AN: A rare one for me, because this is not {exclusively} Amanda and Simon! It pretty much works with any ship in the show. Have fun!

Pair: Any.

Set: Post series two, I guess. But it probably could be anywhere.

Disclaimer: I'm only playing.

Flowers... x

There are now regularly flowers on her desk when she walks into the office of a morning. Ornate, simple, exotic, classic – the style varies, but they are always undeniably beautiful; the cards blank but for three words and one letter:

'I love you, x'

She doesn't take the 'x' as a mark of anonymity, just as a kiss. Each time a bunch mysteriously arrives on her desk – the neat ones that come in little vases or pretty boxes so as not to make a mess – she's met with a chorus of queries regarding their sender's identity, always met with her smiling and saying "I don't know. There's no name." No one seems especially convinced, but she has the sans-signature cards as evidence when she needs them.

In truth, though, it's quite reasonable that her co-workers are unconvinced; she knows exactly who they're from. He sits behind her every day, and on the days flowers do mysteriously appear on or get delivered to her desk she feels his eyes burning her back – even more than usual. He studies her when she first catches sight of them, when she searches the respective cards from the middle of them and holds them in her fingers tenderly. She knows. She's surprised that everyone hasn't got it worked out yet.

She always manages to restrain herself until the end of the day, until they're out of the office or until the office empties, and then she'll turn to him and grace him with what he mentally calls her Thank-You-For-The-Flowers-Smile, and it will all be worth it. He earns the kiss that is promised on the card, and the soft 'I love you too' that she whispers when they break apart after it, and for these few minutes all the money he's pouring into Melbourne's wide variety of florists is completely worth it. He's making her happy, and that's all he could hope to do.