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Pair: Amanda & Simon {obviously}

Set: Post season 2, but not far past.

Spoilers: If "Amanda & Simon are the sex" is a spoiler, then you're already way behind..

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I *SO* wish I did.

Gross Negligence

Simon Lloyd is a patient man. Usually.

Simon Lloyd, however, is currently in a relationship with Amanda McKay, and she tends to erode his patience. She is doing so now.

It's their lunch break. They're sitting on a bench in Treasury Gardens, a fountain is bubbling away in front of them, and there's a bag of hot chips torn open between them. Every now and then Amanda's hand drops down and searches for a chip – this is the most activity that's going on between them, because at present her eyes are fixed on a writ.

"So," Simon begins, "how close to finished are you?" He's feeling especially impatient right now. Her hair is lit by the sun, a lock is creeping slowly from behind her ear to caress her cheek, her lips are twitching sporadically with any number of emotions from confusion to irritation, from victory to despair; her eyes caress the words on the page with maddening care.

"Think of how close you'd like me to be, then times it by ten." Is her response, her eyes not lifting from the page. Simon's restraint fails. He snakes his arm along the back of the chair and peels her scarf from her neck, dropping his lips to her creamy white skin.

"So, what is Doctor Bergeson accused of?" He queries, his teeth grazing her flesh lightly as he does. Amanda's eyes slide closed, no matter how hard she tries to resist. He removes his lips for a half moment, and the cold air hits the patch of skin warmed by his mouth and makes her shiver lightly.

'Focus!' Her mind hisses, and she manages to get herself under some degree of control. "Gross negligence – " she begins strongly, but flounders when Simon's lips meet her neck again, and he travels down until he's nibbling on her collarbone. It's an unfair tactic.

"Or negligent grossness or... something." She mumbles, her voice thickening with desire. She abandons the writ to her lap, swaps the chips to her other side and slides closer to him. Turning to face him, she meets his lips with hers. She kisses him so eagerly it takes him by surprise, but he's not opposed. When her eyes open and meet his they're dark with desire, something purely carnal in them. His lips half curve and he kisses her again. With her looking that overcome with need, it really would be grossly negligent of him not to.