And finally, after many many years, here is the new chapter. But like I said, I merged the last two chapters together, so… back to chapter 3 hehe.

Fran had taken the children to her room, all sleeping on Fran's bed, while she held Grace in her arms as she slept. When she realized they were all fast asleep, she decided to go and check on her best friend.

Niles and CC were in the living room couch, staring at the floor, both unable to say or do anything. Sitting down next to each other, but really looking or even acknowledging each other's existence.

Maxwell excused himself to his room after getting ice for his now bruised eye.

"How are you two holden up? Ya must be stunned aftah tahday. Hell I still am."

"I need a drink." CC finally said, getting up to pour herself a drink "Anyone else?" She asked after chugging her first glass.

"Me." Fran and Niles said simultaneously.

Niles got up, and shook his head. "I got it. It's my job…" he said.

"I'm already here Windex, sit down." She said. And he did, not really feeling like finding the energy to fight her. Or was it that he didn't want to fight with her…the mother of his…he took a deep breath and exhaled. She poured them their glass while refilling hers.

She handed them their drinks, and took her seat, Fran sat at the sofa across from them decided to give them space. She stared at them. Focusing on their faces, trying to see Gracie's. She didn't have their icy blue eyes, but she had CC's chin, her eyes where shaped liked Niles, making her look very sweet and wise, just like him. And when Grace would raise an eyebrow while crossing her arms, it was such a CC thing to do. And her wit…that was Niles. She has such a great heart too, just like him. So caring and loving, and yet she was always the one to outsmart her siblings, blackmailing them when they try to use her to do stuff for them, turning the tables on them. That was both Niles and CC right there. How had she not noticed.

"What?" Both Niles and CC said simultaneously as they realized Fran had been staring at them

"She has your chin Ms. Babcock. And that little smirk you do after you insult Niles, she looks just like you when she does it. She has Niles' eyes. She's also got ya eyebrows Ms. Babcock, and I would know, I tweezed them." She said with a blank stare, unknowingly making them uncomfortable.

Their eyes grew wide, and they were ghostly pale. This was real, it happened, CC was so angry she didn't give herself the time to react to the situation. Well, only reacting wit anger towards Maxwell for doing something so stupid and out of line, she didn't even stop to think about Grace. Her daughter. Her biological daughter. She took another sip of her drink, being careful not to drink the whole thing in one go…again. She gasped…when she realized the man next to her…Niles…the one man she couldn't stand for many years, is the father of her first child. They share a first born. She chugged her drink. She got up to fill it a third time.

"Finally realized who the fathah is Ms. Babcock?" Fran asked, worried at how the blonde was taking it.

CC nodded slowly. "I think I'm going to be sick,"

Niles shook his head, taking him back to reality, "You're going to be sick? What about me? What about her? There's a child, that I share with you, of all people, on the loose. Poor thing found out she's half dragon."

"Watch it, Rubber maid that's our daughter you're talking about." She froze, realizing what she said. They stood quiet for a second.

"You two bettah get it together and grow up! For Gracie's sake."

"I'm sorry Ms. Fine, I insult when I get nervous."

"I think I should check on Mistah Sheffield."

They both gave her the evil eye.

"Why would you do that? That man deserves no sympathy!" Niles said, surprising both CC and Fran. "What? I can be angry at him, he stole something from me. Someone! I have the right,"

"Of course, you do hun," she said, looking him concerned. "I just don't want him to do anything stupid. Ya know? He didn't look good when he left to his room."

"He can go to hell for all I care," CC said.

Fran ignored her and decided to go to Maxwell. Several minutes later, she came back. "He said he needs some time alone. He can't look at anyone without feeling guilty."

"Ha! What a joke. That man didn't even apologize to us! Did you hear an apology?" CC said, her eyes were red, she drank a little too much, and judging from Niles' eyes, so did he.

He shook his head. "I didn't. But why would he…he's got what he wanted. He has Grace. She won't side with me, she grew up knowing him as her father. She'll never see me that way," he let out a fake laugh. "That man didn't even do the changing, the feeding…who taught her how to walk? Me! Who was there when she said her first words? Hell we both were," he smiled at the memory, he would tell her to say dumb dumb when Babcock would walk in the room. One day she finally did and it was glorious. CC's revenge was teaching the kid how to throw food at him when it was time for him to feed her. "And he calls himself a father." He said as he took his last sip.

"It's midnight you two, that's enough for the day." Fran said, she shook her head. She helped Niles to his room, and came back for CC, guiding her to the guest bedroom next to Niles' room.

She went to her room to check on the kids before finding a spot and cried herself to sleep. She knew Gracie wasn't hers, deep down, she hoped one day that would change, if Maxwell decided to finally propose. But that all changed, she could never have her as her own, because she wasn't Maxwell's to begin with. And now she feels terrible, because she still loves the man who took her best friend's chance of being a father. She felt selfish. Crying for herself instead for her best friend, who was the one most affected. And poor dear Gracie, finding out that her parents are two people who hate each other with a passion and the only reason she exists was through selfishness and done without thinking straight and illegally. Or not? She didn't know. She had never heard of such story. And hadn't been done before, at least she hadn't heard of a story like that. Not even in soap operas.

It was the next morning, Fran and the children were awake. Knowing Niles was still asleep, she decided to drive to a drive thru for some breakfast. They all decided to eat in the living room, to watch tv to distract them from what happened the day before.

They didn't want to talk about it quiet yet.

About a couple of minutes or so, Niles came down, with CC behind him, they both looked like they had been through hell, they were both holding their heads, groaning.

"I think I drank a little too much," CC said.

"You think?" He replied. "Come on I'll make us something to help with the hangover." They both stopped when they found the kids and the nanny staring at them. "I mean headache,"

CC glared at him, "Nice save, Mr. Clean,"

"There's breakfast in the kitchen, I got us some McDonald's breakfast deluxe meals with the pancakes"

"Thank you, Ms. Fine."

"Sounds like heaven. Thank you, Nanny Fine."

They both looked at Gracie, both unknowingly gave her a smile before they headed to the kitchen.

"how did I not see it? I act like them sometimes."

"Gracie, Sweety…no one had seen that comin. We can be up close and personal, and still not see it comin."

Gracie gave a sad smile, knowing Fran was trying to make her feel better.

"What do you think they're going to do? Are they going to take Gracie away? Is Ms. Babcock going to take her to her penthouse?" Maggie asked worriedly. While looking at Fran, as did Brighton.

They all looked at Fran, waiting for an answer. Gracie knew she was promised she wouldn't be apart from her siblings, but that didn't mean she wouldn't be taken from her home. CC worked here after all and so did Niles. So, it would be easy for them to have her go back and forth. Does she have to change schools? Does she have to have two different rooms? Would she have to find time to spend with Niles, Fran, CC and…her whatever-he-is-to-her-now?

"I'll go tell them there's a need for a meetin. We need to talk about it at some point huh?" The children nodded. Maggie and Brighton both hugged their little sister, as Fran got up from her spot and went to go after the two blondes.

They came back with their breakfast in hand, obviously not wanting to face reality quiet yet.

"We can all eat our food first, if you'd like," Fran suggested. They all nodded.

"Is dad going to be ok?" Asked Maggie,

"I took him his breakfast. He promised he'd eat."

After they all finished, they all took their seats on the couch.

"What are you two thinking about doing?" Fran asked,

"Are you going to take Gracie away Ms. Babcock?" Maggie asked,

"Are you going you both going to quit?" Asked Brighton,

"Are you going to get married now?" Asked Grace. Everyone turned to her, shocked.

Both Niles and CC turned to each other and looked disgusted, both saying ew, and leaning away from each other.

"Baby steps, children," Fran said, winking at the two blondes.

"There are no kind of steps Nanny Fine,"

"Whatsoever. And as for your question Fran, we don't know," he turned his head towards Maggie, "We're not separating you three," he turned to Brighton next, "We don't know. But what I do know is that I want to be as close to Ms. Grace as possible. I don't want to lose more time. Precious time."

"Me either."

Everyone gasped when they realized it was CC who said that. "What?"

"anyway," Niles continued, "to answer the last question, who knows, maybe she'll be lucky one day," he teased, smirking at her.

CC rolled her eyes, "As if lemon fresh."

Gracie smiled at them, shaking her head at their banter. Even in a situation like this they still manage to take each other down with insults. She guessed that's how they cope with things like this.

"Can I see my birth certificate?" Grace asked, "And the letter?"

"C-can we all see it?" Brighton asked.

Fran got up walked to the piano, where she had left the envelope, took it and gave it to Gracie. The children read it together, while the adults watched them, waiting for their reactions.