The night was young and Gregori was loving it. The only problem was he was forced to follow the tour group. It had been Roman's bright idea that while during the winter season when the vamps woke up earlier that they would host a tour group for the local college to come and see what the day shift did. Connor was against it but he had been strangely preoccupied lately. So with no other problem with security that was when Gregori found himself stuck on kiddy duty. He had had plans to go dancing but that was now scrubbed.

The only plus side was that the college class had many sexy looking girls and a couple had caught his eyes. Or rather he had caught theirs. But as he sat and waited for them all to finished their dinner in the Cafeteria, another of Roman's ideas, he noticed one girl off to the side by herself. She was cute for what he saw of her. He couldn't see much of her face from the hood she used to cover it. But he saw she had very long hair. Which was tied into a braid? It probably reached her waist. It was a wonderful color of blond and brown with a touch of red. The color his mother liked.

He noticed she wasn't paying much attention to the professor who stood up to talk. She was writing in a yellow book. For some reason Gregori got a sense of loneliness from her. Why? He went to get up but remember his orders. He wasn't to become too friendly with the students he was there to observe nothing more. Though there was the exception of answering a question about the factory.

Caught up in his thoughts he didn't notice Roman coming in till he stood up front to talk.

"Thank you all for coming I hope you have had a wonderful time here."

As the students got up Gregori noticed that three young punks walked to the girl with long hair. One blond haired punk stood in front of her and pulled on her braid.

"Come on Jessie let go see a movie after this tour."

"No thanks I have a boyfriend."

The little punk laughed. "Not for long. I heard he had been entertaining Victoria while he was suppose to be involved with you."

She glared at the blond punk and Gregori saw her eyes were a soft baby blue. Getting up she pushed the bond out of her way and walked out. As the three punks followed her Gregori saw that she had left her notebook. Getting up he walked over and picked it up then walked out tried to follow her. But his mother stopped him.

"Where are you going Gregori?"

He sighed and smiled at her. "I am trying to catch up with the tour group leaving because a young woman left her notebook and I wanted to return it."

Radinka smiled and stepped aside. "You been hurry then son they are all leaving now."

Gregori took off in a jog toward the front but when he got there, there was no one there. Everyone had left.

"Just great I missed them."

As he turned around Phineas zoomed by knocking him down. "Damn it Phineas."

Phineas just laughed. "Sorry bro."

Gregori got up and went to pick up the fallen notebook. He saw it was opened to a poem called vampire. Grabbing it quickly Gregori read it. Wow this woman is talented with words. Especially of the dark existence quality.

He went back in to the security office Angus, Connor, Roman, and Phineas was in there with Howard and Phil.

"Hey Roman there something you might want to see."

"What is it?"

"One of the students left their notebook and I couldn't get it back to her."


"Yeah her but listen to this it's a poem in her book…

"He flew to her as she sat in her bedroom.

Touched down on her face a powerful kiss.

She fell to her bed as he landed upon her.

It happened so quickly she couldn't resist.

Embraced to submission she lay uncomplaining.

As he brushed her hair out exposing her neck.

Anaesthetized softly with delicate kisses

She lay ready for him to make his descent.

Her neck throbbing softly in time to her heartbeat.

So soft and unblemished, a peach tinted white.

He cradled her head and leant over her body

And kissed with lips open- jaws closing to bite.

The heat hits his mouth as the blood trickles slowly.

The taste is addictive, so rich and so warm.

Unconscious, she's feeling a rush in her body.

Excited, she calls out to him. "Oh yes! More."

He reads her elation and stops from his feeding.

And, kissing her turns around to look at her face

Light- headed, unthinking she rises to kiss him.

And falls to the spell of vampiral embrace

They kiss in the moonlight her neck bleeding slowly.

He bites her tongue hard as it strays by his teeth.

Their mouths fill with blood, as he drinks from her kisses.

His hands getting busy with something beneath.

He rips off her nightdress, the satin tears cleanly.

Exposing her vulnerable body to him.

She swallows her blood and delights in its softness.

As he takes her skull into the palm of his hands.

Her head on his shoulder, her body beneath him.

She sighs with delight at the feeling inside.

Sustained by her blood and her tenderst kisses.

The vampire takes a lover tonight"

Gregori looked up as he finished reading. Romon eyes were wide.

"How the Hell can she describe an attack like that?"

Roman shrugged. "I don't know but she worded the attack just right. Just like a Malcontent."

Gregori flipped through the notebook and saw all her poems. "There are even poems for werewolves and dark Existence."

Howard interrupted their thinking. "Sir there is a young lady still here from the tour group."

Turning Gregori looked at the monitor and saw it was the mystery woman who wrote the poems.

"That's here Roman the one who wrote the poems."

"I wonder why she is still here," asked Angus."

Roman gave a small laugh. "Probably waiting for her ride. All the students drove here tonight."

Gregori smiled with a sudden idea. "Come on Roman why don't you come with me to take this back. I want to ask what inspired this poem."

With a nod Roman, Angus, and Gregori walked out front where the woman sat on the ground looked toward the gate.

"Excuse me ma'am."

She looked up and her hood fell off and Gregori was struck dum. She was beautiful her eyes were a softer blue then he thought.

"Can I help you?"

Gregori held out a hand to help her up. Then he relished in the softness when she took his hand and stood up. She gave a smile.

"Thank you."

Roman took a step closer. "May I ask you name?"

She smiled, "Jessica MacGregor."

"Is anything wrong."

"My ride is really late and I could get no answer on the cell phone."

Gregori remembered her notebook. "Here you left this in the cafeteria." He handed it to her.

"Thank you. I was afraid I lost it."

"I hope you don't mind I saw the first poem in there. I thought it was a wonderful poem."

She narrowed her eyes a moment till she registered the comment then smiled. "Thanks. I don't normally let anyone read them."

Roman had an idea. "Miss Jessica is you are in agreement. Gregori here could take you home."

She smiled, "I couldn't impose like that sir."

"No trouble."

"I would like that."

"It's settled. Gregori take the Lexus and drive he home."

"Yes sire." Picking up her backpack she offered his arm. "Your carriage awaits ma'am,"

A laugh escaped her as she shyly put her arm through his and walked with him toward the Lexus. With a wink he opened her door for her. She got in and put on her belt. Gregori slide in behind the wheel and looked over.

"So where to?"

She told him and saw back. The heat and sound of the heater lulled her to sleep within ten minutes.

Gregori smiled at the picture she made sleeping. When he finally pulled up to her street he stopped and unable to curve the impulse he gently reached over and trailed a finger down her cheek. She didn't even wake. So he placed a hand on her shoulder and gently shoke her.

"Jessica? We're here."

Jess came awake and looked around. It was indeed her street. She looked over at Gregori.

"I didn't know what house."

She sat up straighter. "Oh it's the third on the right."

Gregori drove up to the house and parked outside.

"Damn it!"

He looked over and saw Jess's gaze on a blue Mustang.


She jumped out of the Lexus leaving everything and ran toward the house. Gregori not able to stop his curiosity followed her as she ran through the house toward the back.

She slammed open the door and came to a halt Gregori behind her. She saw her boyfriend in bed with her suppose friend Victoria.

"DANIEL!" The two lovers parted and stared at her the man quickly got up and pulled on a pair of shorts.

"Jess sweetheart I can explain."

"Then explain I want to hear it now."

He looked down trying to find the words to say. But nothing cam to mind.

Victoria got up with the sheet wrapped around her. With a smiled she walked forward. "No need to explain Daniel." She looked at Jess. "Its simple he wants me then someone like you."

Gregori actually heard Jess growl before she sent a fist toward Vitcoria's face breaking her nose.

"You bitch."

Jess turned on Daniel."I never want to see you again Daniel."

"Jess sweetheart, she seduced me." He stepped forward and took a hold of her arms. "I love you Jess."

Gregori could stand it any longer. Taking a step forward he put an arm around Jess's waist and pulled her away from Daniel.

"If you know what was best for you, you will never try to talk to Jessica again."

Daniel glared at Gregori then at Jess. "It appears that I wasn't the only on cheating. Slut!"

Gregori punched him knocking him unconscious. "Never call her that again."

Turning Gregori pulled her toward the door. She followed without question. Out side he lifted her into the Lexus. She looked at him.

"Where am I going to go know this is his house."

Greogri looked at her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I can take you to a hotel if you like or you can stay with me tonight."

She leaned over toward him a little. "Thank you. My only problem is I don't have the money for a hotel."

"Then my place… I have to go away tomorrow for business so you can have the place to yourself.."

"What about my clothes? I haven't any."

"I'll have something you can wear."

"Thanks again Gregori."

"No problem," He drove to his place and helping her with her back pack took her upstairs. After opening the door he led her inside and closed and locked the door. She sat in a chair while he walked into his room and pulled out some clothes from the closet. Taking them to her he handed them to her.

When she went to the bathroom to change he went around his place taking any evidence of vampires. Packing up all the bottled blood in his house. He'll have to fix things up so she could eat tomorrow.

But everything left his mind when she walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but one of his shirts.

"Where are you going to sleep?"

"I'm not I got to get ready to leave… I'll sleep on the plane. But you need to sleep."

He lead her back to his room and tuned down the covers. He stepped back so she could crawl in and he covered her up. "Stay bas long as you want tomorrow. I'll be back be back tomorrow night."

She placed a hand on his. "Thanks again for you help Gregori."

"Your welcome darling."

She closed her eyes and fell into a dream filled sleep.