I've been thinking about writing a fan fiction for quite a long time. English is not my first language and so take it easy on me. I apologize for the eventual misspelling and grammar mistakes.

This fic takes place in the future, one year after Help me.

Prologue: House is in the room with Cuddy, Rachel and his new baby daughter. They are at the hospital a few hours after Leah House's birth. What happens when he tells Wilson that he feels nothing different now he's officially a daddy? How will Rachel react when she realizes that House is Leah's daddy?

Even though the pain was incredible, Cuddy hasn't felt helpless for a minute. She was determined and had a single goal that warm evening of May: getting that baby OUT! After ten hours of labor she finally delivered a bouncing and heath little girl. The nurse immediately placed the baby on her chest, and Cuddy peeked between her legs and announced, "It's a girl, House! We made a girl".

House looked at her and smiled, he couldn't explain what he was felling, he tried to see the little creature fussing on her chest and he was amazed by how hard she was working to take her first breaths. She was strong, though, she made it on her on.

Cuddy was tired, beyond exhaustion, but, suddenly, all she wanted was hold her baby. It happened again, she was in love with her daughter, now she can never think about her life without her, without Rachel, without House.

Looking at that tiny person and realizing that she had just gave life to someone else was the most powerful feeling she ever felt. Her baby was health, pink and a miniature version of her. She weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 21.25 inches long. Leah has entered the world screaming her lungs out on her mother's birthday, May 21, 2011!

After a few hours, Cuddy was transferred to a private room. The nurse has just brought the baby for her first feeding when House arrived with Rachel. The two and a half years old was amazed with her little sister. She couldn't believe the tiny baby came out of Mommy's tummy. It was cute the way she talked to the baby, Rachel was a really sweet girl. She had really developed her speech over the last year. Cuddy was not sure if it was because she has been going to day care now and was around other children all the time or if it was the long talks House used to have with her. She knew many babies improve theirs talk when they have someone talking to them all the time.

House is actually great with her daughter and Rachel, well, she, clearly, adores him. He never treats her like a baby or a toddler. He has established his own unique style of giving her information using accurate facts in a way she always understood him. Over the last year, they have accepted each other and love has grown into their relationship.

Sometimes, Cuddy found hard to believe how easy they were around each other, how House never seems uncomfortable when Rachel kisses and hugs him, when she lays on his chest to watch TV or when she asks him to read her bedtime stories.

They are like best buddies, Greg, as Rachel calls him, was the one she can always run to when mommy is angry, the one who always has some candy, the one who makes silly jokes and silly faces. She never seems to get tired of his whining and complains, she loves his music and can stay quite for hours just listening to him playing the piano.

Once fed and burped, House took the baby from Cuddy and placed her over the crib. Cuddy seemed exhausted and she, sure, was. She fell asleep within minutes leaving House alone with her daughters. He couldn't stop staring at the fragile little baby in a bundle of blankets in front of him.

Leah had a baby cap on her head, House moved in and took it out. The baby didn't have a lot of hair, but she was not bald either. He slipped his finger into her hand and she automatically grasped on, he looked over the long, little fingers wrapping around his index. He hopes she will enjoy the piano like her sister. He'd teach them himself if they want him to. He looked at her little face and all her features are from Cuddy, then he wondered if she also has a birthmark. He took a good look and then he saw it, a Café au lait spot the size of a nut right above her left ear.

He smiled, he had just realized he was wrong, genetic doesn't matter at all, Leah was the granddaughter of a man he barely knew, she has blue eyes, dark brown hair, a pale skin and birthmark over her head because of his gens. But, in the end, sharing his genes won't determine who she is going to be, as the genes of that strange man haven't determined who he ended up being.

To be continued…

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