AN: Well, it was one of my New Year's Resolutions at the start of this year to get to 100 fics before 2011, so this is my last ditch attempt to make it. This has been on my hard drive forever. Ever. Happy Holidays & New Year! Enjoy. x

Pair: L/H

Set: Post series

Spoilers: None

A Sizeable Matter

"Were you disappointed with it the first time you saw it?" He asked the question with faux disinterest – faux disinterest that didn't fool her for a moment.

"No, not disappointed." He could tell that she'd left something hanging – could almost hear the words 'per se' echoing in the silence.

"But...?" He prompted.

"But nothing." There was a new determination in Barbara Havers' tone now. She had never wanted to play this game – didn't even know how it'd come up. Despite her best efforts, though, the silence that hung in the room spoke volumes and contradicted her words irrevocably.

"But you expected it to be bigger." He prompted.

"What! I never said that. Besides, it's not all about size." Isn't that what we women keep telling you? She thought irritably, parroting his words in her mind.

"Oh, God." He groaned, dragging his hand across his face. Barbara internally sighed; trust, of all people, Thomas-bloody-Lynley to be closetedly insecure. Oh no, godlike beauty and a razor sharp intellect weren't enough to assure the man...

"Look, it's plenty big enough. It's huge. If it were any bigger it would just look stupid."

"So, if it's big enough, what's disappointing about it?"

"It's not disappointing!" She insisted, her voice becoming louder and slightly shrill. She was getting irritated, now.

"Barbara," he pressed, his voice deep and silky.

"I don't know!" She exploded defensively. "Like, if there had've been... a more drawn out entrance or something." She was sheepish now, a slight flush creeping across her fine features.

"What do you mean by that?" There was the smallest note of disbelief in his voice now.

"I don't know! You didn't have to drive me past the stables the first time I saw it."

His brow furrowed deeply, and his words began to come excessively slowly. "So... it's not... posh enough?" This was something he'd never before considered – a new angle to worry about.

"Oh shut up! It's posh enough, it's big enough, it's bloody perfect. Are you happy?" She folded her arms huffily and frowned at the blank wall in front of her. She shoved herself off the couch and glared, but a slight glint of affection shone in her eyes. "I'm going to make a cup of tea – assuming I can find the kitchen in this oversized maze." She goaded him.

"Wait – are you saying it's too big?" He called after her as she disappeared into one of Howenstow's many extensive and varied hallways. The only response he got was a scream of frustration and a shoe hurtling towards his head. It was then he decided to stop talking.