In the Shadows of the Night

'In the Shadows of the Night, lies the bright Lie of the Twilight. Born of Darkness, dwelling in the Light. Foolish Man.'

I see, so then, rather then trying to live in the light I will return to where I was born, the Darkness. (A/N: Dun Dun Dun) To begin my return to the Darkness I first had to come up with a way to get myself free of the choke hold my relatives had on me, holding me in the Light. After some thought I determined that the best way to do so was to vanish from them. So I began my plotting.

Eventually the night of my release came, the Dursley's had left to celebrate, 'Ickle Diddykins's birthday. As I fled the house and neighborhood I slowly fell into a trance like state, I Felt the world around me, rather than seeing it. I Saw the delicate traceries of Life itself, and slowly I became one with them, drawing upon them, always leaving enough for the beings I drew upon to survive.

Upon reaching a small clearing I stopped, and began to let myself fall deeper into the state of 'Nonbeing' I had stumbled across during my run. And at the same time as my awareness flooded outward, it also poured inward, I began to direct the energies about, repairing the damage inflicted upon my physical self by my relatives.

As time passed I became more and more in tune with these energies, until eventually I could use them to manipulate physical things. I had discovered early in my meditations that I could easily shift my physical form, learning how to utilize the forms I shifted into was a rather long process though.

I had long surpassed the limited thinking of other humans, not that I considered myself a human anymore. Humans were weak creatures, out of tune with the world around them. More then once I had to move to avoid hunters, slaughtering the wildlife and sending pulses of death and despair through the forests. Death is not normally a thing of note, but these hunters killed for no purpose, save self gratification.

I had long forsaken the limited human ideas of 'Light and Darkness' that had first set me on my path to awareness. I had long since found and routed the strange entity who had thought to latch onto my life and life as a parasite.

In time an odd owl, with far more Life then any normal owl visited me, giving me a letter. Unfortunately I had no method of writing down a reply. So I instead followed the owl back to his point of origin.

The old man who greeted the owl upon its return seemed surprised when I shifted from the avian form I had taken to follow the owl, when I explained that I had had no means of replying he asked why not. I, in reply merely pointed to the address, In a Clearing in a Forest. He was rather surprised, by this I gathered that there was some automated method of keeping track of and writing the letters.

As he explained I rapidly decided that this was a waste of time, and left.

A few years later I met a very odd fellow who seemed certain I could not kill him, in response to his threatening actions I simply pulled in all the life energy he had and all the life energy he was connected to. Resulting in his immediate demise.

Shortly afterward the old man from the school came by, when he asked what had happened I told him. He then attempted to kill me for 'Dark Magic', I simply eliminated him in the same manner I did that odd fellow.

And that was the end of my contact with the human race until several centuries later, the cities now covered the entire globe, there was no where I could go to escape them. Therefore, after writing down my knowledge, I killed myself by dissipating all the life energy I possessed, a formidable amount after such a long life.