyes and saw the outside of the Auditorium. I turned my head around to see where we were headed and saw the "Security transport." It was more like a giant cage that could fly. At least this "Cage" was covered so no one could see inside. One guard let go of my arm and opened the door. Right when the door was open, the other guard still holding my other arm, threw me into the "Cage," and shut the door himself.

I sighed a small sigh of relief. This time they left me my PAK. Every once in a while, when I needed transport by security guards, the guards would relieve me of my would do this while calling me, "Human scum." "Don't even deserve this." "Don't know why she keeps him." Anyway, I would start to go through the symptoms listed above. And when we would arrive back at my house, they would put it back on. This time they didn't take it. It was my lucky day.

I slid over to one side of the prison so I could lay on it to save energy. As I reached back towards my PAK to the storage compartment that only, I and my loved one could access, I diverted my hand to my recently patched eye. I felt a twinge of sadnes as I realized, I know only have one working eye. I then continued to reach towards my PAK. As my hand got closer to the compartment, I sent a thought wave to my PAK to give me what was inside. My PAK handed me a small circular disc. This circular disc contained two things. One, a small hologram of my loved one that told me what her basic plan was for the day, and two, a tiny amount of pain killer. These circular discs that She puts in my PAK every time I go see her are basic voice recordings she made a long time ago that gave me the basic run down of the rest of her day so I could know when she got home.

I pressed the play button once to start it and lifted the device near my ear. The device was set to be quiet so no one could hear it unless they put it up to the part of their body that let them listen. The device started with a simple, "Mat. I am sorry for punishing you like that." I laughed one small laugh. The device continued. "But we have to keep up appearances. I will be home shortly after you to take care of your wounds. I love you." The device stopped. I put the device back into my PAK and rested my head on the side of the wall. These recordings didn't range much. Some said, "Good job today." Others said what this one did. Very simple recordings that could be used for a range of circumstances.

After what seemed like minutes, the transport made it to My house. Which was a large mansion that She had made just for us. I heard the guards leave the front of the vehicle and come around the back. I got up with what energy I had left and walked over to the door. As they opened it, I jumped out the back and onto the ground. I didn't realize how much energy I lost just from being whipped and staggered forward. As I was falling, one of the guards made a motion to catch me but at the last second, let me fall. I hit my head on the ground and grunted in pain. One guard laughed and said, "Look, he can't even stand. Stupid human." He then picked me up off the ground and dragged me to the front door. "I'll be quick." He said to his partner. I didn't see what the partner was doing but I felt my feet hit the steps to the front door. I shook my head to clear the headache I got from hitting the ground, I felt the guard one use my hand on the scanner to open the door. I looked up at the open door and at the guard. He picked me up and threw me into the house saying, "See ya later loser."

This house of mine was actually a large Mansion. This was the house my love and I share. The main room I was in was a basic large room. There was little to no furniture inside. All that was in this main room was the stairs in the center leading to the second floor and other doors that led to the other parts of this house. The only part of the house on the top that was used was the Main room that I was in now and my bedroom. The rest of the house was underneath. Just like a normal Invader's base would be.

As the front door shut automatically, I activated the spider legs in my PAK to get me off the ground. As I started to rise, I also commanded the legs to bring me to my room. The legs carried me upstairs to a small basic door. It was a purple metallic door, like most on this planet. On it were two symbols. They were of the English language. On one side of the door was the letter M and on the other side the letter T. I had my legs put me back down on the ground and I opened the door. I then staggered into my room and shut the door behind me. I turned on the light and saw a women sitting on my bed. The first thing she said was, "Hello Mat. Remember me?"

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