-My Return to GA-

"Okaa-san! I will be transferring to Gakuen Alice again right! Today right?" An excited brunette reaching her waist with chocolate brown eyes and was pretty and cute as well namely Mikan Sakura Yukihara.

"Yes dear, you will be transferring to Gakuen Alice today! Are you excited."Yuka said to her daughter who was immediately packing her stuff "You pack fast…"Yuka said .

"Yes, Of course I never saw them for like 8 years of course I will be fast!"Mikan said while taking her stuff to the car.

"Okaa-san what last name should I use?"Mikan asked looking at her mother.

"Yukihara of course we can't let the public know who you really are,Honey."Yuka answered while looking at her daughter. " And besides Your friends should recognize you most especially Natsume" Yuka said while grinning at her daughter who is currently blushing to the max.

"Why did you say Natsume's name and emphasizing it ?"Mikan said while avoiding her mother's eyes.

"Oh you know what I mean…You and Natsume sitting in a tree K-"Yuka got cut off.

"Nani! What are you saying I don't like him and besides…DRIVE!"Mikan said while pointing up front meaning go .

After 5 hours they are at Gakuen Alice.

"MIKAN-CHAN!"A blonde guy with purple eyes run towards them and hugged Mikan.

"Narumi-sensei! It's been a long time!"Mikan said while smiling at Narumi.

"Mikan-chan you grew!"Narumi exclaimed and cried anime style. " Everyone and I mean everyone change since you left like hotaru became cold to others but only talks to Natsume and Ruka."Narumi said to Mikan. Yuka on the other hand gets out Mikan Luggage and kisses her said goodbye to them and drove were on their way to the dorm when.

"How about Natsume?" Mikan questioned while looking at a sad Narumi.

"Let's say he became a playboy of the school dumped 18 girls which he dated only for 2 days and currently now dating Luna koizumi you will know her later."Narumi said sadly and looked to a gloomy Mikan.

"Okaa-san told me to use Yukihara not you know what."Mikan said while looking at the ground.

"I see, Let us also change your first name you know to see who recognize you even if your name is different ."Narumi said and tried to cheer up Mikan.

Mikan looked at Narumi she knew why was he doing this and so she let off her beautiful smile and said "Okay! Let's see my name will be Allieson Yukihara!"she and Narumi agreed and they went to her dorm but they never knew someone was watching.

At a bush

"Who on earth is this girl her name is Allieson but she was hiding something most especially she was way more cuter than me .I need to embarrass her before she steals Natsume-sama away from me." A blonde girl said behind the bush namely Luna Koizumi.

At Special star's Dorm #4

"Sensei does this mean I'm a special star?"Mikan said while looking at the door with a special star written on it.

"Obviously,yes my dear M- I mean Allieson"Narumi corrected himself before saying the word Mikan.

"Let's leave my stuffs here then let's get to class!"Mikan said while rushing because she wanted to see them.

"But what about your clothes?"Narumi asked.

"Narumi-sensei, remember that I have 2 Alices the Nullification and S.E.C but to be safe to not let anyone be obvious let say the flower alice" Mikan said while using her change alice. 'there you see done ,Now let's head off to the classroom!"Mikan exclaimed and tried to drag her sensei.

"Allieson, do you know even where is our new classroom remember you are a junior high student already.."Narumi said and made sure he said Allieson while Mikan was dumbfounded. "Now let me show you the way."Narumi said while guiding Mikan.

When they reached to classroom was quite noisy because someone was fighting namely that would be Natsume and some other boys and fan girls who were also arguing.

"Is it okay to go in I mean I might not survive after minutes.."Mikan said while sweat dropped anime style.

"I'm not even sure…"Narumi said also sweat dropping anime style. "Well here goes come on your que."Narumi said.

"Hai!"Mikan replied.

"Ohayo my lovely students!"Narumi said while twirling around.

"You only come here if it's important so whats up?"Yuu the president of the class asked.

"Well first everyone back to your seats or I won't tell."Narumi said seriously.

"boy he is so serious today so what's up!"they thought in panic and hurriedly walked back to their except for 10 people namely Koko, Anna, Yuu, Nonoko, Kitsume, Mochu, Sumire, Ruka, Hotaru and Natsume who remained their cool an walked to their seats.

"Class, we have a new student, today enter please!"Narumi said who gave the cue to Mikan

A beautiful cute Brunette haired with chocolate eyes entered which brought 10 people into a suspicion.

"Please Introduce yourself please."Narumi smiled a rare smile to the class as the class got surprised the Mikan nodded.

"I'm Allieson Yukihara ! Nice to meet you , hope we can become friends!"Mikan said cheerfully while the 9 people got gloomy except for three namely Sumire, Anna and Nonoko because they saw thru Mikan's disguise.

"Any questions for Ms. Allieson?"Narumi askes obviously all the boys raised their hands except them.

"What is your alice?"

"What is your Star rank?"

"What class are you in?"

"Are you dating?"

Mikan sweat dropped anime style at the last question so she answered them anyways.

"Flower Alice. I am able to make any flower existing or not."

"Special star"

"Special class"

"I am speechless at the last question so I will say-" She got cut off by Sumire.

"Of course ,NOT"Sumire said angrily to the boy who questioned it.

Mikan used her telepathy alice to communicate to Narumi ." One Down, Nine to go…"Mikan telepath to Narumi. "I know, let the fun begin."Narumi telepath back.

"Ne,Sensei what does she mean by-" before Koko could finish Sumire covered his mouth.

"Wow Koko,You and your imaginations we all know Allieson cannot be close to sensei I mean he became so lonely ever since SHE left remember."Sumire covered for them.

"Yah, I mean we just met I mean I thought he was gay.."Mikan said to cover as well.

"And I thought Allieson was a miss popular and Miss perfect"Narumi said sarcastically while Mikan stepped on His foot looking so innocently.

"so that's how you want to play it.."Narumi thought.

"Allieson you will sit beside Natsume-kun at the back the one with raven hair."Narumi said while happy in the inside because he got revenge and Mikan was left dumbfounded but Mikan was safe because someone opposed this.

"But sensei Me and Ruka are sitting beside him."Luna complained.

"But that is what you did also to her remember you wanted to sit beside him and you acted so here is your payback. Oh and Sensei who is her partner?"Sumire said.

"That would be also Natsume since I paired up Luna with him"Narumi said while pointed at a random boy.

"WHAT!"Luna exclaimed and transferred to another seat and Mikan had no choice but to go to the seat sit there and hopelessly think of what to do next.

"All right since there is a new student FREE PERIOD!"Narumi said and twirled out of the class.

Three girls were coming forward to Mikan with smiles on their faces.

"NE,allie we should go outside before things here get ugly."Nonoko said.

"I guess you know so ..Okay." Mikan said with her famous smile and the four of them left and everyone got suspicious of who she really is because it all was so similar to HER.

Meanwhile on the roof top.

"Mikan-chan! We missed you so much!" Sumire ,Anna and Nonoko said while crying tears of joy.

"How did you know it was me in the first place?" Mikan asked.

"Oh that's because you were also that cheerful on your first day here in this school remember!" Nonoko said while hugging Mikan tightly.


"Watashi Mikan Sakura! Yoroshkune!" A cheerful brunette with pig tails said cheerfully.

End of Flashback

"Ah!No-noko –Ca-n't-Bre-ath!"Mikan said trying to breath.

"Gomen!"Nonoko apologized while trying to help Mikan up with Anna and now 7 people are now eavesdropping.

"So what now.. I mean they still can't find out first right!"at the same time 7 people came crashing to the door.

"What do you mean THEY can't still find out!"7 of them said angrily and looked furiously at the four girls who were hugging each other.

-End of chapter one -

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