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Team Seven, also known as Team Ayatsuru of the Hangyaku, was a force to be reckoned with. And when they are assigned an important mission to go back and stop nuke-nin Orochimaru from killing the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure, how will the trio change the fabrics of time? Will the three be able to stop the reoccurring pattern of past Team Seven's? Tight-bonded Team Seven (brother-sister relationship), minus Kakashi. 100% chance of no yaoi. So relax.


Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura calmly walked into the arena, their eyes darting around as they saw the little seals that had been set up by one of Naruto's clones for when Orochimaru attacked.

When the three had reached the middle of the arena, Naruto saw Temari standing besides Shikamaru and walked over to the Wind Mistress and began a conversation about the pros and cons of using Wind Chakra in a battle. Shikamaru listened in as the two went on and on, intrigued by how much could be said about a topic such as Wind Chakra. Meanwhile, Sakura was talking with Shino about the plants and herbs used in making medicines; Sakura sounded enthusiastic as she began spouting off information about the plants and which insects harmed them and which insects helped them bloom faster. On the other hand, Sasuke, Gaara and Neji had congregated together, being as shut off from their emotions as they were. The three stood in a mutual silence, agreeing that saying anything would be unnecessary.

As Kankuro had made his way into the conversation with Sakura and Shino (he did make poisons, after all) Shiranui Genma stepped into the arena and shot off a firecracker, causing the stadium to quiet down as the proctor for the third round entered.

"Welcome," Genma announced, his senbon needle hanging in his mouth, "to the third part of the Chuunin Exams!" The crowd cheered, excited to see how talented the finalists were. "The matches will be in the following order: 1. Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji; 2. Haruno Sakura and Aburame Shino; 3. Sabaku no Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke; 4. Nara Shikamaru and Sabaku no Temari. The winner of the Nara/Sabaku match will fight Sabaku no Kankuro. Will everyone except those fighting in match one please step off the field?" The question, though sounding more like a statement, was answered by the contestants moving off the field. Sasuke and Sakura walked over to Naruto before they left.

"Kick his ass, Naru," Sakura cheered, patting his shoulder before walking off the field, most likely to fins Shino to continue their conversation from earlier. This left Sasuke and Naruto on the field, besides Neji who was a few feet away, giving them some privacy. The two stared at each other, as if they were communicating to each other in a way that only they understood. After what seemed a long time, Sasuke smirked, causing Naruto to smirk his own foxy grin in return.

"Don't lose, Naruto," Sasuke told his best friend, sounding like he did all those years ago when they had taken the Exams for the first time.

"As if I'd ever lose," Naruto retorted, though he didn't sound arrogant. "I'll see ya in the final round, yeah?" Naruto queried, already knowing the answer.

"Of course," Sasuke replied, and the two bumped knuckles before Sasuke shunshined to the balcony for the finalists. Turning back to face Neji, Naruto smiled slightly, knowing the excitement he was feeling was also being reciprocated by his opponent.

"As in the Preliminary Round, everything is legal except killing. Are the two contestants ready to begin?" Genma asked, receiving a nod from each of the Genin. "Very well; hajime!(1)"

Genma disappeared to another balcony so that he wasn't in the way of the battle between the two Hangyaku members; it was going to be a match worth watching.

Naruto and Neji slowly circled each other as they contemplated their moves; Neji would have to use all his experience as a member of the rebellion, for his opponent was one of the most dangerous shinobi in the Elemental Nations, up to par with Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Itachi, to say the least.

"You ready for this, Neji?" Naruto asked, bringing Neji back to his opponent. Though Naruto wouldn't be using his full strength, he would still be a challenge to beat.

"Of course, I do have a reputation to uphold, after all," Neji replied, smirking as he repeated the words he had stated many years ago. "It is in accordance to fate that I will win."

Naruto snorted, remembering their match; it was a total blast from the past. "Very well," Naruto replied, moving into his Taijutsu stance, "let's tango."

As if a hidden bell had been rung, the two contestants began their deadly dance, enticing the crowd as their movements flowed like water; Neji with his firm stance the Jyuken(2), and Naruto with the recognizable, if not often seen, taijutsu of the Toads, though it appeared to have a little twist of its own.

Naruto was enjoying himself; he often hadn't had the chance to spar with an opponent of Neji's caliber, save for when he was sparring with Sakura and Sasuke. It was refreshing, to put it in milder terms. As the fight wore on, Naruto began analyzing Neji's moves. Punch. Dodge. High Kick. Dodge. Low-Sweeping Kick. Right turn. Back Flip. Charge. Feint. Right Hook. Dodge.

Analyzing Neji's movements, Naruto believed that Neji used a pattern that, while not seen by most, was recognized soon enough. First it was a punch, followed by a kick to above the stomach and then below the waist, dodging the retaliating taijutsu of Naruto. He would then retreat before charging in again to repeat the same pattern, though the order of the kicks was reversed every other time. Calculating the distance to the walls around Neji and himself, Naruto began sending out unseen chakra strings that, even with the Byakugan(3) activated, could not be seen, for Naruto's Wind Chakra surrounded it, causing it to be imperceptible. With every punch and kick Naruto sent out, he let one of his strings fly in the intricate web he was creating. It took another five minutes of sparring for Naruto to set up his web, and the crowd didn't seem to mind that they were only sparring; in fact, it appeared that they were enraptured with their deadly tango.

Deciding to activate his lovely web of chakra strings, Naruto broke Neji's pattern by initiating one of his favorite katas: Naruto stepped forward with his left foot and rose to his toe and spun himself, using his Wind Chakra to help him spin. Gaining speed, Naruto lifted his right leg and began kicking out-ward, much like a toad would when leaping from one spot to another. Naruto's speed increased and his right leg began moving faster, each full spin bringing another kick.

Surprised, Neji had only one option to stop his blond captain: placing his left arm straight behind him and his right straight in front of him, Neji poured chakra into his hands and began spinning, forming the Hakke Shou Kaiten(4). This effectively stopped Naruto from attacking him with his killer frog kick, or so Neji thought.

Smirking slightly at Neji's use of the Hakke Shou Kaiten, Naruto released the Wind Chakra and poured chakra into his web of chakra strings. The strings pulsed with the wave of chakra, and activated, thoroughly catching the Hyuuga unaware. What happened next caused the audience to gasp.

With the strings active, the web of strings became active, pulsing at random times as if it was interacting with other parts of the web. Neji, who was caught in the center of it, was moved around according to the whims of the strings. It was a violent ride; Neji was tossed back and forth between the strings, creating cuts and abrasions as the Wind Chakra cut into Neji's paling skin. Bruises were formed when the strings would ram Neji into the wall by his ankle, and the Hyuuga could do nothing to stop the strings, though he certainly tried to, using chakra-infused kunai to try and cut the string. Unfortunately for him, the string could not be cut, for the chakra infused with the string made the strings as tough as steel.

When the strings started pulsing at a rapid pace, which to the slightly horrified audience looked like excited chattering, Naruto had them lift Neji up y his waist, having him hang midair while facing Naruto.

Catching his breath as the strings had stopped tossing him around, Neji asked breathlessly, "…What was that?"

Smiling, Naruto revealed one of many jutsus he had created.

"Tsukai āto: Tsukai no asobiba(5)," Naruto replied, and Neji blanched even further, which was a feat in itself as he already had pale skin.

"Have you no mercy?" Neji asked in a slightly bitter tone, though to the Hyuuga's currently watching the match it sounded like a pout.

"Where would the fun in that be?" Naruto said cheerfully. "Besides, you've probably had worse than this. It's one of the milder ones, if that makes you feel any better."

Genma, from his balcony, snorted at the comment. He was pretty sure that the comment wouldn't make the incapacitated Hyuuga feel better. He was right.

Neji glared at the blond puppet master, clearly disgruntled. "How would you feel if you were in this situation?"

The blond seemed to ponder the question before replying rather cheekily, "I wouldn't know; I'd never get myself into this situation."

Neji's glare became icier as his pupil-less eyes bored into the blond. Naruto just snickered at Neji, knowing that the match was over. Neji's glare became colder as he realized this as well. 'If looks could kill,' Naruto thought to himself as he felt Genma's chakra signature appear. Moving his gaze to the wall, Naruto listened to what Genma was saying.

"As Hyuuga Neji is unable to battle, the winner of the match is Uzumaki Naruto." Silence overtook the crowd before the Sandaime, who had been seated within the Hokage's Box since the beginning of the match with the other Hokages, began clapping. This seemed to break the stupor that had befallen the crowd as they too began to cheer. Naruto smiled and took a bow before he sent a pulse through the chakra strings, deactivating them and allowing Neji, who hadn't been on the solid ground in over ten minutes, to regain his balance. Unfortunately, Neji's sense of balance was somewhat skewered at the moment, for when his feet hit the ground, he swayed before falling unceremoniously onto his butt. Snorting, Naruto walked over and offered Neji a hand up; Neji took it gratefully.

Turning to the Proctor, Naruto lifted a slender eyebrow.

"There was no way you were going to catch me in there," Genma replied to Naruto's eyebrow. "I sure as hell didn't want to be thrown around like a bouncy ball, thank you very much."

Naruto just shook his head before he handed Neji over to the Med-nins, who took him away to the hospital area to heal any acquired wounds. Watching them take the Hyuuga, Naruto then shunshined up to the balcony where he was met with varying responses to his performance.

"You really wanted to do that, didn't you?" Sakura asked with an exasperated voice. Naruto just gave his foxy grin.

"That was an interesting battle technique, Naruto-san," Shino commented, acknowledging Naruto's changes in a subtle way.

"Why thank you," Naruto replied, garnering a snort from Sasuke, who was leaning on the wall, his back facing the rest of the arena. The amusement on his face, though faint, was clear for the blond to see.

"This'll be troublesome," Shikamaru commented, standing up from the chair he was sitting in to make his way towards Naruto, "but what exactly was that jutsu you just did?" Shikamaru stared at Naruto in the eyes, as if Naruto's eyes would give away the answer.

Smiling in a way that was eerily similar to a certain Cyclops shinobi, Naruto replied in a happy voice, "On the road of life, of course."

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow, slightly confused as to what the blond meant by his words. Judging on Sasuke's snort and Sakura's eye roll, it was apparent that what Naruto just said was a bunch of BS, and it was a line often used on them by someone else. Before he could call the blond on his answer, Genma announced the second match contestants.

"Would Haruno Sakura and Aburame Shino please make their way down to the field for the next match?"

Naruto put a hand on Sakura's shoulder and gave it a light squeeze before telling her in a teasing voice, "Now don't squash him too badly though. He is just a giant bug, after all. No offense Shino." Naruto said, the last part added on as if an afterthought. It was successful though as he managed to get Sakura to laugh and Shino to snort, which was more like an added bonus.

"Good luck Sakura," Sasuke said to his teammate, having migrated over to the little group after Genma had announced Sakura's match. "Though you probably won't need it," Sasuke added on in a similar way to Naruto.

Sakura giggled, but smiled warmly at Sasuke and Naruto anyway. "Arigato," she said, and turned around to shunshin out of the balcony and right next to Genma.

Shino, who had yet to discover the wonders of the shunshin, jumped from the balcony and landed on the ground in front of Sakura. Sakura smiled, pulling out her fingerless gloves and pulling them on, flexing her fingers before making a fist with each hand.

"The second match between Haruno Sakura and Aburame Shino are about to begin." Genma announced, and the noise from the crowd disappeared. "Are the contestants ready to begin?" Genma looked at the two of them, and upon receiving nods from them both, started the match.



1- Hajime means to "begin".

2- The Jyuken, also known as "Gentle Fist" is the taijutsu stance taught to the shinobi of the Hyuuga Clan who inherit the Byakugan. Using the Byakugan, Jyuken users send chakra to their hands to tap the chakra points on an opponent's body, disabling the opponent by causing them to lose feeling in the place hit.

3- The "Byakugan" is the doujutsu of the Hyuuga Clan. A bloodline limit (kekkei genkai), it enables the user to see the chakra coils of their opponent. The Jyuken is the accompanying taijutsu used with the Byakugan and is found in most of the Hyuuga Clan shinobi.

4- The Hakke Shou Kaiten, also known as "the Heavenly Spin" is a defense jutsu that works by the user when they spin rapidly, their chakra pouring out and creating a dome of chakra to block any of the incoming attacks.

5- The Tsukai āto: Tsukai no asobiba, also known as "Puppeteer Art: Puppeteer's Playground" is one of the many jutsus Naruto's created with his puppeteer skills. While shooting chakra strings to solid places such as trees, buildings, walls, (etc.), Naruto sends his chakra through the strings to make them pulse and seem as if they are alive. Powered and protected by the Wind Chakra, it gives the illusion that the strings are controlling where the opponent is being hurtled to and from, though Naruto is the one in control.


Well, here's Naruto's match of the Chuunin Exams: Final Round Part 1. I do apologize, for I'm not the best at writing fight or battle scenes, though I do try.

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