Summary: Eliot has disappeared without a trace. Can the team find their missing member and help him through a difficult recovery?

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Warning: There is not much violence in this story just a lot of Eliot whump but be warned our favorite hitter will not be bouncing back so easily from his encounter with the bad guys.

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Spoilers: I am assuming that you have seen season 3 however there won't be that many spoilers but if you don't want to spoil it even that much stop reading right now!

If you haven't seen season 3 and are going to read it anyway know that they did take down Damien Moreau and that Eliot at some point in the past worked for him.

Enough rambling here is the story…

Chapter 1

The man shivered in the corner of the cell he was in. He had no idea where he was or who he was.

There were several things he had learnt while he was here:

1. No one ever spoke to him. At the beginning he was sure he had asked however now he was not sure if he could form any words let alone questions.

2 .The cell he was kept in during the day had a water leak from somewhere therefore there would always be a thin layer of water on the floor of the cell, never enough to wet him just enough to make him uncomfortably damp.

3. There were no windows anywhere in the building in which he was kept.

4. He wasn't the only occupant of the room he slept in during the night. There were at least a dozen more beds, half of them occupied. He slept restrained to a hard bed, no pillow or blanket that had a metal structure which was bolted to the floor.

5. At night he was restrained onto the bed by his ankles, wrists and two places on his chest.

6. Two times during the day he was taken to the bathroom, he had learnt the hard way that you waited for the bathroom no matter what or the people in charge were upset.

7. He was washed every cycle. He could have done without the washing as he was once again restrained after his clothes were removed and hosed down with a power hose that only had cold water and was scrubbed roughly with hard brushes. They always dressed him without drying him so he spent the rest of the night with his teeth chattering where he lay on his bed which was then soaked as well.

8. They also shaved of any of the hair they could find on his body – he was sure someone had mentioned hygiene at one point but wasn't sure.

9. He was fed two times a day with something resembling porridge. Always right after the bathroom trips although he was glad that someone did the feeding as his arms had lost the function of moving under their own power.

10. Three times a day he was ejected with something. The first one was given after the morning feeding and it left him light headed and not being able to follow anything, not that there was much to follow in a dark cell. The second came halfway through the day and he kind of looked forward to it as it gave him colorful visions and what not, he was sure it was some sort of hallucinogenic but didn't know how he knew that. The last one came at night just before sleep and made all his muscle go mush, it would have been relaxing if he could sleep but he realized early on that he couldn't really sleep much therefore spent most of the nights staring at the ceiling without even being able to lift a finger as rats ran around on the floor and sometimes on him as well.

11. He was always restrained in some way during transport or even when he was placed in the cell which he spent his days in and there was no way he could break out of the restraints. He was restrained in several ways and he thought the different methods were to help him ease his joints however he knew that it did not help, he couldn't move even if he wanted to move.

On the first day his hands would be tied behind his back, his ankles always being tied as well with hard leather cuffs.

The next day, his hands would be tied in the front.

On day three a belt of some sort will be around his waist with his hands tied to it at his sides.

Day four was similar to the previous day but this time his hands would be in the front.

Day five, he would be in a straight jacket.

He had learnt that the procedure went through a cycle and therefore he could keep count of the days, count of the cycles. Although he had no idea why he was counting so far he had counted 26 cycles and 2 days.

He found out that he enjoyed being in a straight jacket the most as it gave him the heat his body need and looked forward to day five. However with the straight jacket information he had realized that he was in some sort of mental institution, he just didn't remember what he had done or why he was here…

On that note it begged to be asked once again – who the hell was he?