When Jess got up the next day she was smiling. Then with groan she remembered the night before. She had fallen asleep on Gregori's lap. She remembered her brothers saying they were spending the night in the guest rooms. She couldn't remember who brought her to bed.

When she pulled the covers away she saw she wore her pajamas. Which mint a shirt and shorts? She got up and took a quick shower and got dressed. When she went into the kitchen she saw her brothers. Blade was at the stove in his pajama bottoms no shirt making his speciality steak and eggs. She loved them and she was hungry.

Donovan was at the counter in the chair drink some coffee and reading the paper. He too was in pajamas the only brother who was dressed was Zane. He sat beside Donovan in jeans and a t shirt also drinking coffee.

"Well this is a surprise I would of thought you all would of slept in."

Blade smiled at her. "Jess its almost 12."

"What? You let me sleep in that late."

Donovan laughed. "Dating a vampire you'll do that. Stay up later and sleep later."

"Oh…" She sat down beside her brother and smiled at Blade.

"I can't wait for that steak. I want it medium rare almost well done and the eggs over easy."

Blade shook his head. "I know Jess."

"Good. What time did everyone leave last night? And who put me to bed. I was in my pajamas."

Zane smiled and kissed the top of her head. "Morning to you to Sis."


"Gregori took you up and Shanna, Emma, and Radinka changed you. They didn't want to wake you, you were so tired."

"Okay. How do we have steak I didn't have any?"

Zane smiled. "I ran to the store and got quite a few things."

"Good. Because you guys are bottomless bits."They all laughed. Blade placed down plates of Steak and eggs in front of them all the sat down beside Jess. They all ate in silence.

When they finished Zane looked at Jess. "Sis you thinking about going to that New Year Ball."

"Of course. Are you guys going?"

"Yep Roman invited us last night."

"You'll need suits."

Donovan looked down. "I know. We were going to head out today and look at some. Want to come and help us."

"Yeah I have to make sure you guys don't look like monkeys."

They laughed and got ready. When they were all finished they got into Zane's car and went to the mall. They spent three hours there till they found the perfect suits for the guys. Jess thought they looked so handsome. They stopped at Red Lobster on their way back to Jess's place.

As they ate they talked about everything. Grateful for the peace of a secluded table they laughed about old stories and fussed about old arguments.

When they got back to the penthouse Jess and her brothers decided to have a swim. She loved the pool. It was special because it had her aunt's initials in it. KM. They had fun having just a day for sibling.

Around 4 they started preparing dinner when there was a knock. Jess smiled and asked Zane to answer the door. She turned back to the island where she was chopping tomatoes and mozzarella. As she chopped she felt arms come around her waist. She knew it was Gregori and the kiss on the side of her neck proved it.

"How was your day love?"

She sat the knife down and turned and gave him a kiss. "It was wonderful."

"Gregori! Not in the kitchen."

Jess looked at saw again Radinka, Shanna, and the kids along with Roman. Jess let go of Gregori and hugged the two women and the two children.

"Have you guys eaten yet?"

"No we haven't we were when we leave her."

"Nonsense have dinner with us."

"We couldn't dear."

"Of course you can. You'll love it. We're having Fusilli alla Caprese and baked chicken. There will be more then enough to go around."

Shanna smiled. "Thanks for the invite. Need any help."

"If you want chop up a little basil."

Shanna did and Tino walked up and tugged on her shirt. Jess looked down.

"Yes Tino?"

"Can we watch my new movie?"

"Of course you can. How about on the big TV in your playroom?"

He nodded and Jess turned to Zane. "Zane could you put it on for them."

"Sure. Come on little man." He picked Tino up and hung him upside down making him laugh and went to the playroom.

Jess and Shanna continued to prepare dinner and Roman teleported out and returned with a small ice chest of bottled blood for him and Gregori. Jess opened the mini fridge under the island.

"Here you can place those here. Blade told me you need them a few times at night." She turned and smiled at Gregori. "I didn't want you to have to leave so I thought to use this mini fridge for you drinks."

Gregori smiled and kissed the tip of her nose."You think of everything."

They finished dinner and while everyone ate Roman and Gregori sat at the table and drank their blood talking with everyone else. Tino Jess saw loved her pasta. He kept asking for more. Sofia loved the chicken and pasta.

When they were finished eating Roman turned to Jess. "Miss MacGregor, would you come to Romatech with us."

"Okay. But what for?"

"Angus wanted to offer you a job."



Roman called the office and Connor, and Angus teleported in with Howard. Howard offered to drive Jess's brothers to Romatech while Roman, teleported with Shanna and Tino. Angus took Radinka and Sofia, while smiled Gregori pulled Jessica into his arm and teleported with her.

When they arrived Jess was greeted with a smile and a kiss on the forehead by a woman she had yet to meet.

"You must be Jessica."

"I am. Who are you?"

Angus smiled and put his arms around the woman. "This is my wife Emma."

Jess smiled, "it's nice to meet you Emma."

"It is wonderful to meet you. And I must thank you for not listening to Whalen and join him."

"Yeah well I was starting to believe before my brothers and Radinka talked with me."

"Your Brothers?"

Jess laughed. "Yeah one works for you and the other two were about too."

"Who are they."

"Blade. His real name is Jean MacGregori but we call him Blade. Then there is Donovan and Zane."

"They are your brothers?"


Emma turned and picked up some paperwork. "I had hoped we could persuade you to join MacKay's Security and Investigation."

"I would love too."

Emma had Jess fill out the paper work and Jess asked Gregori to take her home. He did and stood in front of her a few moments.

"I really need to get some sleep Gregori. That Ball is tomorrow and I'll be up all night."

He smiled and gave her a long goodnight kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow night, love. Mom is coming in the morning to get her hair done with you."

"Okay. Night Gregori."

"Night… I love you."

"I love you too."

Gregori left and Jess got ready for bed. When she laid down and shut her eyes, her last thoughts was that tomorrow would be a wonderful night.